Chapter 7:


I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“Well done, everyone! Good job on suppressing the goblins. I suppose you could say this is the end of the tutorial.”Bookmark here

Charlotte clapped her hands and emerged from behind the wall.Bookmark here

Drained from the fight, the class listened to Charlotte’s words in silence.Bookmark here

“Ahem. Although you’ve managed to protect the church, which is our base, the battle will never end if you simply continue to fight here. The monsters are highly prolific and continue to reproduce rapidly.”Bookmark here

Charlotte smiled before she continued.Bookmark here

“About 300 kilometers north from here, there is a castle hidden in the desert. If you can defeat the demon overlord in that castle, the war will end, and we can return you to your planet. Now then. Better get going!”Bookmark here

The church was quiet; no one so much as complained due to exhaustion.Bookmark here

However, an authoritative voice broke the silence.Bookmark here

“I will now split you into groups of five! When I call your name, step to the front!”Bookmark here

“Sir, yes, sir!”Bookmark here

It was Tsukasa.Bookmark here

I sprang to my feet together with my worn-out classmates, and we raised our arms in salute.Bookmark here

“Section One.Bookmark here

Commanding officer: Sergeant Major Tsukasa Kohinata.Bookmark here

Second-in-command: SSG Daigo Oyama.Bookmark here

Troops: Corporal Yuichi Ando, Sergeant Shinji Makabe, and Corporal Nagisa Otomine.”Bookmark here

The four members called to join Section One stood before Tsukasa.Bookmark here

Each of them possessed offensive, supportive, defensive, and healing skills, respectively.Bookmark here

Tsukasa seemed to be dividing people up so that each unit was balanced.Bookmark here

“Section Two.Bookmark here

Commanding officer: SSG Homura Kisaragi.Bookmark here

Second-in-command: Sergeant Eiko Yazawa.Bookmark here

Troops: Corporal Ai Munechika, Sergeant Hiroshi Honmoto, and Corporal Kanako Hayase.”Bookmark here

Five new members stepped forward.Bookmark here

Tsukasa appeared to be assigning ranks according to the potency of their skills.Bookmark here

Each unit included one SSG to prevent any one team from overpowering the others.Bookmark here

“Section Three.Bookmark here

Commanding officer: SSG Yachiyo Kisaragi.Bookmark here

Second-in-command: Sergeant Azusa Seno.Bookmark here

Troops: Corporal Jumpei Nakano, Sergeant Ayumu Negishi, and Corporal Kaname Hashimoto.”Bookmark here

“Section Four.Bookmark here

Commanding officer: SSG Tsuyoshi Wanibuchi.Bookmark here

Second-in-command: Sergeant Kyoya Suzuki.Bookmark here

Troops: Sergeant Kotaro Kato, Sergeant Jiro Sato, and Corporal Hironobu Kume.”Bookmark here

“Section Five.Bookmark here

Commanding officer: SSG Heisuke Todo.Bookmark here

Second-in-command: Sergeant Masahiko Furuhashi.Bookmark here

Troops: Sergeant Sayaka Kondo, Corporal Fujiko Minegishi, and Corporal Nozomi Watase.”Bookmark here

“Section Six.Bookmark here

Commanding officer: SSG Susumu Midorikawa.Bookmark here

Second-in-command: Sergeant Ikuko Soga.Bookmark here

Troops: Corporal Haruka Tejima, Sergeant Shiori Kujo, and Corporal Mayumi Yamaguchi.”Bookmark here

“Section Seven.Bookmark here

Commanding officer: SSG Yayoi Akatsuki.Bookmark here

Second-in-command: Sergeant Fumika Noda.Bookmark here

Troops: Corporal Itsuko Usa, Sergeant Shoko Sasaki, and Corporal Mirai Tokito.”Bookmark here

Sections One to Seven were formed, and only five of us remained.Bookmark here

My name hadn’t been called yet.Bookmark here

“Section Eight.Bookmark here

Commanding officer: PFC Saburo Tanaka.Bookmark here

Second-in-command: PFC Shizuka Nanami.Bookmark here

Troops: PFC Futoshi Moriyama, PFC Chika Kawai, and Private Ryo Izumi.”Bookmark here

I was the last to be called.Bookmark here

However, our unit was clearly unbalanced.Bookmark here

Not only did we not have an SSG, but our group was comprised solely of private soldiers that the other units lacked.Bookmark here

It was evident without asking Tsukasa what this meant.Bookmark here

Section Eight, the unit I had been assigned to, was for those of us deemed unfit for battle.Bookmark here

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