Chapter 11:

Chapter 10. The Nightcrawler.

Another Story [Hiatus]

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January 12, 1992Bookmark here

To my beloved mother,Bookmark here

It might already be too late by the time you have read this. I am sorry for the lack of letters recently. I do not feel well nor do the entity near me allows me to do so. My little sisters are fine, I am taking good care of them. I will continue to protect them until the end of my time.Bookmark here

Tomorrow is my birthday, you might have not remembered it because you never sent me anything, but I assume you are busy. How is London? Please fulfill your promise. I do not want my sisters to be traveling down the same path as I did. I want them to have a proper childhood as they are still so young.Bookmark here

I have been beginning to regret your decision of leaving me and my sisters with the entity in this house.Bookmark here

Lastly, I know you like my poems, so I will send you my last one. Bookmark here

Have you heard of the nightcrawler?
Whose fangs are as sharp as knives;
pinning you down as others are asleep.Bookmark here

Have you heard of the nightcrawler?
Whose hairy limbs crawling over you;
Caressing each part of your body.Bookmark here

Have you heard of the nightcrawler?
Whose webs are sticky like non-other.
Leaving you alive but dead inside;
leaving you dead if he knows what's inside.Bookmark here

Yours in grief and love,
Maria Adelaar
Utrecht, The Netherlands
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Hopefully, she read it. . . Mama, save my little sisters. . .Bookmark here

I wake up with something tugging unto me, as I look towards the edge of the bed, I see Jayde. Mia and Mimi worriedly looking inside my room from the door. All of them, their faces seemingly worried about what they just witnessed.Bookmark here

"Don't touch me!" I roar out accidentally.Bookmark here

Jayde jerks with my reaction, I crawl myself back into my bed trying to hold back my fears.Bookmark here

"Aura!" Jayde says, troubled. "You have been moving ridiculously in your sleep, I can't help but ignore. You have also been saying words I do not quite understand."Bookmark here

"He probably just misses his mama, isn't that what he basically was just saying?" Mimi sounds angry as if I woke her up in her royal slumber.Bookmark here

Mimi walks away to return to her slumber. "Wait!" Mia said, running after her.Bookmark here

"I-I'm sorry, Jayde. Can you leave me alone for a little while? It was just a bad dream. . ." I finally say.Bookmark here

"Uh. . . okay, if you say so. If anything is bothering you, just tell me," he says consolingly as he walks out of my room.Bookmark here

It's been 3 days at school now, I miss May. . . Bookmark here

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