Chapter 561:

Chapter 558: The True Abyss

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 558: The True Abyss

Narrator: Korobu has just revealed the true nature of his abyss power. Zeth’s and Korobu’s battle now continues.

*Zeth rushes toward Korobu. They both exchange some punches. Zeth blocks Korobu’s punch and then kicks him back toward the lava waterfall*

*Korobu is knocked into the lava waterfall as Zeth charges a magical attack but the giant black skull flies down toward him and rams into his back. It does some damage*

*Zeth is knocked toward the lava waterfall*

*Korobu comes zooming out of the lava waterfall and hits Zeth in the gut with his knee which puts Zeth in a lot of pain. However, Zeth recovers quickly enough that he punches Korobu in the face*

*Zeth then gets behind Korobu and blows him away with a soul-powered Shooting Star. Korobu is blown into the giant black skull. The force of his body and the Shooting Star destroys the skull*

*Zeth jumps toward Korobu and kicks him down onto the ground*

*Zeth charges a ton of his Soul Power into his right arm and then does a downwards punch into Korobu’s gut that is so powerful that it starts blowing Korobu far down into the ground with debris going everywhere*

*Zeth looks down into the hole. It’s super deep and Zeth can’t actually see him down there but he starts forming a Super Nova star*

Zeth: I’m not giving you the chance to come out of there alive.

*Zeth is in the process of throwing the Super Nova star into the hole. But suddenly, a red line comes out of the hole and scrapes against Zeth’s arm that has the Super Nova star. It leaves a cut wound but Korobu strangely starts materializing from it and grabs Zeth’s arm. Zeth is shocked as Korobu does a swiping kick which knocks Zeth back. In addition, the Super Nova star is knocked out of his hand and goes a far distance in the back and creates a large explosion*

*Zeth gets back on his feet*

Zeth: What was that!?

Korobu: An ability I got by taking someone into my abyss. I must compliment you though. Your power is truly impressive. This truly seems like that destined battle. So to honor that… I will unleash my full power. The true abyss.

*Korobu’s abyss starts leaking off his body like steam and it then starts to solidify into an armor-like substance for his skin. His hair has a slightly spikier look to it*

Korobu: Are you impressed?

Zeth: I’ll let you know after I kill you!

*Zeth and Korobu start rushing toward each other. They engage in a punching battle with each landing blows*

*Korobu forms a ball of wind quickly and shoves it against Zeth’s body. The wind in the ball has physical properties and continuously pounds on Zeth’s body before knocking him back a bit*

*A red line again hits Zeth as Korobu materializes in front of him at point-blank range and kicks him back and far over the lava lake*

*Korobu launches across the lava lake and is about to attack Zeth again, but Zeth finally recovers himself. Golden sparkles start forming and connecting around Zeth to the point that it looks like a stream or wave*

Zeth: Gold Wave!

*Zeth does a swipe motion with his arms and the Gold Wave slashes against Korobu which damages him. Zeth then punches Korobu and they then engage in a full punching battle as they run on the lava lake. They are strangely not sinking in the lava as they bounce away from each other and continue to head back toward each other*

*Korobu uses his red line to get to materialize in front of Zeth at point-blank range, but this time, Zeth is ready and immediately hits Korobu with Gold Wave to damage him and then kicks him back*

*Zeth then releases a Shooting Star at Korobu as he runs after him*

*Korobu is hit directly by the Shooting Star and is damaged further*

*Zeth is going in for another blow but a centipede comes out of the ground and wraps around his body. Zeth is momentarily stopped in his tracks*

*Korobu recovers himself and shoots a thin beam of dark magic at Zeth from his finger. Zeth is hit by the beam and damaged along with the centipede being destroyed*

*Zeth still stands strong though*

Korobu: I can see there will be a lot of momentum shifts in this battle.

Zeth: But it will be me who will come out on top. I will wipe you and your accursed Abyss Magic from the world!

*Korobu looks amused*

Korobu: Did you not listen earlier? Even if you kill me, someone else will be born with Abyss Magic. For as long as the Abyss Deity still exists, so too will Abyss Magic.

*Korobu holds his hands out and starts shouting*

Korobu: Abyss Magic is the greatest magic in the entire galaxy! I may not be the strongest being out there, but put Abyss Magic in the hands of the strongest person and they would become unstoppable! If the Abyss Deity is ever unsealed, he would be the greatest threat to the entire galaxy!

Zeth: We would find a way to stop him! But right now, all I care about is ending you!

Narrator: Korobu now uses his full power! This is shaping up to be worthy of the destined battle!

Chapter 558 END

To be Continued in Chapter 559: Shades of the Destined Battle