Chapter 2:


[ON HIATUS] Beyond the Horizon, Farther Than the Eye can See


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Akiya YukinoBookmark here

Age: 17
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 52 kgBookmark here

Hair: Straight, long -reaching her elbows when let down, her shoulder when tied into an upward ponytail-, black, with short bangs pulled outwards.Bookmark here

Eye color: Light blueBookmark here

Personality: At first glance, Yukino seems like the perfect person; cheerful, kind, helpful, strong willed and full of positive energy. In reality, that’s her façade, which she shows to people she doesn’t know on a personal level and wants to be on good terms with.
Yukino’s mostly hidden personality is extremely shy (to the point she can’t even answer to a simple question when not composed) and sensitive. When maintaining her temper though, she acts like a considerate and loving big sister/mother. She also tends to get really close with everybody that she believes can understand her -both mentally and physically-, despite being overly embarrassed when the same happens to her, often developing a melancholic aura around her in that case. Yukino also has a childish side, which shows when she’s being treated to something.
Despite the notorious rumors surrounding her in North High, Yukino pays no heed to nor does she involve herself with them.Bookmark here

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Karasuma EruBookmark here

Age: 16 (Prologue), 17 (Post-prologue)
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 48 kgBookmark here

Hair: Straight, of average length -reaching her shoulders-, light-brown, with short sideswept bangs, usually held with a clip or two.Bookmark here

Eye color: Light brown Bookmark here

Personality: Eru desires to become what see calls ‘’a normal high-schooler’’. Due to her transferring schools constantly, she didn’t have the chance to make any friends and considered herself to blame for that, which led to her having low self-confidence, a negative and minimalistic way of thinking and second thoughts after every one of her actions. She rarely felt happy and fulfilled, almost never flashing a smile.
After taking the initiative to persuade her parents to transfer to North High, she discovers her ‘’true self’’ after meeting Yukino (Her façade, that is) -whom she admired since that moment-, which cares deeply about and treasures her friends and every moment she spends with them. Her personality becomes more playful and relaxed, while unconsciously mimicking Yukino’s happy-go-lucky attitude. Eru now considers herself an average high-schooler, smiling more often, and becomes more positive thanks to the welcoming environment of her new school. She also panics pretty easily if she loses her sense of rationality.

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Miyano HonokaBookmark here

Age: 17
Height: 162 cm
Weight: 46 kgBookmark here

Hair: Curved, short –reaching just below her jow-, blonde, with short bangs reaching her eyebrows –the one to her top right usually held with a daisy shaped clip-.Bookmark here

Eye color: Lightly dimmed yellow/gold Bookmark here

Personality: Honoka is generally a cheerful person, but sometimes appears to be the perfect imitation of a mother; she scolds people when she considers they are wrong, praises them when she considers they are right. On top of that, she’s known to overworry over little details, making sure everything is perfectly okay to her eyes. She always puts the happiness and safety of others over herself’s, much like a mother would for her own children.Bookmark here

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Karasuma YumehaBookmark here

Age: 14
Height: 158 cm
Weight: 42 kgBookmark here

Hair: Straight with an ahoge on top, long –reaching just above her elbow-, brown, almost always tied into a back ponytail with a red ribbon –reaching her shoulders in that case-, with side bangs.Bookmark here

Eye color: SapphireBookmark here

Personality: Yumeha, at first, seems to be the supportive yet devastating type of little sister to Eru that seeks her downfall. Despite the straightforwardness and harshness she shows to Eru when she does things she doesn’t like, Yumeha loves her from the bottom of her heart. She’s easily annoyed by Eru’s simplicity and ignorance on certain matters, but chooses to accept her for what she is, often kidding around the two.
She is extremely kind when talking to strangers and tries to always wear a powerful and charming smile. In reality, Yumeha enjoys being spoiled -even if there’s no reason to be done so-, as implied by her desire for headpats. She is also infamous for her lack of many secondary senses, such as time and direction.Bookmark here

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Todo NazunaBookmark here

Age: 14
Height: 156 cm
Weight: 42 kgBookmark here

Hair: Curved, of average length –reaching her shoulders-, white, held with a turquoise hairband.Bookmark here

Eye color: Dark greenBookmark here

Personality: Nazuna is a kind and very ladylike girl who is afraid of showing her kindness. As a result, she resorted to chuunibyou, although she avoids admitting it. Considering herself a demon, she mentions contracts and shrines pretty often, while her way of speaking becomes more formal. Despite her fear, she is considerably cozier around people who accept her quirk.Bookmark here

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Fudo MiraiBookmark here

Age: 17
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 62 kgBookmark here

Hair: Straight, very long –reaching below her waist-, pink, with bangs and two thick, long strands over each side of her shoulders. Bookmark here

Eye color: GreenBookmark here

Personality: Mirai is described by her class as a delinquent. She sometimes dresses provocatively, engages in battles with bullies, stays out late at night, etc. Despite that, she is an extremely good person at heart, as she shows a kinder side to people that care about her.Bookmark here

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Oreki HajimeBookmark here

Age: 17
Height: 168 cm
Weight: 56 kgBookmark here

Hair: Curved and curly, short –reaching and covering his ears-, black, with bangs covering most of his forehead. Bookmark here

Eye color: Dark purpleBookmark here

Personality: Hajime presents himself as an easy-going person, often deeming overworking, overthinking and overexertion unnecessary. He tends to break the ice when no one else does by stating the obvious or asking rhetorical questions. He strongly supports his beliefs and ideals but rather jokingly, sometimes changing his voice’s tone and mannerisms to seem more humorous while maintaining the seriousness in his words.
Hajime prefers to be called by his last name (Oreki), as he considers it ‘’more catchy and memorable than Hajime.’’Bookmark here

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Kamiya YuuBookmark here

Age: 17
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 59 kgBookmark here

Hair: Straight, short –reaching just below his ears-, brown, slightly pulled back on the left side, with a short fringe –reaching just above his eyebrows- to his right.Bookmark here

Eye color: BrownBookmark here

Personality: Yuu is a serious person that does not take things lightly. He despises lies and untruthfulness in general, sometimes trying to stand his ground by expressing his own feelings in front of others when they seem to cling to them for idiotic reasons, as he cannot stand seeing people being tricked willingly for the self-indulgement of others, including his own friends. Because of his attitude, Yuu rarely smiles and has never been seen laughing, but jokes whenever he feels like it, usually wearing an almost imperceptible smile.Bookmark here

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