Chapter 1:

Author's Notes (Read before Characters and Prologue I)

[ON HIATUS] Beyond the Horizon, Farther Than the Eye can See

Hey hey, how's it going! Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and my novel, at least the chapters I've released so far!Bookmark here

A few words before you start reading the actual thing:Bookmark here

Author-kun is a huge anime fan, so expect a lot of Japanese names, honorifics (-kun, -san, etc.) and terminology, I suggest looking them up if you don't know what they mean to understand the relationships between some of the characters better!Bookmark here

The Prologue is kinda filler and a bit extended, I'm well aware that it might seem a bit boring, but please bear with it, it's pretty important for the plot! Bookmark here

Also pretty important, the actual story is nothing like the Prologue as you may have guessed from the tags, so I suggest reading up to chapter 5-6 (When I release them of course!) to see if you'll like it!Bookmark here

Also concerning the Prologue, apostrophes (') indicate Eru's inner thoughts at the moment something happened, but only if the line starts and ends with them, unless it's made obvious that she was thinking something.
Quotation marks ('') indicate dialogue. If none of the two are present, that means Eru narrates her thoughts on the specific incident.Bookmark here

Last but not least, the asterisks (*) indicate that the scenery/focus of the specific part is changing. It's like a completely new scene, if you want to compare it to that!Bookmark here

Without further ado, I hope you enjoy reading ''Beyond the Horizon, Further Than the Eye can See''!Bookmark here

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