Chapter 1:

Vol. 1 Ch.1 Adventurers


PrologueBookmark here

This world is said to be beautiful.Bookmark here

Full of life, full of blessings, full of humans, full of beastmen, full of dwarves, full of elves, full of all those other things like mountains, dragons, magic and stuff.Bookmark here

I may say this, but I only knew this world from reading a book in the library. I haven't really gone out and see it yet.Bookmark here

I was not allowed to explore it yet so I haven't done it yet.Bookmark here

Well... I don't really want to explore... I don't really care.Bookmark here

There are things called monsters here.Bookmark here

These monsters are mostly killed by adventurers to gain EXP and Money.Bookmark here

You can't become an adventurer immediately after you are born, you need to turn 15 first.Bookmark here

The monsters are not our enemy, adventurers just hunt them to make themselves stronger in order to gain money or, in some cases, protect the town.Bookmark here

Adventurers can also take quests to gain money or something.Bookmark here

I don't really care about the world, I just want to live my life.Bookmark here

I want to make sure I live.Bookmark here

To live... I need to properly improve my relationship with others, properly improve skills, properly protect myself, and properly gain knowledge.Bookmark here

I don't know why I think like this but maybe I was born like this.Bookmark here

This is a story about me.Bookmark here

Me that might change.Bookmark here

Me that might learn.Bookmark here

Me that might explore.Bookmark here

Me that might Care.Bookmark here

But all of those are just possibilities.Bookmark here

Right now, all I want is to live as long as I can.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes, making them sense light and send electrical impulses to the brain creating an image.Bookmark here

"Happy 5th birthday."Bookmark here

The mayor of this town passing through said to me while I was waking up.Bookmark here

Based on what I heard, today is my birthday.Bookmark here

"What day is today?"Bookmark here

"Today is the 16th day of the 3rd month...."Bookmark here

This is the first time I learned when my birthday was.Bookmark here

I always forget to ask them what day is it when they greet me.Bookmark here

I am 5 years old and I live on the bench on the center of the town in front of the fountain. Bookmark here

I am living through the support of the townspeople.Bookmark here

They provide food for me at 7:00am, 12pm, and 6pm.Bookmark here

I don't know where I came from and for long as I remember I have been living here on this bench.Bookmark here

I spend most of my time in the town library and only go back to the bench to eat and when I need to sleep.Bookmark here

I place my things at the box under the bench which are clean towels, clean pieces of cloth to be used to cover the bench when I sleep, and some clothes. There is also a small analog clock that was said to be powered by magic, so I can monitor the time. Bookmark here

Every night I and take a bath in a small clean lake beside the town with the soap they supply me with.Bookmark here

I also clean my own clothes on that lake, since that lake is connected outside to the river, the water is always clean. Bookmark here

My clothes are 7 pairs of white shirt and 7 pair of black pants and black socks. I'm wearing small black boots that is modified by the tailor whenever they won't fit me anymore.Bookmark here

Before sleeping I place my light gray hoodie jacket that was with me from the day that I was born on top of me as a blanket before I sleep.Bookmark here

After Waking up I would take a magic pill that is provided by the people as well, this pill will clean my mouth and refresh it, it's the same as brushing my teeth, but even better.Bookmark here

This is the everyday routine of my life for as long as I can remember.Bookmark here

I have no name and people have called me 'The kid who lives on the bench in the center of the town'.Bookmark here

There was a place called 'Anima' which is the capital.Bookmark here

They say that Anima was the place where your life starts.Bookmark here

But that is wrong, life starts the day you were born.Bookmark here

I currently live in a certain small town that is a few days on horse from Anima.Bookmark here

This town is called 'Quina'.Bookmark here

This is a story of my life as an adventurer.Bookmark here

But before that, it will be a long prologue of me growing up to be an adventurer.Bookmark here

I'm a person who has black eyes and black hair, which people has called rare, I also hear some people passing saying I have a bad glare, but I don't really think so.Bookmark here

My attire is always a Gray Hoodie Jacket that is also gray on the inside, it's bigger than me so it's up to my shin and the sleeves are loose, inside is a white shirt and black pants. I'm also wearing small black boots for my small feet. The mayor said they were adventurer boots. He made me wear these than normal shoes because it will save more money. An adventurer's boots have more durability than normal shoes or slippers.Bookmark here

This is the start of my story... Time to start my long 10 year prologue.Bookmark here

Chapter 1Bookmark here

AdventurersBookmark here

I'm currently reading a book on a table inside a library.Bookmark here

The current book that I was reading was a book about adventurers and citizens.Bookmark here

"Everybody will be considered either as a citizen or as an adventurer at the age of 15. Those under 15 cannot leave town except for special cases like monster attacks ,terrorist attacks or when the mayor gives special permission. People under 15 are called are called 'minors' and their rights are—"Bookmark here

I reach the parts about being a citizen.Bookmark here

" A citizen is a person over 15 and chose to be a 'citizen'. A citizen can only go to other towns via transportation through carriage or with an adventurer companion. Citizens can only get jobs at towns or cities. A citizen can also switch to being an adventurer only after passing a special test. These special tests are—"Bookmark here

Then the part about adventurer.Bookmark here

"An adventurer is a person who has reached the age of 15 and has chosen to be an 'adventurer'. Adventurers can go out of the city or town anytime. Adventurers have different classes and they start at 'level 0'. The benefits of being an adventurers are—"Bookmark here

I put the book back and got another one.Bookmark here

It's called 'Facts about the town of Quina.'Bookmark here

[The small town of Quina is a town between the Elf City and the Capital Anima. It is rare for adventurers to stay in this city because of the low level monsters around it. If there are adventurers, they are only of low level. The walls are 15 meters high and only has a northern and southern exit. It has a Blacksmith, Tailor, Woodworking shop, and pharmacy. There are also other things that can be found here. The trees in the forest of Quina are well rooted to the ground, the trees cannot be uprooted. When a strong monster will attack, the alarm sounds, stating an emergency. This is rare because there are rarely monsters with high levels found here and they are taken care of the reinforcements from the capital.]Bookmark here

I put the book back to the shelf and got another book which is titled. Bookmark here

'The Old Man who became a Genius'.Bookmark here

"—then the suited man thought the 60 year old illiterate old man how to read and write after seeing how smart this person is and then—"Bookmark here

I thought being able to read or write was inborn to humans?Bookmark here

I stopped reading and went to the librarian on the counter and asked.Bookmark here

The librarian had white hair and grayish white eyes, wore glasses, her hair was tied up looking like there is a ball on the back of her head, she looks like she is 15 years old but because of her hairstyle, color of the hair, and her glasses, she looks older.Bookmark here

"Onee-san, are there people who don't know how to read?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"Then how am I able to read? I don't remember being thought."Bookmark here

"I don't know, but About 2 years ago I saw you go in this library with a young kid adventurer who is an adventurer with a Scholar class. She was showing you books and teaching you stuff. I think she was the one who thought you."Bookmark here

"What did she look like?"Bookmark here

"She was a blonde with blue eyes, about as tall as you now."Bookmark here

She was as tall as me now? Adventurers have ages above 15. I'm only 3.5 feet tall, was she one inch tall when she was born? I think this Librarian is messing with me.Bookmark here

"Are you sure Onee-san? Even though I'm just a kid, I already memorized some books about biology and that size is unlikely...!?" Bookmark here

*Bam!*Bookmark here

Librarian Onee-san slammed the counter then tightly gripped her hand, her face made a murderous expression and spoke in a quiet but scary tone.Bookmark here

"I can never forget that brat, and how she called me babaa..." (Babaa:old lady)Bookmark here

It was confirmed that she was telling the truth.Bookmark here

I fearlessly asked Onee-san a question in order to find clues on that Scholars identity.Bookmark here

"C-C-C-Can you told me how your conversation went."Bookmark here

"She said 'Oi grandma, please give this little boy books about basic life requirements when he comes here'... but im only 22.... im only 22..."Bookmark here

She has tears on the corner of her eyes while talking.Bookmark here

She is 22? She looks way younger.Bookmark here

This librarian is a very gentle person and this is the first time I see her angry.Bookmark here

I noticed that grandma's murderous intent was getting stronger and stronger so I decided to flee.Bookmark here

"O-O-Okay babaa, I will be leaving now!"Bookmark here

I lost consciousness.Bookmark here

I opened my eyes and saw a white ceiling.Bookmark here

I was in a room at the town clinic.Bookmark here

"How are you feeling, are you okay?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I'm fine..."Bookmark here

"Thank goodness... Mayor! 'The kid who lives in the center of the town' has woken up!"Bookmark here

What a ridiculously long name... I'll give myself a shorter name later.Bookmark here

The mayor opened the door and went inside.Bookmark here

"How are you feeling? Do you remember what happened?"Bookmark here

I'm hearing someone was crying outside before he closed the door.Bookmark here

The one crying outside is probably the librarian.Bookmark here

"I remember that the librarian accidentally bumped me, and I slipped and accidentally hit my head in the table."Bookmark here

"But the librarian said that the reason was because she hit you in the head with a large book?"Bookmark here

"No, even though I hit my head, my mind is clear... That beautiful grandm....onee-san is just overreacting and blaming herself of what happened. What happened was all an accident. Please don't blame her..."Bookmark here

"Is that so... then I will tell that to the police, you better not get injured so I can pocket the tax fund... I mean... Take care of yourself!"Bookmark here

This guy...Bookmark here

It seems that when I get injured, it goes to the tax fund.Bookmark here

There were so many things I want to ask about some things he just said but I just want to get out of the clinic so I let it be.Bookmark here

The penalty for hitting a minor when you are a citizen is 10 years in prison, I don't want to feel guilty since I was also at fault. For adventurers its removal of the adventurer title and 30 years in prison.Bookmark here

Now that babaa owes me for saving her from prison.Bookmark here

I was discharged from the clinic this afternoon, as I was going out I saw two people walking.Bookmark here

One was a male holding a bow... He had short blonde hair, and blue eyes. He is wearing an adventurers sleeveless brown cloth armor, blue pants, is wearing brown fingerless gloves and brown boots. He has a quiver on arrows on his back.Bookmark here

The other person is a female that has violet hair and violet eyes. She is wearing a brown long sleeves one piece, is wearing silver metal gauntlets and also silver metal greaves. She has a big shield on her back and a broadsword on her belt.Bookmark here

They both look like teenagers.Bookmark here

I assumed that they are adventurers, I am curious on how they hunt.Bookmark here

I silently followed the two and listened in on their conversation.Bookmark here

"I hope we see that 'Giga Bear' today."Bookmark here

"Uuuhhh why must moi do this kind of work today."Bookmark here

The female spoke in a monotone voice fitting her emotionless expression and the male refers to himself as Moi.Bookmark here

It seems these two are from the capital city 'Anima' which is only a short distance from this town. This means these are adventurers with 'classes'. Bookmark here

I read from the book before that adventurers from level 0 to level 10 are
called 'Novice Adventurers'. Bookmark here

Novice adventurers cannot enter other cities until they reach level 10. When they reach Level 10 they cannot gain any more experience points. Bookmark here

They need to go to the Adventurer's main guild which is located in Anima or other big cities and choose a next class to advance to level 11.Bookmark here

I followed the two adventurers until they reach the southern exit of the town.Bookmark here

They were stopped by a guard. There were two guards stationed on each exit of the town. They are holding weapons, sometimes spears, sometimes swords depending on their specialty. They are guards that inspect the people who enter and leave town.Bookmark here

"Please confirm your levels if you're leaving the town."Bookmark here

The town guard asked the two adventurers to put their hand on the glass sphere he is holding. That sphere is called the 'Level confirmer' if it shows a level it means your an adventurer, if it doesn't it means you're not.Bookmark here

"Confirmed, you may proceed."Bookmark here

The two adventurers then went out to the northern field.Bookmark here

This is no good, it's impossible for me to go through these two guards. They will stop a minor like me from going through.Bookmark here

I gave up in following the two adventurers and I went back into town. Bookmark here

The walls are fifteen meters high so it's impossible for a kid like me to climb and go over... I need to sneak through those guards.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

*knock**knock*Bookmark here

I knocked on the door of a certain houseBookmark here

"I'm so sorry!"Bookmark here

The person who lives in this house is the librarian.Bookmark here

"I can't believe that you would hit a little boy like me."Bookmark here

The librarian opened her eyes that has tears in the edges and looked at me with her eyebrows in slightly in a V shape.Bookmark here

"I-It's your fault for calling me Baba!"Bookmark here

I slightly closed my eyelids and glanced to the left.Bookmark here

"Sigh... Tch, so this is how you thank me after preventing you from going to jail?"Bookmark here

"!?"Bookmark here

She was surprised on about my words for some reasonBookmark here

"Since you owe me, you are required to pay me back."Bookmark here

"You... are you really a 5 year old kid?"Bookmark here

What does that have to do with my age?Bookmark here

"How do I pay you back?"Bookmark here

"I need you to do something for me."Bookmark here

After talking with the babaa, I left her house and went in front of the adventurer guild and waited for the two adventurers from before. It is already night time.Bookmark here

For some reason, that babaa gave of a weird feeling, like her personality is inconsistent... like she's doing her best to stay in character.Bookmark here

The adventurers guild is where the adventurers go and claim their rewards. Bookmark here

It is also a place where adventurers can rent a room for a cheaper price than the town inn, since they were from the capital, they must be staying in the guild.Bookmark here

"Nothing again today."Bookmark here

"Do you want to cancel the quest Aura?"Bookmark here

"If we cancel the quest we will receive a fine, if you want to pay for me, that's fine."Bookmark here

"Why must there be a penalty just for canceling urgent quests anyway?"Bookmark here

"If you accept an urgent quest, other adventurers can't take it. So if we canceled it, it would be a problem to the adventurer's guild. The reason is that we shouldn't have accepted it in the first place and we wasted their time. And why are you complaining? Weren't you the one that said 'Just finding a Giga bear? Ha! This will a breeze for moi godly eye!'"Bookmark here

Unexpectedly, the Onee-san who I thought showed no emotions acted differently when she was impersonating the male adventurer. She impersonated him but her emotionless expression and monotone voice didn't change. I thought it was funny.Bookmark here

"I-I-Im sorry."Bookmark here

"Then pay for my penalty and cancel the quest."Bookmark here

"What?! Why would Moi do that?!!..... wait wait please put the sword down!!!.... Okay! Okay! If we don't find it tomorrow afternoon we will Cancel the quest!"Bookmark here

The male adventurer answered the emotionless female adventurer while shaking in fear.Bookmark here

After hearing the conversation I went to the north east part of the town where the lake was found, took a bath, then slept.Bookmark here

After eating breakfast I went to the library for my daily routine but today I brought lunch with me. Bookmark here

I got the a book from the shelf named 'The different Races of intelligent beings in this World' and went inside the counter and sat beside the librarian.Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Why are you here?"Bookmark here

"I just want to remind what you will do later."Bookmark here

"So... you got lonely reading alone, you should've made friends with me a while ago to quench your loneliness."Bookmark here

"I didn't get lonely."Bookmark here

I have been reading here in this library and this is probably the first time I sat beside her.Bookmark here

I opened the book I had and read it.Bookmark here

"In this world there are many species. Among these species there are intelligent ones. There are five known intelligent species as of now there are 5 known intelligent species. The Humans, Elf, Beastmen, Dwarves, and some of the Demons—"Bookmark here

"Hmm, so you're a loud reader..."Bookmark here

"I'm not."Bookmark here

"So you didn't notice, that you read it orally."Bookmark here

"What? your hearing things! Your hearing things because of old age!"Bookmark here

The librarian closed her fist tightly and I quickly pretended to intensely read the book again pretending not to notice that my life is in danger.Bookmark here

Was I reading aloud? Maybe I subconsciously did it because I was used to reading alone and reading aloud didn't really matter.Bookmark here

I continued reading, this time, I made sure I am reading silently.Bookmark here

[Because there 5 species there are only a few or none of these species are pure today. Most of them have been mixed with different species. Then—]Bookmark here

Well, that's obvious after many generations of course the species will mix.Bookmark here

I continued reading reaching the part about humansBookmark here

[Humans are the species that have a lifespan of 70-100 years, pure Humans have black hair and black eyes. Humans with black hair and black eyes are almost non-existent today because when mixed with different species, the other species traits gets transferred.]Bookmark here

Hmmm? Humans must have inferior evolutionary abilities than other species.Bookmark here

Wait, I have black hair and black eyes... so does that mean I'm pure human?Bookmark here

I continued reading the part about humans and reached an interesting part.Bookmark here

[There are a group of humans who are considered 'Human' but have a little different. These are humans from the 'Moon Clan' that lives in a city called 'Moon Kingdom'. This kingdom is always ruled by the queen then the first born princess will be the next queen.]Bookmark here

Shouldn't it be called 'Moon Queendom?'.Bookmark here

Feeling like I want to hit myself for the stupid joke, I continued reading.Bookmark here

[Moon clansmen have black hair but have different colored eyes. The different color of the eyes are not because of mixing with other species, but something inherited from parents. Their eyes shine when night time comes. Unlike felines or beastmen, this shine is not because they glow in the dark but because they get blessings from the moon. Even if they mix with other races, they still remain 100% human.]Bookmark here

I looked at the clock, it was almost lunch time.Bookmark here

I Scanned the book for only the important parts.Bookmark here

[The Elves are beings with long ears, their hair and eyes are mostly light colored. They excel in Archery. They have longest lifespan among the races with 400 years to live. But only pure elves have this long lifespan. When mixed with another race, it shortens their lifespan into normal lifespan like the other races. Though, some who inherited directly from an pure elf might have a longer lifespan. Currently, there are almost no pure elves in this world.]Bookmark here

[Beastmen are humanoid beings with beast like features. Though, mixed with other races, most only have a few parts of beasts depending on how much an individual has inherited. Beastmen have the best capabilities when it comes to strength and speed. Most beastmen are cat hybrids but there are also beastmen like dog beastmen. There are lesser dog beastmen because the dog beastmen lost the old war thousands of years ago. There are also the rarest beastmen which are the rabbit beastmen because they were cursed—]Bookmark here

I skipped to the dwarves.Bookmark here

[Dwarves are little humanoid beings, though even if they are small, they have improved physical capabilities. They also have an affinity for the earth element. In the past, they are at war with the elves but because of the truce of—]Bookmark here

I skipped to the demons.Bookmark here

[Most Demons are only as intelligent as other monsters. Though, even if this is the case, there is a small kind of demons that are as smart as the other beings. These demons are rare and are mostly dangerous because of the violent nature of their race. Demons have different appearances, some can easily be identified, some cannot be identified. The intelligent demons are the rarest of all demon species. The intelligent demons are powerful and are sometimes referred to as 'Demon Lords'. These Demon Lords usually aren't violent in nature because they are smart and—]Bookmark here

So demons are like a race with some weird looks and a lot of differences. The author of this book is lazy and didn't write the kinds of demons.Bookmark here

Looking at the clock, it's already 12pm.Bookmark here

I returned the book to the shelf, returned to the counter, and ate the lunch I brought with me.Bookmark here

When I ate the librarian spoke.Bookmark here

"Hey, 'Kid that lives in the center of—"Bookmark here

"Don't you guys get tired saying that stupidly long name?"Bookmark here

"Then what should we call you?"Bookmark here

"You can call me 'Kid'"Bookmark here

"Are you sure?"Bookmark here

"What's wrong with it?"Bookmark here

"Nothing... it's just that that... it's kind of rude or something?"Bookmark here

The librarian asked in a worried voice. Aside from being violent, she is always gentle and caring... unless you call her babaa of course.Bookmark here

I want to have a cool name but I haven't thought of any yet... maybe I should be nameless for a while...Bookmark here

Nameless...Bookmark here

"Then... call me 'Nameless'"Bookmark here

"Why Sleepless?" *Japanese(Nemu=Sleep) less is retained.Bookmark here

"Not Sleepless, Nameless."Bookmark here

".....They sound the same."Bookmark here

They don't sound the same. Speak Sheingil properly.Bookmark here

Sheingil is an ancient language that is sometimes used. (Sheingil=English)Bookmark here

The all round global language today is Nippon. (Nippon=Japanese)Bookmark here

It's tradition that the names would be mixed letters from the Sheingil language.Bookmark here

The name I picked, 'Nameless', is from Sheingil language.Bookmark here

"Why Nameless?"Bookmark here

"The reason is obvious right?"Bookmark here

"Well... even though it's kind rude to call you that as well... its more unique than 'Kid' so its fine."Bookmark here

How is 'Nameless' rude? Is it because it's like saying 'You have no identity' or something?Bookmark here

"So what did you want to ask me?"Bookmark here

"Oh right... you have been living in this town for quite a while now, why hasn't anyone taken you in yet? Everyone contributes in feeding you, then why don't they let you stay in a place to live in?"Bookmark here

"Actually, two months ago the tailor lady told me to come live with her. She told the mayor that she will take me in."Bookmark here

"Then, did the mayor allow it?"Bookmark here

"He said to the old lady, 'You are the 5th time that asked me about that, that kid is one of the main attractions of the town, when people from nearby cities hear about a famous homeless kid they go here to give food to the poor kid... of course if there are more visitors, there would be more income!'"Bookmark here

"That mayor!, after lecturing me about the rights of the minor?! I will go to him right now!"Bookmark here

"Oi bab....nee-san, we have something to do later right? kill that mayor later. Why are you always angry lately? Is because of menopause....Stop! stop! That hurts! Do you want to go to jail! ....hey! Cut it out!"Bookmark here

My head got squeezed by the grumpy babaa with her knuckles.Bookmark here

After eating lunch we waited behind a house near the northern entrance and waited for the two adventurers to cross.Bookmark here

"'Hey kid that lives-... I mean... Nameless, why are we doing this?"Bookmark here

"Please shut up and just do your job... Oba-san."Bookmark here

She lifted her fist.Bookmark here

She was about to hit me but resisted the urge to, she didn't want to go to jail.Bookmark here

I saw the two adventurers on their way to the entrance.Bookmark here

"Okay, time to start. Count to 60 then scream, okay?"Bookmark here

"Fine..."Bookmark here

After the two adventurers exit the entrance I ran to the tailor store which is near the northern entrance.Bookmark here

And after five minutes.Bookmark here

"Kyaaa!!!! HELP!!!!"Bookmark here

After hearing the scream one of the two guards went to the direction of the scream, which was the location of Babaa.Bookmark here

Well done Babaa.Bookmark here

Then after a few seconds.Bookmark here

"AAAAAAH!!!"Bookmark here

Another scream came from another direction.Bookmark here

It was a scream from the daughter of the tailor lady.Bookmark here

The guard that was left went to the lady leaving no one to guard the entrance.Bookmark here

Security in this town is so easygoing.Bookmark here

When the second guard went to the tailor shop, I ran to the entrance. While running to the entrance I heard them talking.Bookmark here

"What's wrong ma'am?!"Bookmark here

"SOMEONE TOUCHED MY BUTTT! and don't call me ma—"Bookmark here

I didn't have time to listen to their conversation.Bookmark here

Operation complete.Bookmark here

Why are females uncomfortable when touching their butts? Bookmark here

I'll say this as early as now, but after I grew up. I found out the reason why... and I considered this as one of the successes I had in my life because I was able to collect more knowledge.Bookmark here

After sneaking out I spotted the two adventurers walkingBookmark here

I run to them and hid. I followed them while not being seen. I need to stick to them so that I won't be killed by some random monster.Bookmark here

As they walk they one-shotted every monster in the area... It was expected. I read that the monsters around this town are only level 1 to 10, the 'Giga bear' they were hunting was not in this towns monster list I recalled that I read from a book before, which means it's a high level monster that somehow made it into this area. Maybe that is the reason for the 'Urgent Quest'.Bookmark here

"Sigh... all moi see are these Mini bears, Charge dogs, parabees, and giant toads! Were the hell is that bear!"Bookmark here

"Calm down Jack, we've been only hunting for an hour"Bookmark here

"Sigh... Why am moi here in the first place?"Bookmark here

The female adventurer looked at the boy with a ice cold emotionless stare with a hint of murderous intent then the boy answered while shakingBookmark here

"I-It's moi fault... Moi am sorry...."Bookmark here

After a walking for 20 minutes there we're no monsters to be found... then they stopped, the male archer went underneath a tree with his face suddenly serious.Bookmark here

"We haven't seen a single monster for a while now... I feel that we are getting nearer... Aura, please stand guard, I will use my hawk's eye to look at the surroundings."Bookmark here

"Roger."Bookmark here

The atmosphere between the two suddenly changed, I was behind a bush near them. I didn't move so they won't find me out. The archer then suddenly dropped from the tree.Bookmark here

"I see it, direction is 2:13, 1743 meters from us, it is eating fruits from the trees"Bookmark here

How could he estimate such exact coordinates! With these many trees that should be impossible.Bookmark here

"Could you shoot him from here?"Bookmark here

"Yes, there are no obstructions for the arrow if I shoot from here"Bookmark here

"Okay, here is the plan. I will go near it, I will need 300 seconds to prepare... after 300 seconds shoot it."Bookmark here

"Roger" Bookmark here

I remembered this guy said before that 'It's Just a Giga Bear its easy!' or something like that... then why is he so serious now? Is it really easy?Bookmark here

"Start counting after a say start..."Bookmark here

The swordsman went to running position then.Bookmark here

"Start!"Bookmark here

The swordsman run in a direction north of us... and the archer posed in a kneeling position.Bookmark here

"<Hunting Mode>!"Bookmark here

'Hunting mode'? Is he one of those weirdoes who shout the moves of their favorite heroes?Bookmark here

After 300 seconds the archer fired an arrow.Bookmark here

"ROOOARRRR!!"Bookmark here

I could hear a roar of a creature and hear sounds of it charging towards the archer.Bookmark here

"<Ankle Slash>!"Bookmark here

The swordsman did a surprise attack to the bear who was running towards the archer. This girl is shouting in a Monotone voice.Bookmark here

I can understand this archer shouting moves, but why is that swordsman onee-san also shouting moves?Bookmark here

The archer fired again.Bookmark here

"<Head Shot>!"Bookmark here

"ROAAARR!!"Bookmark here

"Ankle Slash duration is almost over! I will use taunt and run tactic in 2 seconds.... <Taunt>!"Bookmark here

I could hear the sounds of the swordsman's shield's clang, I assume it is because the bear is attacking her and she is using her shield to block it.Bookmark here

"<Head Shot>!"Bookmark here

"Roar!!"Bookmark here

"Turning off Blocking."Bookmark here

After running back a few steps she recasted.Bookmark here

"<Blocking>!"Bookmark here

The cycle repeated for a few times, I could also hear the footsteps and roar of the bear closer and closer. Bookmark here

It seems the swordsman is taking a hit then running towards the direction of the archer, then taunting again, this is probably to minimize damage.Bookmark here

Why is she running towards the archer? Shouldn't she be going on another way so the monster won't reach him? Maybe she is heading towards the archer to avoid obstruction of the trajectory.Bookmark here

"ROOOOAAAAR!!"Bookmark here

I saw a figure from where I am.Bookmark here

Wait, how could he call it 'just a Giga Bear' again that thing is huge!!!Bookmark here

I looked at the bear who is 4 meters high which is bipedal. If that thing attacks the town it would be a disaster!Bookmark here

"Aura! If you move back any further, I won't be able to shoot at it anymore!"Bookmark here

"Okay, commencing battle mode!"Bookmark here

'Commencing battle mode', sounds like a line from a fictional bookBookmark here

The swordsman threw her shield to the side and wielded her sword with her two hands and started slashing the bear.Bookmark here

"Roaaar!!!"Bookmark here

"<Arrow shower>!"Bookmark here

"<Heavy Slash>!"Bookmark here

"Roaaarr!!"Bookmark here

Holy shit I feel like laughing loudly... No, no... this is a serious situation... Maybe shouting the moves gives adventurers boost in physical capabilities or something... but still... damn this is too funny...Bookmark here

"Fufufu."Bookmark here

Whenever the bear hits the swordsman with its claws, the swordsman dodged, or if she couldn't dodge she would block it with her sword.Bookmark here

After a while one of the bears legs collapsedBookmark here

"Now Jack!"Bookmark here

"Final Shot of Death, <Carving Shot>!"Bookmark here

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!....fu...fufuuufu....."Bookmark here

I couldn't contain it and laugh loud, then I covered my mouth while holding back my laughter.Bookmark here

I laughed because a grown man shouting 'Final Shot of Death' with a serious face looks like a man who is imagining that he is a character in a fiction book.Bookmark here

The bear got hit on the chest and died. The archer looked in my direction after killing the Giga Bear, good thing I was hidden in the bush.Bookmark here

"........Was it moi imagination?"Bookmark here

"Jack, I know you're weird, but why would you laugh in front of the enemy? "Bookmark here

"What? It was not moi!"Bookmark here

"I thought you get serious when fighting..."Bookmark here

"No, really!! It was not moi!!!"Bookmark here

"You still gonna push it? Who else is here?"Bookmark here

"No really!!! Ahhh... forget it!"Bookmark here

"Not only that what the heck is 'Final Shot of Death'?"Bookmark here

So it was not part of the 'Skill'?Bookmark here

"It makes Moi skill stronger!"Bookmark here

"Why am I stuck with this useless Narcissist..."Bookmark here

This girl's emotionless and monotone voice doesn't fit her personality for some reason.Bookmark here

If that guy used his 'Hawk's Eye!' on this direction I would have been caught.Bookmark here

The two then walked back to town as I followed them secretly.Bookmark here

I was dark when we reached town.Bookmark here

After the adventurers went inside town I realized that I forgot something really important.Bookmark here

"How will I return without being caught?"Bookmark here

I recalled that the guards change shift when night came.Bookmark here

Maybe there is an opening when it happensBookmark here

I waited for it and two guards came and approached the current shift guards...and beside them there was a girl.Bookmark here

The girl had long black hair that extended up to her waist and also black eyes.Bookmark here

I thought people with black hair and black eyes are rare? I already met one and I am one as well. Bookmark here

Even though she was a kid, she didn't give a cute atmosphere but more of a beautiful atmosphere... maybe because she was showing a serious face.Bookmark here

She was wearing a chainmail version of a knights armor with plated shoulders and gauntlets.Bookmark here

But looking at her... why do I feel like I am connected to this person? Is it because she's pure human like me? Is she some kind of long lost sister or something?Bookmark here

There is no way to find out, I shouldn't worry about it. Maybe pure humans aren't as rare as the books said it to be.Bookmark here

The two guards talked to the guards that currently arrived.Bookmark here

"You guys are late..."Bookmark here

"Sorry... we were convincing Vas-chan here that night shift would be more dangerous so she should just go with the day shift tomorrow, but she said that she wants to learn how nightshift knights work."Bookmark here

"Vas-chan... all i can say that the difference between day and nightshift guards is that nightshifts just sleep on the job... watching them might have bad influence on a apprentice knight like you."Bookmark here

""Oi.""Bookmark here

As they were talking I put my back backwards towards the entrance.Bookmark here

I took a position which look like I'm going outside and waited for them to see me.Bookmark here

This was so that when they see me they will not think that I just went outside and not from outside.Bookmark here

"Oi kid, where are you going?"Bookmark here

"I just wanted to look at what monsters look like!"Bookmark here

"No, do you want to get hurt? You need to be an adventurer to go out of town. Go back to town."Bookmark here

"Sigh, when will I ever get to see real monsters!"Bookmark here

It was a success!Bookmark here

They thought I was going out and stopped me but I was actually returning.Bookmark here

As I went past the knights the girl stopped by my side and whispered.Bookmark here

"That look... I will shut my mouth, at least your safe...don't do it again."Bookmark here

When she said that I looked at my body and noticed that it was full of dirt and leaves.Bookmark here

Good thing that this girl was the only one that noticed it... Those guards sure suck at their jobs... that girl looked strict but it seems like she was kind. Bookmark here

But those knights really are just messing around, that girl did a better job than them.Bookmark here

I stalked the two adventurers and saw them go inside the adventurers guild, I listened in on their conversation from a table as the two talk to the guild receptionist.Bookmark here

"We successfully killed the Giga Bear."Bookmark here

"Please put your hand on the sphere and say your name."Bookmark here

"Aura."Bookmark here

The crystal sphere glowed a skyblue light for a few seconds and went back to normal.Bookmark here

The receptionist looked at a Cube shaped magic device. Bookmark here

I read about this device before and it is called 'Monitor'. When connected to the sphere, the monitor would show the levels and skills of the adventurers. This is also used to confirm if the adventurer, solo or party, has killed the target.Bookmark here

"Confirmed, here is your current status"Bookmark here

The receptionist gave the female swordsman a scroll.Bookmark here

"I would like to check mine too."Bookmark here

"Please put your hand on the sphere and say your name"Bookmark here

"Moi name is God's Archer!"Bookmark here

"".........""Bookmark here

"...Jack."Bookmark here

".......Here is your status......"Bookmark here

After the receptionist and the emotionless adventurer looked him with poker faces, he mentioned his name normally to activate the crystal.Bookmark here

The crystal glowed for a moment then went out like before then the receptionist gave him a scroll.Bookmark here

"I leveled up! I'm now level 19!"Bookmark here

"You can receive the reward money tomorrow at any town guilds"Bookmark here

"Jack, lets return to Anima tomorrow"Bookmark here

"At last this pain of a quest is over!"Bookmark here

I learned a lot about adventurers this day. Bookmark here


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