Chapter 560:

Chapter 557: The Soul and the Abyss

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 557: The Soul and the Abyss

Narrator: Zeth has started using Soul Power and is ready to continue his battle against Korobu.

*Zeth’s soul covers his whole body. His aura outlines his body in the shape of an angel. The aura has a smoky residue coming off it*

Korobu: I guess I should feel honored that you would use such a power against me. But is it enough to actually defeat me?

Zeth: We’re about to find out!

*Zeth starts rushing toward Korobu*

*Korobu releases some black skulls at Zeth*

*Zeth does a swipe motion with his left arm that releases some of his soul residue and they actually destroy the skulls*

Zeth: You won’t get me with that!

*Zeth reaches Korobu and punches him super hard. Korobu is knocked back into the cliff wall near the lava waterfall and is completely blown into it. Blood is dripping from Korobu’s mouth*

*Zeth forms a Shooting Star with his soul residue on it and releases it. The powerful Shooting Star heads straight for Korobu. The Shooting Star blows into the cliff wall and shoots out from the top*

Zeth: It doesn’t look like I got him.

*Korobu blows himself out of a lower part of the cliff wall and lands back on ground. The white parts of his eyes have become a dark abyss that surrounds his red skull-shaped irises*

Korobu: You’ve forced me to have to tap into more of my abyss power. Well done.

Zeth: I’ll do more than that.

*Korobu starts rushing towards Zeth*

*Zeth unleashes his Chains of Heaven but Korobu immediately jumps in the air and then spawns black skulls at his feet which he uses to launch off of down toward Zeth at an angle*

*Korobu attempts to punch Zeth and their punches collide. Zeth’s punch overpowers Korobu’s so Korobu gets damaged, but suddenly, a black centipede body comes out of Korobu’s arm. It wraps around Zeth’s arm and pierces him in many spots with its legs*

*Korobu gives a sinister smile while Zeth is somewhat shocked*

Zeth: A centipede!?

Korobu: Surprised?

*Korobu takes advantage and starts rapidly punching Zeth but Zeth soon releases his soul residue and destroys the centipede body and stops Korobu’s attack by upper cutting him*

*Korobu is knocked upwards and Zeth jumps up after him*

*Zeth does a powerful gut punch which makes Korobu cough up blood*

*As they fall back to the ground, Zeth releases a soul-powered Shooting Star which blows Korobu back with it down toward the lava lake*

*Korobu is blown into the lava lake*

Zeth: This time, I really will end it!

*Zeth forms a soul-powered Super Nova star. He throws it into the lava lake and it causes a massive explosion with lava even being blown into the air*

*A bunch of monsters starts coming out of the lava to attack Zeth. He doesn’t have any trouble killing them with punches and kicks*

*The lava lake has now settled back down after the explosion but it rumbles and then Korobu launches out of the lake up into the sky. Everything about his body (including his clothes) is pitch black-colored except for his red skull-shaped irises*

Korobu: Welcome to the abyss.

*Korobu then spawns a giant black skull beneath himself and he rides it down toward Zeth*

Korobu: You keep bringing yourself closer and closer to the abyss. Soon, it will swallow you whole.

*Korobu launches himself off the giant black skull before it even reaches Zeth*

*Korobu’s speed is increased as he quickly gets to Zeth and does a few quick rapid punches before kicking him back. Korobu reaches Zeth again before he recovers and grabs him by the face and slams him down to the ground*

*The giant black skull now just flies around in the air as Korobu has Zeth pinned to the ground*

Korobu: Do you want to know how I was able to attack you with a centipede?

*Zeth just looks at him*

Korobu: I took in Kitipede with my abyss. I took her in and gained her power. The power of my abyss allows me to do that.

*Zeth actually does give a shocked reaction to this*

Korobu: That’s the true secret to why I do some of the things I do. The reason I killed an entire city in the Swamp Underworld… so I could acquire more power.

*Zeth just has a horrified expression now*

Korobu: And If I want to take a specific ability that someone has, I have to add them to my abyss with them alive. That’s why I took Kitipede with me from the Swamp Underworld. I was fascinated by her centipede powers.

*Zeth is still horrified*

Zeth: You monster… You damned monster!

Korobu: Perhaps you can understand why the Abyss Deity was considered a huge threat.

*Zeth is enraged and punches Korobu off of him*

*Zeth stands up*

Zeth: What is on the line in this battle has gone up even further! For everyone’s sake! I have to kill you!!

Narrator: Korobu has revealed more information about his Abyss powers! Zeth knows he absolutely must not fail to kill Korobu.

Chapter 557 END

To be Continued in Chapter 558: The True Abyss