Chapter 8:

The Forsaken Five

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

“From here on, apart from joint operations, you will work with the team you were assigned to. No matter how tough the situation, try to avoid interfering with other units and resolve the issue as best you can with your own section.”Bookmark here

“Sir, yes, sir!”Bookmark here

This proclamation of Tsukasa’s was essentially a death sentence for Section 8.Bookmark here

“I-I object!”Bookmark here

While everyone else remained powerless before Tsukasa’s ‘General’ skill, one person struggled to defy him.Bookmark here

“SSG Oyama. You may only say ‘sir’ or ‘yes, sir.’”Bookmark here

“, I refuse! This grouping isn’t fair!”Bookmark here

Daigo breathed heavily, forcing the words out of his mouth.Bookmark here

“Section 8 clearly lacks fighting power compared to the rest of us. Do you intend to sacrifice them?!”Bookmark here

“Those who can’t fight will only get in the way and compromise our survival. I’m merely eliminating nuisance variables.”Bookmark here

I thought I was the only one considered a burden since I didn’t have a skill.Bookmark here

However, it appeared that the other four in my unit had also been branded useless.Bookmark here

It’s true that our meek student librarian, Shizuka, was the type of person who wouldn’t harm a fly. No matter how good her skill was, it might as well not exist if she couldn’t use it in battle.Bookmark here

“Transfer me to Section 8, please!”Bookmark here

“No. This is for the best. You’ll see.”Bookmark here

Tsukasa’s voice grew louder.Bookmark here

“Get back, SSG Oyama!”Bookmark here

“S-Sir, y-yes, sir.”Bookmark here

Daigo finally gave up and got back in line.Bookmark here

It seemed as though Tsukasa was able to increase the effectiveness of his skill by raising his voice.Bookmark here

He was starting to sound hoarse after shouting nonstop since our battle with the goblins.Bookmark here

My eyes met with Daigo’s.Bookmark here

I nodded to let him know that it was okay.Bookmark here

Obviously, I had no idea whether we would make it or not. I just didn’t want Daigo to worry about me.Bookmark here

“It’s pointless. We’ll probably all die anyway.”Bookmark here

Saburo, the commander of our unit, said in a low voice.Bookmark here

The guy lacked motivation and was often scolded by our teachers for handing in his exams blank. He was another person unlikely to use his skill, no matter how efficient it was.Bookmark here

“I hate this. I wanna go home, pleeease...”Bookmark here

“How did this happen? It’s gotta be a dream. It has to be.”Bookmark here

Chika had balled up crying like a baby, while the chubby Futoshi was trying to escape reality by snacking.Bookmark here

“Ryo...”Bookmark here

Our second-in-command, Shizuka, looked at me anxiously.Bookmark here

“It’ll be okay. Let’s work together and do our best.”Bookmark here

I reassured Shizuka, not just for her sake but for mine.Bookmark here

“We shall now head north. Section One will lead the way. Section 8, you bring up the rear.”Bookmark here

Tsukasa’s red mustache flashed as he shouted.Bookmark here

“Sir, yes, sir!”Bookmark here

I’ll show him. I’ll survive no matter what.Bookmark here

Even as I glared at Tsukasa, the force of his skill compelled me to salute in reply.Bookmark here

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