Chapter 551:

Chapter 548: Harmona and Dakame – Light Goddess vs Dark Goddess

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 548: Harmona and Dakame – Light Goddess vs Dark Goddess

Narrator: Inside the main room of Dakame’s lair.

*Harmona confronts Dakame*

*Harmona charges up her magic and Dakame does the same*

Harmona: When you fall… the New Era will begin.

Dakame: The only new era will be the one where I have control of everything. I will reshape everything as I see fit!

*Dakame launches toward Harmona and tries to punch her. Harmona blocks the punch with her arm, but black rain starts releasing from Dakame’s fist horizontally. It hits Harmona briefly, doing a bit of damage*

*Harmona jumps to the side to get out of the way of the rest of the attack*

*Dakame continues releasing more horizontal black rain as Harmona starts running around the room to avoid it*

*Harmona forms and throws a bunch of Star Shards at Dakame*

*Dakame stops her attack and jumps to avoid the Star Shards. She is then hit by a Star Shine Blast which slightly damages her, but it allows Harmona to get close and do a downwards punch that knocks her down on the floor, causing a small crater to form*

*While on the floor, Dakame releases a black beam at Harmona. Harmona’s dodge attempt makes it so that the beam only grazes her arm but still leaves a cut*

*Dakame launches from her position and punches Harmona in the face and then kicks her back*

Dakame: Do you know why I both loathe you and respect you? I respect you because you are similar to me in a way. You are someone who doesn’t do things by the book and can be unpredictable. But I loathe you because, at the age of only 34, you marched right into Hell and killed my mother. A 34-year-old killing the Dark Goddess! How humiliating that was! I don’t care if you did it through Blood Form. Hell should never suffer a defeat like that. And my mother was someone that I also respected and then you came in and killed her. I saw it all. In that sense, I want to avenge her. I decided to carry on her experiments but unlike her, I desired to become one of the most powerful divine beings. So now I believe that I am close to achieving both of those things.

*Dakame charges a lot of magic in her arms and releases two large black rain drops at Harmona*

*Harmona releases a Shooting Star*

*Their attacks collide and destroy each other as black rain starts falling in a good chunk of the room*

Harmona: It doesn’t matter if you loathe or respect me. Your ideologies are flawed. There should not be any more Heaven versus Hell. The mistakes of the past should be put behind us!

*Dakame stands in the black rain and it starts to cover her whole body*

Dakame: You think I would stop after coming so far?

*Dakame dashes toward Harmona and thrusts her right arm forward. A ton of black rain that was covering her launches forward. Harmona dodges but the rain bounces off a wall and hits her in the back*

*Harmona took a decent amount of damage. However, she is able to quickly retaliate with a punch and starts rapidly punching Dakame*

Harmona: Absolutely! We’ve been living a way of life that was the result of nothing more than racism that existed back when Earth began! We don’t have to be like that!

*Harmona finishes her attack by releasing a Shooting Star that blows Dakame back into a wall*

*Dakame stands up and black rain starts to fall from above her. She collects the rain into a 4-feet-in-diameter black sphere. Demonic screams can be heard in it*

Dakame: If you think the bad blood between Heaven and Hell can be ended just by saying “alright, let’s stop” then you are delusional! Sphere of Demons!

*Dakame releases the sphere at Harmona*

*Harmona tries to dodge but it bursts near her regardless. Energy in the form of demon shapes releases from the sphere, and Harmona gets hit by them along with the general blast

*Harmona took a good amount of damage and has noticeable wounds*

*Harmona goes into Raging Star Mode and forms Star Shards in her hands. She dashes at a super-fast speed toward Dakame*

*Dakame tries to kick Harmona but she dodges and releases the Star Shards which hit and damage Dakame*

*Harmona then uppercuts Dakame which knocks her upwards*

*Harmona forms Star Rings around her body and jumps up. She compresses all eight of the stars against her left hand*

*The stars release from Harmona’s hand like a quick automatic gun. Each of them pound into Dakame and knocks her down to the floor*

*Harmona gets back to Dakame and pounds her with a downwards punch. She is about to do another pound but Dakame rolls out of the way and gets up*

*Before Dakame can attack, Harmona gut-kicks her with enough force to send her back against a wall and makes her cough up some blood*

*Harmona is clearly angry*

Harmona: Why don’t you follow your daughter’s example!!? She is a Dark Divine Being and yet she is in a loving relationship with my son! In the future, Zeth could be your son-in-law! You could have mixed grandchildren! Heaven and Hell! Light and Dark! It doesn’t matter! How many people on both sides have to die before you understand!!?

*Dakame just takes in what Harmona is saying. She pushes off from the wall and walks forward a bit*

Dakame: You say all of this as if I haven’t already disowned Sasha. My traitorous daughter does not deserve to be my daughter.

*Harmona looks angrier*

Harmona: Your heart is colder than I thought! Sasha deserves to have a way better mother than you!

Dakame: Think what you want. Soon, all of you will be dead anyway. You, Sasha, Zeth, everyone. Maybe there is something you haven’t understood yet. Do you know why you reached me with no resistance? It’s because I told my troops to let you through but hold off everyone else. I wanted you in a one-on-one battle. It doesn’t matter how many of my own troops I have lost, even the Council members. As long as I cut off Heaven’s head, the rest will fall easily.

*Dakame’s appearance starts to become a little more demon-like. She gets a dark red aura with moaning skulls and souls in it*

Dakame: Hell Warrior Mode.

Narrator: Dakame refuses to listen to Harmona’s words! The battle of goddesses has begun and will continue to heat up!

Chapter 548 END

To be Continued in Chapter 549: Goddess Blood