Chapter 26:

Fumika Noda

I’m Taking Revenge for My Murdered Classmates Using Weapons Made from Their Souls

After the lizardmen raided our camp, we moved away from the river to an open field atop the mountain.
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Once we arrived, Shinji created walled-off enclosures that served as tents, and we set up camp with our own unit.

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...I felt like I was losing my mind.Bookmark here

I’m just an average high school student.Bookmark here

So how did I get dragged to this strange planet in order to fight monsters?Bookmark here

On top of that, I’d been appointed second-in-command of Section Seven, an all-female unit. Bookmark here

It felt impossible to accept this as reality.Bookmark here

As a matter of fact, our commander, Yayoi, already seemed to have gone off the deep end.Bookmark here

Something must have happened when she was working independently from the rest of the group.Bookmark here

Right now, she was staring blankly into space and muttering to herself under her breath.

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(My name is Fumika Noda. I’m 17 years old. My hobby is reading, and my favorite author is Kotaro Isaka.)

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I silently repeated my self-introduction to myself to make sure I hadn’t lost my mind yet. Thankfully, it seemed like my sanity was still intact.Bookmark here

“Fumika? Do you have, like, a second?”Bookmark here

I turned around in response to find Itsuko Usa chatting to me in her usual manner.Bookmark here

She was a cute girl who reminded me of a small animal, like a rabbit or a hamster. Her voice was ridiculously loud for such a tiny frame.Bookmark here

“Wh-what’s up, Itsuko?”Bookmark here

“Well, the three of us were gonna discuss some stuff. D’ya wanna join us?”Bookmark here

“Huh? Discuss what?”Bookmark here

“Hehe, it’s a secret!”Bookmark here

I found it slightly unsettling how she managed to remain her usual self despite the circumstances.Bookmark here

“Sorry. I don’t feel too good. If you don’t mind, I’d like to rest.”Bookmark here

“I see, that’s too bad. Talk to ya later then! Take care!”Bookmark here

With that, Itsuko ran off to join the remaining two girls in our group: the tall and boyish Shoko Sasaki and the eccentric Mirai Tokito.Bookmark here

These three were known as the infamous besties trio “Uzattoki,” which was an acronym of their last names “Usa,” “Sasaki,” and “Tokito.”Bookmark here

“Mission failed, Shoko.”Bookmark here

“You’re an idiot, Itsuko. Couldn’t you have been savvier about it? I knew I should’ve gone instead.”Bookmark here

Shoko was the leader of “Uzattoki” and was always calling the shots. She had a tomboyish and strong-willed side to her, which I personally found difficult to deal with.Bookmark here

“Probably wouldn’t have made a difference. Useless, useless, useless. Wryyyy.”Bookmark here

Mirai quoted some line from an anime in a low voice without changing her expression.Bookmark here

“Shut up, Mirai. Did you have any luck with the other one, Itsuko?”Bookmark here

“It’s no use. They’re watching Daigo like a hawk. There’s no way we can sneak him out.”Bookmark here

I noticed some small insects flying around Itsuko.Bookmark here

Upon closer inspection, I discovered that they were robotic flies.Bookmark here

Apparently, Itsuko’s skill allowed her to manipulate insect spy drones. Bookmark here

“How about the other units?”Bookmark here

“Nah, Homura’s unit is too unpredictable. I don’t think it’ll be wise to bring them along. Yachiyo’s unit is too rational, so they’re not gonna agree with us.”Bookmark here

Itsuko answered in reply to Shoko’s question.

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Huh? “Sneak him out?” “Bring them along?”Bookmark here

What on earth were they talking about?

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“What about Section Four to Section Six?”Bookmark here

Itsuko shook her head slowly.Bookmark here

“Section Four is outta the question. Most of Section Five and Six are still on Tsukasa’s side for now. I doubt anyone would leave their unit to join us.”Bookmark here

“Hope: The first step towards disappointment.”Bookmark here

Out of the three, Mirai was pretty quiet, but she sometimes dropped a bombshell out of nowhere.

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...Could these three be discussing...?

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“Hey, are you...?”Bookmark here

I asked nervously while approaching the trio.Bookmark here

“Hmm? D’ya wanna join us after all, Fumika?”

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Itsuko perked up, trying to get me to join the conversation.Bookmark here

“No, I’ll pass. But are you guys talking about...?”Bookmark here

“That’s right.”Bookmark here

Shoko was the one who spoke up.Bookmark here

“We’re gonna leave this unit and go rescue Section Eight, who got left behind.”Bookmark here


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Thanks to Mirai’s comical exclamation, the serious atmosphere was ruined.Bookmark here

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