Chapter 17:

The Confession: Part One

The Letters That Heaven Sent

We stared at the ground while we finished the cake. She suddenly started to stare right in my face.

"Arata-kun, there is something I want to tell you."

"What is it, senpai?"

Just as she was about to tell...

"Ayaka! We just won first place!"

Her friend Nakajima Mika always comes unexpectedly.

"Oh! I am sorry to disturb your evening. I will take my leave."

"We are not anything like Mika. Don't you dare spread fake news to our class."

Senpai, let's just go home, unless you have a party with your classmates."

Sorry, Arata-kun, today they will be taking me. So I have to go."

"Well then, I will be going then. Take care, senpai."

"You as well, Arata-kun."

I stepped out of campus, and there the whole class was waiting. Apparently, I was the MVP of the class.

"Arata-kun, since you are the one who brought the most customers by walking around in your dress...

"I did what?"

"You didn't realise? You were walking in your godlike costume, which is why so many people came to our cafe. So you did marketing without knowing."

Not having awareness is really troublesome.

Now we all get to karaoke to party, but partying is something very displeasing to me. Never really got into it. So I just ate, said my dad was calling, and went home.

Dad was very tired today and went straight to sleep after coming home. It was late, but I couldn't sleep. It was a cool night, so I went out for a walk. That would make me a little too tired to fall asleep quickly. I passed by the café to see how it was going. Maybe a day or two more before it is complete.

I went on walking for half an hour, and now maybe it was time to go home. I've got some more working days, and then it will be winter break.

The next day, dad took out the kotatsu. Since it's already cold, everyone will be sleepy a lot. Dad got a call from work. He got his winter very soon, and it's till the new year's. It was time for my class, so I just went ahead. Dad went to sleep.

It was cold. To be honest, I never wanted to live in such a cold temperature. There wasn't much time before class started, and Senpai was around the gate, taking her muffler off.

"Good morning, senpai. What are you doing?"

"Oh, good morning to you too, Arata-kun."

When I went to take a good look, she was covering a cat with her muffler. It was too cold outside, so she asked a teacher who was on the rounds to take the cat inside for some warmth. He agreed, and we brought the cat in.

"Do you love cats, senpai?"

"Any human would do, but I don't really have the time and expenses to take care of one."

"Do you love them, Arata-kun?"

"I love them, but I am in the same boat as you."

"We will give it to the shelter before going home."

"Alright then, I will go to my class. It's almost Arata-kun."

"You go as well."

The day ended, but we had some work at the club. The new books came yesterday, and we needed to arrange them. Everyone was there, and it took us quite a lot of time, and we were late to take the cat to the shelter. By the time we went to see the cat, it was gone. We thought maybe it was fine and just needed some warmth.

Since it was snowing and the snow piled, we could see its paw marks. The track went on till a small house, and there it was lying happily near the warmth. It was a house cat who was out just for a stroll, and we were stressed out for nothing.

"Arata-kun, let's just go home. I am tired anyway."

Yeah, let's just go home."

"By the way, senpai, you told me you had to tell me something on the day of the school festival."

"Oh right. About that, how about we get something to eat first?

We went to a bakery near the university and got some sweet bread and sandwiches. Then we walked to the park near her home. No one was there, and it was very peaceful.

We started to eat, and then she started talking.

"Do you know why I didn't talk to you?"


"Do you know why I didn't talk to you, Arata-kun?"

"I am sorry, I don't know."

"I promised myself that the boy who talked to me to not die from me, I will find him again and tell him how I feel about him."

"It turned out to be you; I never thought it was going to be you."

"Yeah, it's pretty coincidental. You don't need to tell me anything. I mean, I am different, you know. I am not that person."

"It's not about you being any different, Arata-kun. It doesn't change the fact that you saved me."

"Senpai, you don't need to tell me anything. I am just glad we both are fine."

"Arata-kun… No, Inoue-kun…"

"I love you, Inoue-kun. Will you go out with me?"


"Love? Me? But I am nothing cool; I have no talents, gifts, or knowledge about anything. Then why me?"

"That doesn't matter to me. Inoue-kun, I love you for who you are. Even though I am the same, with no talents or special features. My hair is always so frizzy, I don't have any special traits like other girls, and I don't have much knowledge about anything, but together we can.

"Inoue-kun, I believe in you, so you believe in yourself too. Also, you don't need to answer right away. I said it out of the blue because if I hadn't said it today, I would never be able to tell it to you."

I will be going home then, Inoue-kun. You take your time to answer."

Beet red from telling me all that, she ran for her home. It was very unexpected. I really want to keep her safe but what if i am wrong. Now what should I tell her? Is she really telling the truth? She wouldn't lie to anyone.

What should I do?