Chapter 25:

Daigo Oyama

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

(Don’t go!)
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I was always running after him.Bookmark here

I didn’t have much else going for me other than the fact that I was big-boned, and it was all I could do to keep up with him.Bookmark here

(Wait up, Ryo-chin!)Bookmark here

I cried out as the gap between us widened. At the same time, I tripped over my feet and fell.Bookmark here

Before I knew it, I had lost sight of him.Bookmark here

(Ryo-chin!)Bookmark here

As I cried out, blinking back tears, I noticed a hand stretch toward me.Bookmark here

“Come on. Get up, Dai-chin. Let’s go.”Bookmark here

It was the usual dream: a scene from my childhood.Bookmark here

Ryo-chin grinned at me as I grabbed his hand and stood up.
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...At least, that was how my dream usually ended.
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This time, however, Ryo-chin’s arm tore off at the shoulder when I grabbed it.Bookmark here

I stumbled backward and landed on my butt, still holding his hand.Bookmark here

(Ry-Ry-Ryo...chin?)Bookmark here

The Ryo-chin that stood before me now was no longer a kid, but a high school student.Bookmark here

He was still missing an arm and blood gushed from the jagged edges.Bookmark here

“I’ve always waited for you, you know. I didn’t think you’d leave me behind, Dai-chin.”Bookmark here

(No, wait! Ryo-chin, I-!)Bookmark here

The words died in my throat. 
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“Aaaaaahhhh!!”Bookmark here

I woke up from my dream and sat up, gasping.Bookmark here

My whole body had broken out in a cold sweat from my realistic nightmare.Bookmark here

When did I fall asleep?Bookmark here

If I recall correctly, I’d held my breath for too long while fighting the lizardmen and passed out from lack of oxygen.Bookmark here

Tsukasa had been talking about leaving Section Eight behind and retreating.Bookmark here

I’d never been good at expressing my emotions or talking to people, and Ryo-chin had always been there to help me out.Bookmark here

That was the first time I yelled at someone baring all my emotions.Bookmark here

“Abandon Ryo-chin and the others?! Screw you! I won’t-”Bookmark here

I was unable to finish my sentence as I blacked out due to the blood rushing to my head.

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Now that I was awake, I saw that we were no longer at the river, and the sun had already set. Bookmark here

Amidst the darkness, I made out the shapes of multiple brick walls.Bookmark here

The same walls surrounded me on all four sides as if to protect me.Bookmark here

“This is our makeshift camp. I asked Sergeant Makabe to build these walls for us.”Bookmark here

Tsukasa spoke to me from the other side of the wall.Bookmark here

His voice sounded terribly hoarse, most likely from shouting too much.Bookmark here

“Tsukasa! Where’s Section Eight?! What happened to Ryo-chin and the others?!”Bookmark here

“Relax, SSG Oyama. Corporal Ando’s confirmed that the five of them are safe. They’re still waiting by the river.”Bookmark here

Thank god. They’re okay.Bookmark here

I have to go help them, quickly.Bookmark here

“Don’t move, SSG Oyama.”Bookmark here

My body froze at Tsukasa’s command.Bookmark here

I was unable to move an inch, no matter how hard I tried.Bookmark here

“I forbid you to meet up with them. Make any attempts, and I’ll shoot Charlotte and blow her up, along with the others.”Bookmark here

“Wh-why?! What for?!”Bookmark here

“Because they’re dangerous. That goes for both that woman and those useless soldiers. A rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.”Bookmark here

This was no longer the Tsukasa who was constantly being bullied by Eiko’s group. I hardly recognized him anymore.Bookmark here

“Our current priority is to destroy the enemy’s castle. If we succeed, we can save Private Izumi and the rest of Section Eight.”Bookmark here

I grit my teeth in frustration.Bookmark here

Was there really no other way?
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An image of Ryo-chin running away from me entered my mind.Bookmark here

I desperately called after him as he disappeared into the distance, becoming smaller and smaller.
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But no matter how hard I cried out, Ryo-chin never looked back or held out his hand to me again.Bookmark here

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