Chapter 18:

The Confession: Part Two

The Letters That Heaven Sent

Her confession is always on my mind now. What should my answer be? When is the best time to answer her? These thoughts kept on going, and now it's almost time for the new year. Dad got some decorations to decorate the house, and we decorated the house together. He was busy making lunch afterward, and meanwhile, my room was a mess. So I've got to clean it too.

The café reopened, and we had to come in for a day of work. Everyone was present, and meanwhile, me and her couldn't really look eye to eye. It was very weird, and probably everyone noticed that. Just by looking at them, it was obvious they thought something had happened between us.

"Inoue, why is Senpai not talking to you? It's very unusual, don't you think? Kuro said it in a very sarcastic and taunting way.

"It's nothing; we are talking like we used to."

Oh, is that so? Inoue, I have a friend who is interested in you. She is the girl beside us and really wants to meet you. You will come, won't you?"

"Why would I do that?"

"Why won't you? Unless you have someone else."

"It's not that. I am just not interested. We have a lot of work to do. Go and get ready."

"Tell me by the end of our shifts; I can still arrange a date for you."

"I don't want one. Now just go and work."

When I took a look at her, she was so puffy. Probably angry, but even after my denial

"Senpai, are you fine?"

"Oh. I am fine. You don't need to worry."

She worked the whole day being puffed up, and now it was time for us to eat and go home."

She didn't want to eat any today and just went home. I asked Sato-san to pack her food and mine too, so we could eat together.

She was walking really fast.

"Senpai! Please walk slowly. I am tired and can't walk very fast right now."

She suddenly stopped and asked me

"Do you know who that girl is, Inoue-kun?"

"Kuro did that so he could get the real things from our mouths, and he figured out you would be angry."

"Oh! Sorry… (ehem) I am sorry, Inoue-kun. I was angry for no reason."

"Shall we eat now?

"Senpai, will you come to the new year's shrine visit with me? I don't really have any plans of going anywhere else."

"I would love to go with you, Inoue-kun. Also, I don't know if you noticed, but I am calling you by your first name."

"Since when?"

"When I confessed to you Since then."

We just ate our lunch quietly in the park when she asked me if she could visit mom with me.

"I guess, why not?

We went straight to the hospital, and mom was reading a manga.

"Oh inoue. Come in. Come in."

"How are you doing, mom?"

"I am fine; instead, I might even leave the hospital soon."

"That's great!"

"Inoue, who is this little fairy?"

"She is my senpai from university and work."

"Oh! It's nice to meet you; I am Akane Arata."

"Nice to meet you too. I am Ayaka Miura."

Mom, we are going to the shrine tomorrow. Dad is going to be with you."

"If you need anything, he will be here."

"By the way, are you two going out?"

"What! No mom! She is just a friend."

"Hahaha! Getting blushed over something like this."

"I was just joking. Okay, now you two go home. It will be dark soon, and you shouldn't be out at these times."

"Okay mom. Take care. We will come again tomorrow."

"Bye, Arata-san. It was good meeting you, and hopefully you recover soon."

"Thank you, Miura-San. Will you both hold her for a second?"


She held us both, and this time, something was wrong. I felt like she cried a tear.

"I just wanted to send you off like this. This is what I always do to him."

"If you come tomorrow, I will show you his album from when he was small."

"Okay, now we are going. Bye mom."

"Bye Inoue."

What is this feeling? It's not a good one. Something is going to happen. Or is it just me overthinking? No, something is wrong.

Dropped her off at home. Now it was ready to get things for tomorrow.

The next day, dad got ready to take Senpai and her siblings too. We went walking, as it was not far at all. Also, tonight is when I am going to give her the answer. I thought much about what to do, and this is the most reasonable answer.

The crowd was insane. People from abroad were here too. Now, because we didn't want to be lost in the crowd, we all held hands tightly together. We were holding each other's. Dad went to get something to eat for all of us. We stood for ten minutes, and sadness returned. We all ate and then went to pray. We all prayed together, and the bell rang.

"Good new year's to all of you. Dad said.

We all replied, and then I thought it was about time I said something to her.

Asked dad to see these two for sometime. She wanted to buy something. He agreed, and we went near a small bench and sat.

"Senpai, I am ready to give you the answer."

My heart was beating so fast, and I couldn't understand how to control it.

"Akari-san, I love you." Will you go out with me?"

She suddenly hugged me.

"I love you too."

I then kissed her forehead, and she kissed mine. We then put our foreheads together and just laughed at how silly the moment was.

As we were on our way back, dad called me.

"Inoue, come fast. We need to go to the hospital. I will drop the kids home, and you will drop her. We will meet directly at the hospital."

This feeling was real. It was death.