Chapter 3:

Prologue I

[ON HIATUS] Beyond the Horizon, Farther Than the Eye can See

[What is that I desire?]

Even I don’t understand that sometimes. The feeling of doing something you want yet feeling unfulfilled…why does it exist anyways? Shouldn’t your desires match your own feelings?


This time, I was the one who decided which school I would attend. I couldn’t let my parents do that in my stead again. Given my age of course, it wasn’t the most peaceful of times when I told them I wanted to choose for myself, but it was worth it; I managed to persuade them that I’m old enough to make a decision on my own.

I understand their concern though. It’s only natural that they would want me to attend a prestigious school. What kind of parent doesn’t want their child to be happy?

I still don’t know [what made me take that course of action]. It felt so impulsive. Maybe it’s because I was unconsciously tired of seeing others deciding my own future. But at the same time, maybe it’s because I had the feeling that [something would be different from the previous times].

Our new house is located on a hill with a pretty clear and breathtaking view of the city. The school is visible from my room’s window. It isn’t anything eye-catching, which is probably the reason why my parents had objected at first. Neither is the house actually, but I do admire my parents’ taste in aesthetics, good job you two!

But I just couldn’t be happier about my decision. I was so happy that my little sister, Yumeha, said I was sleeping with a huge grin on my face. I’m surprised how I actually managed to sleep since I was extremely hyper the previous night. Being the little devil she is, she took a ‘’pic for proof’’. I regret asking to see it big time. Honestly, one would normally scold her for that, but not me. There is no way I could hate her even if I wanted to. [When you are used to living with someone, you grow fond of them]. After all, you get to understand each other better than anyone else.


Breakfast was fancy as always. Mum always tries her best to make it as tasty as possible, and since it was the first day at my new high school, she wanted me to not leave anything on the plate. ‘People avoid anything that’s unenergetic!’ she tends to say. Her attitude was a lot more positive than usual today.

Dad, on the other hand, had a really worried look on his face the entire time. I was waiting for the moment he would muster up his courage and say what was bound to be said by him.
‘’Say, are you sure you don’t have any second thoughts about this? You can always-’’
‘’You don’t have to worry about anything, Dad. It’s not my first time transferring to a new school you know. I know it’s the first day, but I’m going to be alright! I can assure you!’’
My father isn’t an easily convinced person, so I flashed the brightest smile I could so that he could be persuaded that I wasn’t saying that to actually make him worry even more. And his usual response was…

‘’That’s my child for you.’’

…not the one I would expect to hear. I felt so flustered. It was the first time I heard him say something like that. I couldn’t even respond properly.

I’m pretty sure I saw Mum smiling at Dad when he said that. So this was schemed after all? Not that I mind or anything, I know Dad wanted to say that but couldn’t get himself to.
And that’s when Yumeha had to break the silence.

‘’It’ll be just another day for you, right? Why would you have to be worried anyways?’’

I wasn’t expecting her to encourage me. Little sisters are weird.

‘’What about you, Yumeha? I’m not the only one transferring!’’

‘’Me? It’s something heart-racing, I guess. I know of a few students there from some friends though. Yumeha always manages to fit in!’’

It’s true that she’s capable of fitting in wherever she goes. No wonder she’s earned the nickname ‘Play Doh Plasteline’ fair and square. That's the only thing you can fit literally anywhere.

‘’Yumeha, Shouldn’t You Be Getting Ready By Now?’’ There it was. That look no one can disobey, not even Dad. If Mum closes her eyes and emphasizes every single word she says, ‘No’ is not an option anymore.

Yumeha looked at her cellphone nervously, only to realize that she was indeed going to be late if she kept slacking off.

‘’IT HAPPENED AGAIN!’’ screeched Yumeha and rushed to her room. Seriously, she doesn’t have any sense of time at all.

‘’I’m going to get my coat and scarf. Thanks for the meal, Mum. It was superb as always!’’

‘’I’m happy you liked it! Oh, why don’t you go with Yumeha today? You know, just in case…’’

I DO know, Mum…

Yumeha is terrible when it comes to directions. Somehow, she can get the roads down pretty easily if she memorizes the scenery surrounding them, even if she has never been actually there. I keep asking myself ‘How?’, but it’s not like anyone’s going to give me a proper answer.

I went up the stairs to remind Yumeha that we should get going and knocked on her door.

‘’I’m coming in.’’


Easy, tiger!

‘’Whoops, too late. I already did.‘’

Yumeha let out a sigh. ‘’How many times has it been already?’’

‘’God knows. Now then, let’s see how much you’ve grown!’’

‘’Mum, I’m leaving~’’

Wait, how did she get out of the room so fast?!

‘’Wait, Yumeha!’’

I got down in no time. Our parents were waiting at the door to escort us.

‘’Have a fun time today, you two!’’ Mum exclaimed.

I bet even SHE couldn’t imagine how happy she looked in my eyes.

I approached my Dad before leaving.


‘’You’re welcome.’’

He really is someone anyone would admire if you ask me!

‘’And no lovey-doveys on the first day.’’

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my expectations were crushed again.

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