Chapter 553:

Chapter 550: Monstrous Goddesses Collide

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 550: Monstrous Goddesses Collide

Narrator: Harmona’s battle against Dakame continues and they are now both in their Blood Forms.

*Harmona and Dakame face each other in their Blood Forms. They start dashing toward each other like four-legged animals and then then punch each other once they get close*

*They keep pounding on each other with very few attempts to actually block the other’s attacks*

*Dakame soon lands a very powerful punch which stops Harmona’s attacks. She then kicks Harmona back and charges magic into her mouth*

*Dakame releases a red beam from her mouth toward Harmona*

*Harmona manages to lay flat in order to avoid it as it goes above her and breaks through the courtyard wall and continues on into the background where it hits the ground and causes a massive explosion*

*Harmona then forms a Super Nova star while Dakame forms a black ball that is different from her Sphere of Demons attack*

*They start rushing toward each other while holding their respective attacks. They both release their attacks at close range causing two big explosions. Each of them is blown back against the courtyard’s outer walls on opposite ends. Both of them took a good amount of damage*

*Harmona uses her legs to launch off the wall toward Dakame at a very high speed*

*Dakame tries to dodge Harmona’s attack but fails as Harmona pounds her back against the wall which destroys part of it and damages her*

*Harmona grabs Dakame and continuously punches her*

*Dakame stops Harmona by head-butting her. One of Dakame’s horns partially stabs Harmona’s right shoulder and makes her feel enough pain to force her to let go*

*Dakame then punches Harmona back and then quickly reaches Harmona again. She grabs Harmona by the legs and spins around to slam her onto the ground*

*Dakame tries to stab Harmona with both of her horns but Harmona is able to stop her by doing a slash with her claws that cuts off Dakame’s left horn*

*Dakame’s feels pain which stops her attack*

*Harmona pounces on Dakame like a lion*

*Harmona charges her claws with magic and thrusts her claw down onto Dakame’s body and releases a lot of magic energy. It does a good amount of damage*

*Dakame releases a quick (and much less powerful than the last one) red beam from her mouth which blasts Harmona off of her. When Harmona lands back on the ground, the ground itself around her becomes darkness*

*Hands come up from the darkness and grab Harmona’s legs. Multiple Dakame clones then start coming out of the darkness too and start trying to attack her*

*Harmona starts rapidly slashing with her claws but she takes some hits from the clones which give her more wounds, but with her own attacks she is able to fight them off. Harmona’s eyes give off a beast glare as she does which shows that she is attacking using her lion instincts now. She uses her claws to destroy the arms grabbing her from the darkness as the real Dakame launches toward her*

*Dakame rams into her and they both go tumbling back and they just start pounding on each other again. They then both trade gut punches which makes both of them cough up blood*

*Harmona then lands an uppercut on Dakame. She follows that up with a head-butt, then a face punch, and then grabs her head and thrusts her knee into Dakame’s chin*

*Dakame retaliates by biting down on Harmona’s shoulder, then grabs her arms and straight gut kicks her, and then does a jump and stomps down on Harmona’s head*

*Harmona and Dakame prepare magic attacks and then release them at each other. Dakame is hit by Harmona’s Shooting Star while Harmona is hit by Dakame’s Sphere of Demons. Both are blown back as their respective attacks push each other back and damage them*

*Both emerge from their opponent’s attack with more wounds. They look at each other briefly and then start dashing toward each other again*

*They then both have their fists ready for punches as they get closer to each other*

Harmona: Dakame!!

Dakame: Harmona!!

*They punch each other in the face with blood flying out from their mouths from how hard the hits were*

Narrator: The goddesses have become monstrous and continue to savagely attack each other!

Chapter 550 END

To be Continued in Chapter 551: Hamura’s Shocking Truth – Sasha vs Hamura