Chapter 0:

Foreword from author

Light of my darkest eve

Foreword before starting this novel:

To reiterate what's written in the author's note, this story will contain topics that may be too heavy or too familiar for some. If you're someone averse to subjects like psychosis, depression, violence and suicidal tendencies then reader discretion is heavily advised.

On a similar note, I will be diving into what can only be described as a minefield of sensitive topics. I'm doing my best to handle everything respectfully and sensibly, but with topics as personal as mental health I may very well slip up. If you're someone who suffers from any of the disorders, illnesses or divergences mentioned in this story and you feel misrepresented or insulted by my depictions, don't hesitate to leave a comment and let me know what I could have done better. 

My main priority with this story is to represent these ideas in a way that neither demonises those that suffer with them nor downplays how it may affect them in their day-to-day. I'm trying my best so please forgive any minor mistakes or insensitivities.

Sorry for the rambling note,