Chapter 552:

Chapter 549: Goddess Blood

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 549: Goddess Blood

Narrator: Harmona’s battle against Dakame continues.

Dakame: One thing is sure to me now. Your soul has fully recovered.

Harmona: And with it recovered, I will take you down.

*Harmona (in Raging Star Mode) and Dakame (in Hell Warrior Mode) rush toward each other. They both exchange punches and kicks with each landing blows on the other*

*Dakame jumps over one of Harmona’s kicks and then does a downwards vertical kick on Harmona’s left shoulder. The move hurts enough that Dakame is able to thrust both of her arms forward and hit Harmona in the gut with her hands. She releases her dark magic energy from them which launches Harmona back*

*Harmona is blown back through the entrance door of the room*

*Dakame does an arching leap in order to try a downwards punch on Harmona but she rolls out of the way of the punch and then kicks Dakame in the face*

*Dakame retaliates with a series of face punches. She then grabs Harmona and throws her toward a wall*

*Dakame fades into darkness and disappears as black rain drops pound Harmona against a wall. The wall is destroyed*

*Behind the wall is the outside and the area is the front courtyard*

*Dakame reappears above Harmona and kicks her down to the ground in the courtyard*

*Harmona gets up immediately and jumps up toward Dakame with her arms crossed like a mummy*

Harmona: Saykomera!

*Harmona rams into Dakame from below which releases a golden wave that damages Dakame*

*Harmona’s Saykomera combos begin. She starts by grabbing Dakame*

Harmona: Pile Driver!

*Harmona falls downwards and slams Dakame down onto the ground*

Harmona: Blasting Punch!

*Harmona does a strong magic-powered punch to send Dakame back*

*Harmona then launches toward Dakame with her arms crossed*

Harmona: Feather Slash!

*Harmona does slashing motions with her arms that hit Dakame, causing more wounds to appear. However, Dakame is finally able to react and does a backflip over Harmona and kicks her in the back*

*Harmona is sent flying forwards as Dakame forms a Sphere of Demons. This one is bigger at 7 feet in diameter*

*She throws it at Harmona*

*Harmona’s eyes open wide as she is unable to avoid it and its blast goes off as demonic screams can be heard from it*

*Demonic energy is hanging around the blast area like fire which makes it hard to see through. A growl can be heard coming from it*

Dakame: A growl…? Oh, I remember what this is.

*Harmona emerges from the demonic energy but her eyes have become like a beast’s. Her teeth have greatly sharpened. Her nails have grown sharper. Her hair has become more wild, and she has grown a lion-like tail. It’s her Savage Lion form which is her Blood Form (Author’s Note: last seen in Chapters 396 through 402)*

Harmona: (Thinking) I came to this battle prepared to die if that’s what it takes to win… but I can’t die! I have to live! I must live so that my heir does not have to go through what I went through in the process of learning to become the Light God or Goddess! I must be there to guide them! And so, I open the cage of the savage beast again!!

Dakame: I thought you were hesitant to use this form. You used it to kill my mother but you lost control in the process and ended up killing your own allies. How amus—

*Dakame is interrupted as Harmona gets to her in almost an instant and punches her hard enough to send her flying back with some blood also flying out of her mouth*

*Harmona is dashing toward Dakame like a four-legged animal*

*Dakame rubs the blood off of her mouth and prepares to attack*

Dakame: I can say that I felt that one.

*Dakame releases black rain horizontally toward Harmona with a wide range*

*Harmona stops running for a moment to do a magical slash effect with her claws that destroys a good chunk of the black rain. Harmona then tries to slash Dakame with her claws*

*Dakame dodges but Harmona’s speed allows her to then grab Dakame by the neck and slam her down on the ground*

*Harmona does a magical slash on Dakame’s body which does a good amount of damage and Dakame looks like she is in a lot of pain*

*Harmona is about to attack Dakame again but then a powerful wave of magic releases from Dakame’s body that knocks Harmona off of her as her whole body starts to glow*

*Dakame stands up and her whole body takes on a Blood Magic look, but her body starts to change even further as she glows again. She makes demonic roaring sounds. Black fire with red streaks in it surrounds her as her body is clearly changing form*

*Harmona has a concerned look*

Harmona: Damn it! I wanted to finish her before she could do anything else!

*Dakame fully emerges. Her head is now a monstrous demon skull with horns. Her eyes are a demon-like orange. Her skin has become monstrous with glowing orange streaks in it. She still has her hair despite her head being a skull now. She has a demonic tail. She still has her royal battle armor on. She is hunched a bit. A red fiery aura with skulls of the damned flowing through it surrounds her. It’s Dakame’s Blood Form (Author’s Note: Last seen in Chapters 437 through 440)*

Dakame: Now we’re both using our Blood Forms. Let’s find out which one is better after all this time.

Harmona: I will tear you to shreds, Dakame!

Narrator: Harmona’s and Dakame’s battle has reached the point where they are using their Blood Forms! The battle continues to escalate!

Chapter 549 END

To be Continued in Chapter 550: Monstrous Goddesses Collide