Chapter 16:

The School Festival

The Letters That Heaven Sent

Dad had to go back to work soon. Mom wanted my help with something. So I went there, and apparently she can't beat the last boss of her game. She also wanted a new manga series, so I got her that too. It was time for college to go.

"Mom I will come back this evening. Take care. Also, there are some cutscenes after the boss, so see them."

"Oh, okay, I will. Be safe, my boy. Hugged me tight. As soon as I got out, the doctor came in with some files. Hopefully, it wasn't anything bad.

I arrived at college, and everyone was busy preparing something like a costume or cardboard stuff. Kuro and Kobayashi-san were making some small things.

"Is there something going on?"

"You really don't have an idea ever, right? Kuro said.

"Why, is there something today?

"We have the school festival in 3 days now. That's what we're all preparing for.

"When did we even decide what to do?"

"Oh, on that day, you were sleeping. I am not the only one to see it; the whole class heard your snoring."

"Wait, I don't snore... or do I? Doesn't matter right now. What are we even doing then?"

"We all thought of a café. Since we all know the job. But there should be a little difference. Like a different dress or something similar. We are making a theme just like our workplace, but the clothing needs to be attractive.

"Why not go with the old-style ones? Like the old English style.

"They are elegant, beautiful, calming, and definitely fit for the café."

"Let's go with that then. I will go and tell the dressmaker that. You and Kobayashi just do the rest."

"So he is not using honorifics for you too. Not that it's bad. Friends are like that.

Yeah, and so am I. He said to drop for him too."

"By the way, how are things going between you and him? Have you made any progress?"

"Not yet; I might even just throw it all down."

"Why though?"

"I saw him with someone a few days ago. Like he was really close with her. They might as well be going out together."

"Next time, ask him before making a judgement. It might turn the tables for you."

"But wouldn't that just make him think I am weird?"

"You have to give it a chance."

"I will try to do that."

"Now let's just finish this soon and get on working on something else.

We worked almost until it went dark. Everyone was exhausted and probably wanted to go home by now. Kuro and some classmates brought some drinks and food. Everyone ate and went home. The café was closed too since there are some renovations going on and there is no job for a week.

While going home, Senpai was leaving as well. We met and just talked about what we were doing. She was hosting a maid café, while we were just holding a retro-style café. She was very excited to see it.

At that moment, we passed by the school she used to study at because of a roadblock on our regular route. There was a tall building opposite it. Just like how she described it in her story. But why is that the same building that was in my dreams? It can't be a coincidence.



"Do you remember the story you told about this tall building?"

"Building? Oh! This one. Yeah, I remember."

"Do you remember what exactly you were wearing that day?"

"Was it a long black dress, and the boy was wearing a white shirt?"

"How do you know all of it, Arata-kun?"

"It was me, senpai. That suicidal boy, along with you, was me."

We were both very shocked. She was so silent all along the way. It was very awkward. Maybe I should have just lied to her, but then that would always be roaming in my mind.

She didn't talk to me, and soon the school festival started. I don't know why she didn't talk to me. Maybe I should just give her some time.

Dad came to the festival and enjoyed our service. We all looked really royal in those clothes. We had all English items on our menu, which were highly rated by the citizens of Japan.

Soon it will be my turn for a break. I saw some really cool themes in other classes. Horror houses, games, talent shows, and acts really have a lot of themes.

While coming up to Senpai's class, she was coming in the opposite direction. This time she smiled when she saw me. Maybe she is not angry anymore.

"Hello, Arata-kun. Enjoying ourselves, are we?"

"Senpai. I am sorry about what happened before. I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Hurt me; it's my fault that I stopped talking out of the blue. It was kind of a shock to me, and I have something to say to you, Arata-kun, but not now."

"Then was I worried for nothing?"

"Sorry, I am really sorry."

"It's fine, senpai; I was just thinking of what I said wrong."

"Arata-kun, it's my break now, so do you want to go and see the classes?"

"Why not. I am too busy on my break."

We went to the stalls, and everything was very good. We really have some cooks on our campus. Then we headed for the game area, and she really was a pro at shooting stuff. Meanwhile, I hit a golden ball in the game and got a teddy. Not too big or small, but what good will I have of a teddy? I just gave it to her.

"For you, senpai."

"Eh! For me? But you won it."

"I don't really have anything I can do with it. You had a lot of soft toys at home. You can have it or give it to your sister."

"Thank you, Arata-kun! I will keep it well."

"So you won't give it to your sister?"

Wha... of course I will give it to her. It was a clear lie, but it was cute.

Sorry, senpai, I was just teasing you."

"What! That's not funny, you know.

We played for a while and then decided to go to the horror house. I hate horror movies, but she is not even fazed by the setting. When we entered, it was really creepy, and the air was so weird. Shaking a bit but still walking, she caught my hand unexpectedly. It was really dark to see anything clear except the sudden lights and props, but I got a glance at her, and she was so awesome.

We came out of the house and were still holding hands. We realised we got out, and we let go of our hands. It was supposed to be me, but she was way more red than me.

Lastly, I took her to my classroom, where Kuro and Kobayashi-san were making the food. I got ready to serve her. I tried to speak English, but she was giggling while listening to me. It didn't matter if it made her happy.

She loved the food and the costume. It actually looked really good on me, too.

Soon it was her shift, and I promised her to come to her class after finishing everything quickly, but it took a lot of time. The customers won't stop. Eventually, it was very late.

Everyone started to gather on the ground. I thought she might be there, but she wasn't. Maybe she is still in her class.

I ran to her class, and she was there waiting to greet me.

"Welcome master."

"I am sorry I arrived so late, senpai. The customers didn't stop coming."

"Please have a seat, master."

"Senpai, you aren't angry, right?

"Here is the menu. Please take your time to order."

She definitely might be angry.

She had the cheesecake options, which were the same ones we had when we were in that pastry shop.

"Can you get a strawberry and a blueberry cheesecake?"

"Certainly. It will take ten minutes. Please have some cold water till I get the order."

She was getting the food while the class winners were being announced. My class got second place after the classes that held games.

Senpai's class got first place in her grade. Great for her.

"Here is your order master. A strawberry cheesecake and a blueberry cheesecake. Enjoy it."

"Senpai, will you come and eat with me?"

"I have no reason to sit and eat with you, master."

"You are going to sit because your master told you so."

We slowly looked at each other and started laughing. It was weirdly funny.

We started eating, and this was exactly the one we ate at that shop.

"How is the taste, Arata-kun? You might have already guessed where it's from."

"Yeah, I have."

"That's my friend who made it and saved two slices for me and you. She likes setting people up."

"Senpai, your class just won the first prize in your grade. Mine was second."

"Yeah, everyone loves maids, I guess.

"Certainly, you look great in it."



Do I look good in this?"

"Obviously you do. It's really cute on you."

I said something stupid, but she became red just from hearing that. Looking at her made me red, and we stayed that way till the closing ceremony was over.