Chapter 5:

Project Nemesis

Avalon: Dark Ages Beginning

In the summer of 2014, four years after the Last Freedom Odyssey became a sponsor of Avalon. A company which was formed by multimillionaire Agarwals for the welfare of their glorious country-India became an outlet for weapons and human experiment for those who ravaged their country and destroyed it with their doctrine. But that was the only way they could have survived the period of the great depression, those who became the puppet of the Demon King survived and those who opposed them were indefinitely silenced. Bookmark here

But even then it wasn't easy for the Agarwals, during the period of the Great Depression that was going through entire Colony 25, rebels were still common back in those days their numbers had decreased in comparison to 2010s and 11s but it was still there. There were speeches on how Odyssey was the traitor and had betrayed their motherland, this was something that went on for months only to be silenced and forgotten once Colony 25 officially became the territory of Avalon.Bookmark here

Their words, speeches and rebellion didn't change a thing after all 'Petty words aren't going to change this cruel world' You can cry, you can complain about it and you can even act as if you're going to change it but unless you don't take action, nothing is going to change.Bookmark here

Neha Agarwal current head of the Agarwal family and CEO of the Odyssey had always carried the same ideology in her heart. And that was the reason why she joined forces with Avalon, in her heart she always hates Avalon, but in order to crush the order of the cruel world, she had to take actions because she knew, no! She has always been taught ' Those who only talk big can never change the world. Only those who are crazy enough to questions about its existence and take actions can do it '.Bookmark here

Those were the words of late Hemant Agarwal, founder of the Odyssey and also the father of Kabir and Neha Agarwal.Bookmark here

Those are the words that Neha has always believed in and will always follow. And that was also the very reason she started Project Nemesis. A project to create the world's strongest and the most dangerous killing machine for Avalon, "The traitor Agarwals once again betray their nation and create a weapon for the Demon King" of course, this is what the entire world would make out of Project Nemesis, however, the truth is much more complex than that.Bookmark here

After all Project Nemesis was never created to aid Avalon it has been created to destroy it or rather erase it from existence. But How? Only time could dictate that answer.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

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.Bookmark here

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.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

Year 2017Bookmark here

Odysseus Tower 1Bookmark here

Rooftop Banquet HallBookmark here

Bookmark here

One hour before the assassination of GovernorBookmark here

"It's not my position to ask this?" Cammie asked, her strict persona still prevailing even after Neha agreed to cooperate. "But was it really necessary to make Sidharth walk all the way instead of bringing him with us."Bookmark here

Neha sighed, her fingers carefully touching the complex machinery of the Nemesis, her eyes trying to analyze any error or even a slight problem within the system of the cockpit aka the brain of the Nemesis.Bookmark here

"That kid, you know…" she started only to be cut off by the beeping sound from one of the monitors fitted inside the cockpit, "Tch…. I checked the entire algorithm last night so why isn't the auto-pilot working" Neha groused as her electric blue eyes kept on reading all the codes that presented themselves on the 20inch computer screen.Bookmark here

"Ugh let's leave the autopilot, for now, we will use someone to pilot this baby," Neha said, her fingers tucking a loose strand of her amber hairs behind her ear. As she slowly descended from the cockpit of the Nemesis. Bookmark here

Cammie could only look at her with awe, Neha who has never been interested in anything other than inventing stuff she loved was for the first time interested in the outcome of this creation-The Nemesis. This was something she had never expected to see.Bookmark here

"Oh so regarding Sidharth. He's you know… kind of person who absolutely hates working more than necessary which isn't really good for his health so sometimes I need to trick him to walk more and stuff like that…" she murmured, her eyes not leaving the screen of her tablet displaying the status of Nemesis. Bookmark here

The numbers that were displayed there was something only a few could understand but for her, it was her domain. She isn't a strong speaker or even a fighter she's rather clumsy and the biggest introvert anyone could ever meet but there's one place where she is always at her best and that's within these numbers. Bookmark here

Neha smiled, the twenty feet tall humanoid machine or as many sci-fi fanatics call it mecha stood in front of her-The Nemesis. To a normal person, the nemesis might look like a giant robot from a sci-fi movie or comic but in reality, this humanoid and biomorphic giant machine was created with only one intention and that was for the sake of killing.Bookmark here

Avalon needed a new and efficient killing machine and Nemesis was the answer. This unveiling ceremony was nothing but a farce requested rather ordered by the Governor to show the world Avalon's supremacy, whereas, on the other hand, the Nemesis had already begun to be mass-produced for the use of the imperial army, air force and navy.Bookmark here

"Neha he's here."Bookmark here

"Uhuh?"Bookmark here

"Sidharth is."Bookmark here

Neha's serious demeanour suddenly took a 360 and she was acting like a five-year-old kid who had just won a bet. She pushed the tablet on Cammie and dashed towards the elevator, where Sidharth was crouching trying to catch his breath. Her heels were striking on the marble floor making a lot of noise that caught the attention of all the nobles and aristocrat who were present there but she didn't care about, the only thing that mattered to her at that moment was tease Sidharth.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

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.Bookmark here

"How were the stairs?" Neha grinned. Her electric blue eyes were sparkling with mischief as she teased Sidharth."Mr. Zou."Bookmark here

On the other hand, Sidharth was having a hard time catching his breath rather than countering her remarks. His hands were on his knees as he crouched down gazing at the white marble floor. He was exhausted, this was not just any normal walk this was freaking Mountain climbing.Bookmark here

"I…" Sidharth started, his black T-shirt covered in sweat. "I.. Am...never ever trusting you anymore!" Bookmark here

Neha simply grinned in reply, she was about, to begin with, another round of teasing when Cammie abruptly held her by the ear and dragged her towards the centre stage for her speech.Bookmark here

"Hey..h-h-hey Cammie people are watching, please…. Don't do that. Hey, listen to me!" She pleased but all her wailing we're ignored by her elite secretary, who dragged her by the ears towards the stage in front of each and everyone present there.Bookmark here

"Like you even care what anything thinks about you."Bookmark here

"I do! What if my future fiancee is present here!"Bookmark here

"Then he would be happy that he isn't dating you."Bookmark here

It took Sidharth an hour and eighty flight of stairs to reach the Rooftop banquet hall, his hands were all sweaty and he felt as if his lungs were going to explode. The feeling of nausea enthralled him as he tried to suppress it, he wanted to puke but he knew couldn't after all who the hell pukes in a ceremony of elites and nobles.Bookmark here

He averted his gaze towards his surrounding trying his best to stop thinking about puking.Bookmark here

The rooftop banquet hall reeked of the upper class and spoiled rich nobles who were enjoying their time under the five-star service of the Odysseus Tower, many among those who gathered didn't even know anything about what was about to happen-they are only here for the sake of gaining an audience with the Governor who was supposedly the chief guest for this unveiling ceremony.Bookmark here

Governor Crowley, head of Colony 25 and also the General responsible for the attack on India seven years ago. He is the same person who took everything away from this glorious country and now seven years later instead of being hated by the masses he has become someone who is being worshipped by all.Bookmark here

'Funny isn't it? How the person you hate the most end up becomes the same you need to worship.' Sidharth thought his fists balled as anger surged through his exhausted body, he took a deep breath to calm down.Bookmark here

'Nothing will ever change in this rate! The world has already begun to adapt to the ways of Avalon. If this continues…. The world as we all remember will be lost forever.'Bookmark here

In order to calm his nerves, Sidharth started to do what he does best. Observing his surrounding.Bookmark here

His brilliant dark eyes watched the movement of everyone present in the room, he was late by an hour for the ceremony thanks to a certain CEO but luckily for him even the Governor was running late in the schedule and so the ceremony was postponed until he arrived. Bookmark here

Everything seemed to be all right, just like how all big ceremonies should be except for the fact that every person inside this room were all ex Indians-those people who had joined hands with Avalon in order to save themselves... They were nothing but Pet dogs of the Demon King. But the fact that only these people were present in a ceremony didn't settle well with Sidharth.Bookmark here

'Why would they only invite them?? This is a ceremony for the welfare of Avalon, isn't it? Then why are only ex Indians present in this ceremony?' Sidharth wondered, but before he could have reached the answer his eyes saw something or rather someone. His eyes widened in shock as his brain stopped functioning he couldn't believe what he was watching.Bookmark here

At the centre of the rooftop banquet hall, lied the Nemesis the killing machine created just for Avalon, it's humanoid and biomorphic look intimidated everyone present in that room but that was not what shocked Sidharth. Bookmark here

What shocked him was the fact that in the presence of all these powerful people, there was one young girl who was sitting atop the Giant Black robot.Bookmark here

Who is she? And what is she trying to do? What's going to happen?Bookmark here

All of these questions resolved around Sidharth's brain but he couldn't find the answer of a single one, the fact that no one had noticed her except him disturbed him even more. He was about to inform Neha about her but he couldn't.Bookmark here

Because Governor Crowley had arrived, wearing his crooked smile draped in the Avalon royal robes he exited the elevator with his bodyguards following behind. The atmosphere of the entire place changed from relaxed to tensed, every person present in the room quickly left whatever they were doing and began to chant.Bookmark here

"All Hail Avalon" Bookmark here

A greeting for the Tyrant Governor as he slowly walked towards the centre stage, his eyes showed nothing but amusement it was as if he were trampling over the dead corpses of those who he had conquered and was enjoying every moment of it.Bookmark here

Sidharth felt nothing but disgust from him.Bookmark here

Crowley raised his hands as he slowly stepped over the stage, he murmured a small greeting before taking over the mic from Neha's hand.Bookmark here

"Welcome my citizens I would like to thank all of you who have taken precious time out of your daily schedule to come here and watch the unveiling of this great machine The Nemesis, this is going to help us achieve the true freedom that we have always been looking for. After allBookmark here

A world without border is a world without war, freedom is a lie and peace is the truth...-" Crowley's speech was cut when another voice invaded Sidharth's mind. Bookmark here

"You pathetic, humans. You call yourselves civilised when the only thing you know is killing." The girl sitting on the Nemesis said." Don't make me laugh. It's not even funny anymore, millennia after millennia I have watched you speak the same words but never have you ever achieved them. After all words and ideals can never change, the world can only be changed by taking action."Bookmark here

And that was it. Those were the last time anyone spoke at that ceremony. What happened next was something that Sidharth could have never comprehend, the moment Crowley picked up his mic his head exploded and he dropped dead.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

.Bookmark here

"The wheels have finally begun to move, What are you going to do now Athena?…"Bookmark here

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