Chapter 550:

Chapter 547: Linked by Destiny

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 547: Linked by Destiny

Narration: Celebration is underway in the ruined Reign City with Armageddon finally being defeated.

*The angels in the area where the battle against Armageddon was taking place are all still cheering as Sonzen flies above them in the air*

Sonzen: With Armageddon’s defeat, we must now push forward and take the fight to Hell!

*The angels cheer some more. But, suddenly, a black powerful beam of energy hits Sonzen. Sonzen’s whole body bursts into flames as he falls to the ground dying*

*Everyone that saw it are all shocked. Many have a look of despair*

*Then, even more black beams start being shot around the city. One is even a direct hit on Zonbi’s undead dragon which kills it for good*

*Black rain falls in various parts of the city. The casualties are unknown but many are injured*

*Zothena and Grinton were the most notable injuries. Zothena is bloody all over her body but still stands up*

*Grinton lost his left arm and part of his left leg*

Zothena: Grinton! Your arm and leg!

Grinton: Damn it!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Bonetru, Ruby, and Sapphire.

*Bonetru, Ruby, and Sapphire have been helped to a safe location by Diamond*

Bonetru: You saved our asses, Diamond.

Ruby: But why are you here?

Diamond: As one of Goddess Harmona’s top assistants, I needed to come here and help fight. I did not want to watch from the sidelines any longer.


Narrator: Unfortunately, that kind of power could only mean one thing…

*The source of the beams is Dakame, the Dark Goddess. She has her right index finger pointed forward. She is standing in front of the main portal to Hell with Hamura*

Dakame: Funny thing about playing your strongest card last is that you can turn a bad situation around in a flash.

*More strong monsters start invading the city from the portal*


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zonbi.

*Korobu and Zonbi are still fighting. Zonbi is in horrible shape*

Zonbi: I can’t win…

Korobu: It’s nice when an opponent actually admits they can’t win.

*Zonbi gives a confident smile*

Zonbi: I can’t but I know someone who can.

Korobu: Ah, you must be talking about Zeth. I’m actually looking forward to fighting him. I’m expecting him to show up soon. It would be great for him to witness your demise. Are you ready to die?

Zonbi: Kiss my ass.

Korobu: Such unpleasant words even in the end.

*Korobu dashes toward Zonbi as Zeth, Sasha, and Salina show up*

*Zeth’s eyes open wide in despair*

*Korobu has fully pierced Zonbi’s upper body with his arm and hand. Korobu then pulls his arm back out and Zonbi falls on her back dying*

*Zeth, Sasha, Salina, and Sean all have a look of despair*

*Korobu gets away from Zonbi’s body as Zeth runs up to her*

Zeth: Don’t die, Zonbi!

Zonbi: Don’t be stupid… Of course I will die from this.

*Zeth still has a look of despair*

Zonbi: Ever since the tournament, I’ve seen how you’ve grown. You went from someone that didn’t stand a chance of taking on any notable demon to one… who I believe… can even take on the Dark Goddess. So do it. Take out this bastard… and then aim for the Dark Goddess. My vengeance against the Dark Goddess will live on through you.

*Zonbi coughs before she continues*

Zonbi: With your help, my son even got to have a name. I’m thankful that I met you and knew you as you truly are.

*Her eyes start to close*

Zonbi: Thank you… Thank you for everything…

*Zonbi dies and tears flow down from Zeth’s eyes*

Korobu: Ah, what touching final words.

*Zeth looks at Korobu as many things start flashing through his mind. The deaths Korobu has caused. The injuries his siblings suffered. Zonbi in general. etc.*

*Zeth then becomes extremely angry*

Zeth: KOROBU!!!!!!!

*Korobu smirks*

Korobu: It looks like I pissed you off.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Dakame.

Dakame: Hamura, you and Korobu are to come back with me through the portal.

*She then speaks loudly*

Dakame: If you want to take me on Harmona, then come! I will be waiting in Hell for you!


Narrator: Back with Zeth, Sasha, and Salina who are still facing Korobu.

Zeth: How many are you going to kill before you’re satisfied!!!?

*Korobu smiles*

Korobu: As many as it takes.

*Korobu gets a notification from his communication device*

Korobu: Looks like I have to return to Hell. If you really want to kill me, then fight me there. I will be waiting.

*Korobu jumps away*


Narrator: A few minutes later at the portal.

*Dakame, Hamura, and Korobu go into the portal*

Dakame: Harmona will come. I know she will. After what I just did, there is no way she will be able to resist.


Narrator: Meanwhile with Harmona.

*Harmona is highly angered and starts running through the city*

Harmona: Damn you, Dakame!

*On her way to the portal, Harmona sees Sonzen’s burning corpse on the ground*

Harmona: She killed Sonzen! I have to defeat her!

*Strangely, no demons are trying to stop her from reaching the portal*

Harmona: (Thinking) No resistance at all? Is it a trap? One thing is for certain. With none of these demons trying to stop me from continuing, there is no doubt that she not only wants me to challenge her but to also do it soon. I will be ready to face her!

*She runs into the portal*

*Zeth, Sasha, and Salina reach the portal. They look back to see that with all the new monsters and demons that have invaded the city, the fighting has picked back up again*

Zeth: Sasha, we’re going in.

Sasha: Right.

*Sasha looks at Salina*

Sasha: The others will need your help. Stay here and help fight the monsters.

Salina: Yes, as you request, my princess.

Zeth: Let’s go.

*Zeth and Sasha head into the portal*


*Heaven’s forces are trying to fight their way to the portal but the monsters and demons try to stop them*

Commander Zupek: We must wipe out these monsters and assist our goddess in Hell!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Zeth and Sasha.

*Zeth and Sasha are in the space between dimensions in the portal. The space certainly looks like a Hell-like design*

Zeth: Stepping into Hell… This is it.

Sasha: And it’s a return to my birthland. Can’t really say it makes me feel nostalgic.

*They come out the other side of the portal and are now in Hell. In the far distance, the Dark Goddess’s lair can be seen. However, confronting Zeth and Sasha are Korobu and Hamura*

Korobu: I’ve been waiting a long time for this. Yes, a very long time.

*Zeth and Sasha have a curious expression*

*Hamura doesn’t really turn her head toward Korobu but does focus her eyes to the left to look at him*

Korobu: Yes. This is destiny. You see Zeth, you and I are linked by destiny. We have been linked by destiny since you were born…

*Korobu starts raising his voice*

Korobu: …No! Since you were even conceived!

*Zeth and Sasha look like they don’t know what he is talking about*

Korobu: It’s clear you need to know more about me to understand. I was born into the top clan of the Swamp Underworld. When it was discovered that I was born with Abyss Magic, they decided to make me the king of the Swamp Underworld.

*Korobu has a flashback to when he was young and was using his Abyss Magic. Others of his clan around him are in awe*

Korobu: Abyss Magic is something that originated with the Abyss Deity, or as I also call him, the progenitor. That deity was one that was executed for committing unforgivable crimes in the Divine World. But when he was executed, something unexpected happened. He became an abyss himself.

*Zeth and Sasha look uneasy as they listen to where this story is going*

Korobu: The Abyss Deity became a larger threat and was sealed away. But a small part of himself avoided the sealing and found its way to mortal lands where it fused into a mortal’s genetic make-up. Once every couple thousand years, a child with Abyss Magic would be born. I’m over 50,000 years old and the most recent one to be born with Abyss Magic.

Zeth: That’s certainly more than just a couple thousand years.

Korobu: I’m getting to that part. You see, as the king of the Swamp Underworld, I decided to ally myself with the Dark Goddess. She was very much interested in my powers and thought it would be a waste for me to age like a mortal. That’s when she developed the idea of the Enigmus and turned me into a Perfect Enigmus. So I stopped aging entirely. Kogen would go on to take that idea for himself as you saw. My theory is that there can only be one person with Abyss Magic at a time.

Zeth: So what does this have to do with destiny between you and me?

Korobu: Over a million years ago, a member of my clan and a Light Princess had a battle to the death. That member of my clan was Agarina. She had Abyss Magic.

*Agarina was a beautiful looking woman who had black hair in a ponytail*

Korobu: The Light Princess was Saymara.

*Saymara has neck-length blonde hair. Her appearance characteristics are similar to all Light Divine Beings of Heaven*

Korobu: Heaven and Hell were in the middle of another war. Agarina took the side of Hell. Saymara was actually about to become the next Light Goddess after her father announced that he would step down as Light God in the near future. Saymara had even already given birth to an heir of her own. That’s how pre-prepared she was to be Light Goddess. They fought each other for many days and nights during that war. In the end, Agarina won the fight and killed Saymara. Now, people like to talk about upsets in sports. This was the ultimate upset. No upset in sports comes even close to how monumental this upset was. A mortal actually was able to defeat the Princess of Light.

*In an abyss flashback, Agarina is finishing off Saymara by stabbing her while she is knocked on the ground*

Korobu: In the end, it was just a minor blip for Heaven since overall, they won the war and pushed Hell’s forces back into Hell… BUT!!

*Korobu’s raises his arms up and looks at the sky as he starts shouting*

Korobu: That victory meant everything to my clan!!! And now, history will repeat itself!!

*Korobu looks back at Zeth*

Korobu: I am the descendant of Agarina! And you are the descendant of Saymara! Saymara’s son became vengeful and one day killed Agarina. Our bloodlines will always fight now! We are slaves to our blood! Now, just like how Agarina fought Saymara. I will fight you!

Zeth: We already fought each other before but you didn’t make it a big deal back then like you are now.

Korobu: That’s because back then you really were nothing but an infant compared to me! Now, your power is worthy of giving me an Agarina vs Saymara fight! Our destined battle is about to begin!!


Narrator: Meanwhile with Harmona.

*Harmona confronts Dakame inside her lair*

Dakame: I’m glad you were able to make it here.

Harmona: I’m going to kill you and then leave here with a victory flag.

Narrator: Korobu has revealed his and Zeth’s destiny! Harmona confronts Dakame to begin the battle of goddesses!

Chapter 547 END

To be Continued in Chapter 548: Harmona and Dakame – Light Goddess vs Dark Goddess