Chapter 562:

Chapter 559: Shades of the Destined Battle

Beyond The Stars

Chapter 559: Shades of the Destined Battle

Narrator: Zeth’s final battle against Korobu continues.

*Korobu punches Zeth repeatedly and then kicks him back into the cliff wall. He then sends a bunch of glowing green skulls toward him. They hit the cliff wall and start exploding with acid coming out of them. Even a slight touch makes Zeth feel pain so he quickly jumps out of the cliff wall*

*Zeth releases a Soul Shine Blast at Korobu but he gets out of the way and it hits the cliff wall in the distance behind him and explodes, destroying a large chunk of the cliff wall. However, Zeth does land a powerful punch on Korobu, and they start running side by side as they engage in a punching battle. They even run over the lava lake*

*Korobu lands a powerful punch that knocks Zeth to the other side of the lake and causes his body to drag against the ground*

*Korobu jumps up and releases something that looks like a magic energy bomb down at Zeth and it explodes*

*Korobu lands on the ground*

*Zeth (who now has more wounds) launches from out of the ground in front of him while two Star Shards come out of the ground from behind him. Korobu blocks Zeth’s punch but is hit on the back by the Star Shards which causes wounds on his body. This gives Zeth the chance to now start rapidly punching Korobu*

*After a series of rapid punches, Korobu stops the attack with his own punch but Zeth is still able to kick him back*

*Zeth holds his hand out and starts forming a 4-feet-in-diameter meteor powered by Zeth’s Soul Power*

Zeth: Take this!!

*Zeth throws the meteor at Korobu. Korobu is hit by it directly and is blown back into the cliff wall. The meteor causes a whole section of the cliff to be completely destroyed. A lot of small bits of the meteor fly up into the air*

*Korobu launches out from the destroyed cliff (with more wounds on him) toward Zeth*

*The small bits of the meteor start falling back down toward the ground. They start causing small explosions everywhere they land and Korobu has to dodge them. He ends up getting hit by one and takes a small bit of damage*

*After taking the damage, Korobu reaches Zeth and grabs him. Korobu throws him into another small bit of meteor explosion which then damages him a small amount*

*With the explosions still happening everywhere, Zeth and Korobu engage in a punching and kicking battle. Neither are blocking as they each land multiple blows on each other. They then jump away from each other*

*Zeth holds his arm out forward, forming a Soul Shine Blast*

*Korobu also holds his arm forward and forms a black-horned demon skull*

*With them in these poses, transparent versions of Saymara (for Zeth) and Agarina (for Korobu) are shown above and beside them in the same poses to represent this destined battle* (Author’s Note: As in it’s symbolic rather than literally appearing.)

Zeth: Korobu!

Korobu: Zeth!

*Zeth releases his Soul Shine Blast and Korobu releases the black-horned demon skull. Both have a lot of magical energy coming from them. They collide with each other and then push back against each other before simply exploding with blasts of energy going everywhere, causing more destruction*

*Zeth and Korobu dash toward each other as the big explosions are happening everywhere. They both punch each other in the face, causing some blood to fly out of their mouths*

*Zeth slams his whole body into Korobu and they fall into the lava lake*

*They start punching each other in the lava and then Korobu kicks Zeth upwards and out of the lava*

*Korobu then launches out of the lava with another black-horned demon skull formed and blasts Zeth away with it*

*Zeth lands a distance away to an area with some hills and a camp of demons. They notice him land and look at him*

*Zeth starts standing up. Some blood is running heavily down the left side of his face and left arm*

*Korobu arrives*

Korobu: I’m so pleased this battle continues to live up to my expectations. We truly represent Agarina and Saymara.

Zeth: This battle will end differently than that one. I can promise you that.

Narrator: Zeth and Korobu’s battle is causing destruction everywhere! As the climax of the battle approaches, Zeth aims to give this destined battle a different result than the one that it represents!

Chapter 559 END

To be Continued in Chapter 560: Endgame