Chapter 5:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“W-we’re done for.” Hiroshi dropped to his knees, utterly spent.Bookmark here

I had no idea what his skill was, but it seemed like he was unable to use it anymore.Bookmark here

“G-get away from me! Stop it!”Bookmark here

Having used her charm skill, the well-endowed and curvy Ai yelped as goblins swarmed around her.Bookmark here

The creatures tore at her clothes, revealing her voluptuous breasts, but no one could afford to rush to her aid.Bookmark here

Just as my classmates were beginning to abandon hope at the mass onslaught of goblins...Bookmark here

“Don’t give up, you fools! Arise!”Bookmark here

An unexpected person bellowed.Bookmark here

“Huh? Who do you think you are, shortstache?”Bookmark here

Eiko growled, narrowing his eyes.Bookmark here

His reaction was hardly surprising, for the person who had shouted was none other than Tsukasa. Tsukasa was the shortest person in the class and was always being bullied by Eiko’s group.Bookmark here

He had gained the nickname “shortstache” for his resemblance to Hitler and for once spending a whole day with a tiny mustache that Eiko had drawn on his face with a sharpie.Bookmark here

“Don’t talk back to me! Sergeant Yazawa, get rid of the goblins around Ai, immediately!”Bookmark here

“Huh? Who’re you calling a sergeant? I’ll kill ya, shortsta-”Bookmark here

“Answer me with sir or yes, sir! I can’t hear you, Sergeant Yazawa!”Bookmark here

“S-sir, yes, sir!”Bookmark here

Obeying Tsukasa’s command, Eiko shot an arrow at the goblins surrounding Ai.Bookmark here

“Corporal Munechika, to the rear, now! Join the defense unit and use your charm skill!”Bookmark here

“Huh? Wait, what, y-yes sir!”Bookmark here

Even Ai, who never listens to anyone, raised her arm in salute at Tsukasa and followed his instructions.Bookmark here

“Sergeant Yazawa, shoot three more arrows, then move to the rear so you can recover. Those who are free, get drinks for SSG Yachiyo Kisaragi. Her skill transforms the water in her body into ice!”Bookmark here

“Sir!”Bookmark here

“Yes, sir!”Bookmark here

“Sir, yes, sir, sir!”Bookmark here

Tsukasa barked out incredibly precise instructions in rapid succession.Bookmark here

The despairing mood turned around, and we neutralized our enemies at an astonishing rate.Bookmark here

A spatter of goblins’ blood landed on Tsukasa’s cheek.Bookmark here

Shouting like a completely different person, Tsukasa wiped the blood off his cheek and smeared it under his nose.Bookmark here

Like the day he was nicknamed “shortstache,” Tsukasa now sported a mustache on his upper lip: a mustache of blood and madness.Bookmark here

“Private Izumi!”Bookmark here

“Y-yes, sir!”Bookmark here

Hearing my name, I immediately replied.Bookmark here

There was a forcefulness in his voice that made it impossible to defy him.Bookmark here

Was he going to give me a command too?!Bookmark here

“You’re in the way. Get inside the wall with that woman!”Bookmark here

“Sir, y-yes, sir!”Bookmark here

I slumped my shoulders and hung my head as I walked over to join a grinning Charlotte.Bookmark here

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