Chapter 549:

Chapter 546: The Last Stand

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 546: The Last Stand

Narrator: Back with Hamura.

*Hamura stands waiting by the main portal to Hell on the west side of the ruined Reign City*

Hamura: This is a surprise. Harmona hasn’t taken mother’s bait. What is she waiting for? It was expected that Harmona would head to Hell almost immediately.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Emily, Joe, and Keith.

*Emily, Joe, and Keith continue fighting Scythe*

*Emily is trying to slash Scythe using her Shadow Sword and Ability Sword but Scythe is able to counter them with his scythe blade*

*Joe and Keith prepare to attack*

*Emily gets in a few slashes on Scythe but he soon knocks her Ability Sword out of her hand. He is about to do a slash on her body but he is hit by a Demonic Burial Cannon that has a tornado swirling around it. The combination attack pounds into Scythe*

*The attack destroys a lot of buildings near Scythe*

*Emily jumped away as the attack hit Scythe. Overall, a lot of damage was caused*

*Scythe took a good amount of damage but he immediately launches toward Emily. She is barely able to block his scythe blade with her Shadow Sword. He is about to overpower*

Emily: No!

Joe: Take my power!

*Joe infuses her Shadow Sword with his lightning and now black lightning surrounds the sword. Emily begins to overpower Scythe*

*Emily fully overpowers Scythe and knocks him back*

Emily: Take this!! Dark Lightning Slash!!

*Emily does a slash motion with her sword and black lightning shoots out toward Scythe* (Author’s Note: Interestingly, it was exactly 300 chapters ago back in Chapter 246 when Emily and Joe first did this combination attack.)

*Scythe takes a direct hit from the black lightning and takes a lot of damage*

*Scythe slowly stands up. He is quite wounded but his determination to win is still there*

Scythe: I must win… even if I have to destroy everything!

*Scythe starts charging his magic to an extreme level. While he does that, Zothena and Grinton show up. They, along with Emily, Joe, and Keith, have concerned or scared expressions about what he is about to do*

Zothena: We have to finish him before he does his attack!

Grinton: I agree!

*Scythe looks confident*

Scythe: I will unleash all of the power I have! Everything will be destroyed!

Zothena: A combination attack should do the job! Grinton, charge up your attack!

Grinton: Right!

*Grinton starts charging his magic in both of his arms. Zothena adds her star power to it*

*Scythe then releases all of his total power in a large wave of magic toward the heroes*

Grinton: We will stop you!! Blasting Star Vibration Wave!!

*Grinton does a forward punch in the air with both of his fists. The air begins to powerfully vibrate as powerful stars also fly through the vibrations. Their attacks collide and push against each other*

Joe: This will be close!

Emily: Their attack should prevail!

Keith: We’re toast if it doesn’t!

Scythe: I’m not just releasing some of my power! I’m releasing all of it! This attack will create a large path of destruction through the entire city!!

*Their attacks continue to push against each other*

Grinton: You won’t win!!

*Grinton’s/Zothena’s attack starts to push Scythe’s attack back. Their attack soon pushes Scythe’s attack back completely and overpowers him. The force of their attack literally starts breaking Scythe into pieces*

Scythe: I failed!! Gaaaahhhh!!!!!

*The attack goes on farther past Scythe and causes some destruction but none of Heaven’s forces had gotten that far*

*Grinton falls and sits down. He is still dealing with the wound he received from the Dark Dragon*

Grinton: We won… and now I’m completely exhausted.

*The five of them see Armageddon in the distance standing taller than buildings*

Zothena: But major problems still remain.


Narrator: Back over to the battle against Armageddon.

*Armageddon jumps back and starts readying itself*

Sonzen: Armageddon is making its last stand! Don’t let up!

*Zeth, Zaydra, and Zenfaro all release Shooting Stars at it. The attacks all hit Armageddon at the same time*

*Armageddon roars in pain and then releases a bunch of explosive blasts everywhere from its mouth. The movements are unpredictable which leaves a lot of the ground angels getting caught in the attack and killed*

*The three siblings charge for more attacks, as well as Sonzen*

*Armageddon releases a powerful singular beam at them*

Sonzen: Look out!! Get out of the way!!!

*The beam causes a massive explosion*

*Zeth appeared to be able to escape the blast well but maybe the others weren’t as lucky*

*Zeth and Sonzen have expressions of dread*

Zeth: Zaydra!! Zenfaro!!

*When all the explosions clear, Zeth begins to search for them*

Sonzen: I will keep Armageddon busy while you search!

*Sonzen flies toward Armageddon while Zeth search through what remains of the last few buildings in the area*

*Zeth sees someone that is slowly trying to stand up. It’s Zaydra. She is heavily wounded on her right side. There is a lot of blood flowing down the right side of her head/face, so much so that it’s not even clear if her right eye is closed or completely gone*

*Zeth opens his eyes wide as if all the air in his body just completely left*

Zeth: Oh my goddess!! Zaydra!!

*Zeth goes to help her up and he is now crying*

Zeth: Let’s get you out of here!

Zaydra: Oh goddess… It hurts so much… I… I can’t see through my right eye…

*Zeth is still crying*

Zeth: It’s alright Zaydra…! We’ll… We’ll take you back and get you… p-patched up!

Zaydra: What about Zenfaro…? Is he… alright?

*They hear someone making painful noises*

*Zenfaro is in another room. He is on his back and has a fearful look as he sees that his left leg is mostly gone, and he also has a lot of other wounds*

Zenfaro: No… No… Please no…

*Zeth (with Zaydra limping against him) and Zaydra make their way over to Zenfaro*

*Zeth cries more*

Zeth: Zenfaro! Your leg! Damn it!

*Soon after, Zeth has helped Zaydra and Zenfaro out of the ruined buildings. The angel medics feel some despair to see what happened to them*

*Zaydra and Zenfaro are put on medical stretchers. Both of them are in horrible shape*

Zeth: I won’t let you down! I will see this war through to its end!!

*They are carried away on the stretchers*

*Zeth looks back toward where Sonzen and Armageddon are still fighting*

*Both Sonzen and Armageddon release beams at each other. Their attacks collide and cause an explosion in the space between them*

Sonzen: You will fall!!

*Armageddon roars*

Zeth: Sonzen!! Let me get on top of you!

*Sonzen sees Zeth running toward him*

Zeth: We’ll do a combination attack!!

*Sonzen dodges a beam from Armageddon and flies down toward Zeth*

*Zeth jumps on top of Sonzen and they fly up through the air*

Zeth: This monster deserves to be taken out by a massive explosion! One of supernova proportions!! Start charging up your attack!

*Sonzen begins charging up a powerful beam in his mouth as Zeth begins trying to add his Super Nova star to it*

*Armageddon is charging its own powerful beam*

Sonzen: Hurry, Zeth!

Zeth: This isn’t a quick process! Just dodge it!

Sonzen: My side-to-side movements aren’t as fast when I’m charging an attack like this! Only my straight movements!

*Armageddon is about to release its attack. However, Armageddon is hit by a beam from the side and it makes it flinch just enough to send its own beam up and to the right of where Sonzen is in the air*

*Armageddon was hit by Sasha in her humanoid dragon form. She turns back to her normal appearance*

Sasha: This will be the end of you, “father”!

*Zeth sees that they got help from Sasha*

Zeth: Alright, Sasha!

*Zeth’s Super Nova star is now fully integrated with Sonzen’s attack*

Zeth: Let’s go and launch him to the sky!!

*Sonzen flies downward and then goes full speed ahead*

Sonzen and Zeth: Guardian Super Nova Beam!!

*Sonzen releases his beam in a way that it hits Armageddon from underneath and pushes it up in the air*

Zeth: And this is where the boom happens!!

*The Super Nova part of the beam goes off and it and the whole beam causes one massive explosion in the sky*

*Everyone on the ground, whether they are part of Heaven’s forces or Hell’s forces, sees the explosion*

*Hamura comments*

Hamura: Did they do it? Did they just take down Armageddon?

*After the explosion, Armageddon’s body falls to the ground. The attack killed it*

*All of the angels in the area start cheering*

Zeth: To everyone wounded or killed by this monster, we did it!

*Zeth jumps off of Sonzen and back on the ground and goes up to Sasha*

Zeth: Thank you for the assist.

Sasha: You’re welcome. We’re getting closer and closer to finishing this.


Narrator: Back at the medical encampment just outside of the ruined Reign City.

*Kurt has delivered Easia’s dead body so that nothing happens to it. He smiles as he sees that Armageddon was defeated*

*Everyone there was able to see it*

Kurt: Soon it will all be over. Easia, now you will get a proper burial. But first, I must do my part and help finish this war.

*Nearby, Harmona is feeling emotional pain and tears go down her face because she has just seen Zaydra and Zenfaro carried back on the stretcher. She pictures in her mind the very young little kid versions of Zenfaro and Zaydra and what happy little kids they were*

Harmona: Zaydra… Zenfaro… My children… You are now suffering a lot. You don’t have to fight anymore… I will finish this. I will finish this war.

*Her expression turns to anger*

Harmona: Get ready, Dark Goddess. I’m going to finally finish you!

Narrator: Armageddon and Scythe have been taken out! Zaydra and Zenfaro suffered brutal injuries that will take them out of the war! Harmona is ready to take the fight to the Dark Goddess and bring the war to an end!

Chapter 546 END

To be Continued in Chapter 547: Linked by Destiny