Chapter 548:

Chapter 545: Doubts in the Mind

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 545: Doubts in the Mind

Narrator: Back to Joe, Emily, and Keith.

*Joe, Emily, and Keith continue fighting Scythe*

*Scythe and Emily are in a punching battle trying to overcome each other. Scythe grabs one of Emily’s arms and then elbows her in the gut which does a good amount of damage. Scythe kicks her away as he gets struck by Joe’s lightning*

*Scythe heads toward Joe but Joe pushes him back using a Derecho. While Scythe is pushed back, Keith releases a Demonic Burial Cannon from behind and hits Scythe in the back. Their two attacks push against Scythe*

*To stop their attacks, Scythe releases a magic wave into both of their attacks which travels through them and hits both Joe and Keith*

*Scythe jumps toward a building and rips out the scythe blade that had been knocked into it since he was battling Zothena. He immediately swings the blade. The result is he blocks a slash from Emily’s Shadow Sword*

Emily: I will cut through you!

*Emily and Scythe then begin have a slashing battle with her sword and his scythe blade. Neither side gains an immediate advantage*

*Emily decides to jump back*

Emily: If one sword isn’t good enough, then how about two?

*She pulls out her Ability Sword and dual wields*


Narrator: Meanwhile, Zonbi is fighting Korobu elsewhere in the ruined Reign City.

*Zonbi is fighting Korobu with the assistance of Sean and the undead dragon*

*Zonbi lands a punch on Korobu but then he grabs her and punches her a few times before kicking her down flat on the ground*

Korobu: You’re powerful Zonbi, but you’re no longer on my level.

*Korobu then immediately moves his head back to avoid a projectile thrown by Sean*

Sean: He did that effortlessly!

(Author’s Note: As a reminder, Sean’s right arm is broken)

*Korobu quickly gets in point blank range of Sean and smirks*

Korobu: If Zonbi is no longer on my level, then you are definitely not on my level.

*Sean becomes angered and tries to punch Korobu with his left fist but Korobu easily grabs it and then does a powerful swipe-kick to Sean’s head which knocks him toward a building and he crashes into it. He is barely conscious now*

Zonbi: No!!

*The undead dragon roars at Korobu*

Korobu: Don’t think that I’ve forgotten about you.

*The dragon releases a beam at Korobu but Korobu jumps to avoid it. The dragon then tries to slash him with its claws but he again avoids it*

*Korobu lands on its head and smashes down a large black skull on it to bash its head down and do significant damage to it*

*Zonbi looks angered and stands up*

Zonbi: I’ve always known you to be powerful but not this powerful.

Korobu: After our last invasion attempt was prevented, I knew I had to get much stronger.

*Zonbi starts using Undead Dance. She gets close to Korobu and starts doing her spins and punch attacks. She does land some attacks on Korobu, but he still smirks*

*Despite Zonbi’s speed, Korobu stops her attacks with a gut-punch that puts her in a lot of pain. He then does a quick uppercut and then a straight kick that knocks her back against a building wall*

*Zonbi is coughing as she sits against the wall but she then stands back up*

*Korobu starts walking toward her*

Korobu: Show me, Zonbi. Show me just what your face looks like when you are filled with terror.

*Zonbi continues her Undead Dance attacks. With a lot of speed, she gets to Korobu’s side and then punches him. She then immediately backs off and, with speed, moves around*

*She then appears to his right. He tries to punch her, but she spins around to his backside and kicks him in the back. She then starts spinning rapidly and launches toward Korobu. With her high speed and power, she hits Korobu and spins rapidly on his back which damages him*

*Zonbi continues spinning into Korobu’s back until something comes out of his back. Then, there is blood splatting out*

*Zonbi is wrapped around by a black centipede body. Its legs are all dug into her body with blood flowing from each wound*

*Sean is shocked and so is Zonbi. She also appears to be in extreme pain*

Zonbi: What the…!!?

Korobu: Hmhmhmhm. Yet another excellent addition to my powers thanks to Kitipede. My Abyss Magic is just so useful.

*Zonbi breaks free from the black centipede body and jumps back. She is breathing heavily because of the wounds*

Zonbi: (Thinking) I hate to say this but… I don’t think I can defeat Korobu. I know I started this battle in not great condition, but I don’t know if I can defeat him even if I was in great condition. His power is just beyond what I remember it being.

Narrator: Zonbi finds herself in trouble as Korobu may be too much even for her!

Chapter 545 END

To be Continued in Chapter 546: The Last Stand