Chapter 4:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

Panic ensued as goblins overran the church.Bookmark here

Most of the goblins carried a wooden club in their hands and were swinging them about, wreaking havoc.Bookmark here

“Stay close, everyone!”Bookmark here

The class president, Hiroshi, yelled, but we struggled to move amidst the overwhelming number of goblins.Bookmark here

I finally realized that I couldn’t find Daigo, who had used his enlargement skill to fight the dragon up until then.Bookmark here

“Daigo! Daigo, where are you?!”Bookmark here

“Over here, Ryo!”Bookmark here

I heard Homura call out to me.Bookmark here

Daigo was lying on the ground, with Homura and Yachiyo by his side protecting him.Bookmark here

Any goblins who ventured near were either burned or stabbed by icicles.Bookmark here

“What’s wrong? Are you hurt?”Bookmark here

Daigo’s breathing was labored, and he seemed unable to speak.Bookmark here

“Seems like he can only become large while he’s holding his breath. He’s struggling to breathe now since he pushed himself too hard.”Bookmark here

Yachiyo explained to me.Bookmark here

Apparently, you couldn’t use skills carelessly, and there was a limit on how long you could use them.Bookmark here

Screams rose from all around us.Bookmark here

The army of goblins was overpowering the defending team, and some of them had been injured in the process.Bookmark here

Whether I have a skill or not, I can’t just stand here doing nothing when my best friend’s in pain.Bookmark here

I grabbed a club from a goblin that had been burned to a crisp.Bookmark here

My body trembled in fear, but I steeled myself and was about to dive into the swarm of goblins.Bookmark here

Just then, Daigo grabbed my leg.Bookmark here

“D-Daigo?”Bookmark here

“*Pant*...*pant*...don’t go, Ryo-chin.”Bookmark here

I had told Daigo to stop using that nickname since we were now in high school, but he sometimes still called me that out of habit.Bookmark here

“You don’t have a skill, do you? I’ll fight for both of us.”Bookmark here

Daigo stood up, still breathing heavily.Bookmark here

“Dai-chin!”Bookmark here

Panicked, I called Daigo by his old nickname for the first time in years.Bookmark here

He knew. He’d realized I didn’t have a skill.Bookmark here

With some effort, Daigo managed to grow large again and began slaying goblins.Bookmark here

I looked around to see my other classmates also struggling from using their skills for so long.Bookmark here

Just as I feared. They, too, had their limits like Daigo.Bookmark here

Why, why am I the only one without a skill?!Bookmark here

Frustrated, I glared at Charlotte, the woman responsible for bringing us here.Bookmark here

“Yoohoo. Attention, everyone!”Bookmark here

Charlotte raised her voice as she perched on the statue of Mary that got crushed by the dragon. Dozens of goblins surrounded her.Bookmark here

“I’m in danger of being attacked at the moment, so please be careful. If the bomb inside me detonates, the church will explode into smithereens. It’s as powerful as, let me see, what you refer to as a nuclear bomb.”Bookmark here

I felt a chill at Charlotte’s terrible revelation.Bookmark here

“Simply put, you’ll also die if you allow the enemy to kill me. All right, everyone, please do your best to protect me!”Bookmark here

A stone wall sprang up around Charlotte and created a barrier between her and the goblins.Bookmark here

Beside it, a guy stood with his hand against the wall, panting. Looks like he’s able to create walls with his skill. The guy was Shinji, a quiet guy who never spoke to anyone.Bookmark here

“Wonderful! That’s the spirit. Keep it up!”Bookmark here

When this battle is over, the first thing I’ll do is find Charlotte’s actual body and punch her, I swore to myself.Bookmark here

However, having no skill I could wield, all I could do was glare at her.Bookmark here

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