Chapter 2:

Vol. 1 Ch. 2 The Potion Genius


Chapter 2Bookmark here

The Potion GeniusBookmark here

"I should look for a job."Bookmark here

"Are you really a 5 year old?"Bookmark here

"You already said that before, sound like a broken recorder, I guess old people really repeat stories."Bookmark here

"If I ever go to jail... the reason will be killing a certain 5 year old."Bookmark here

"Sorry."Bookmark here

I can't believe a gentle person like this would say that... maybe I should lessen the bullying.Bookmark here

I was talking to the librarian while reading a book inside the counter beside her. It is currently 10:30 in the morning.Bookmark here

"Why would you want to get a job?"Bookmark here

"I only live through food given by the townspeople. I don't really care if I can live my whole life like this, but these people will stop giving me food once I stopped being considered a kid. I need to learn how to earn money before that time comes."Bookmark here

"You're so young your thinking about your future already? I think you're just a old man pretending to be a little boy?."Bookmark here

"Decreasing our age gap won't make you younger babaa."Bookmark here

*WHAM!*Bookmark here

The scary babaa suddenly slammed a book on the table. She then breathes with rage and closes her eye trying to control herself. Looking at the book it's an encyclopedia which looks like it can be used to kill monsters... I should stop teasing this person before she kills me.Bookmark here

After an hour she calms down.Bookmark here

"Sorry."Bookmark here

"I'm not angry."Bookmark here

".........So berserker-san, what should I do to earn money?"Bookmark here

"Berserker-san?!"Bookmark here

"Hey, it's a cool name, would rather be called bab--.... Nevermind!"Bookmark here

I stopped in the middle of the sentence as the berserker looked at me with murderous intent.Bookmark here

"Let's see, it's illegal for a minor to be doing labor, so it would be impossible to gain money doing jobs. I think it's better if you practice skills that will lead to a job when you reach 15."Bookmark here

The Berserker brought out a whole pad paper and pen from under the counter and started drawing on it.Bookmark here

"Here... A map of Quina, you can keep the paper and pen... you might use it in the future."Bookmark here

The berserker handed me a hand drawn map with the pad paper and the pen.Bookmark here

*Author Note: Map = (H=Houses)Bookmark here

"I'm surprised, berserker-san can give good advice."Bookmark here

"I have a name you know..."Bookmark here

"Yeah I know your name."Bookmark here

"Really?"Bookmark here

"Yeah... your name is Librarian-san."Bookmark here

"No! its Aceilette!"Bookmark here

"Who cares? your just an extra anyway."Bookmark here

"What do you mean an extra?!"Bookmark here

Aceilette huh? Such a nice name does not fit an over aged librarian berserker... well, normally she is gentle though... or... I don't know...Bookmark here

"Wait, if a minor can't do work how do orphans with no guardians get food? I think I'm the only person in the world where people hand out food on a specific time of the day."Bookmark here

"If minors do not have any guardians, it is the mayor's duty to take them in. The mayor can take money from the tax funds for taking care of them. They are required to feed them, give them shelter, and make them go to school."Bookmark here

What about me? Where did the funds for me go?Bookmark here

One day I will take that mayor to court.Bookmark here

As lunch came a went to my bench to eat... and as always there was always food there for me.Bookmark here

While I was eating I saw the two adventurers I saw yesterday passing by.Bookmark here

Gulped everything in one go then I approached the two.Bookmark here

"Aura-nee... how much did you receive from that Giga Bear quest?"Bookmark here

"Wait, how do you know about that? and how do you know my name?"Bookmark here

"I am the 'Kid who lives in the bench at the center of the town' truth is, I am a supreme being that has the power of clairvoyance."Bookmark here

And of course that is a lie.Bookmark here

"Oh is that so?"Bookmark here

"Hey kid! do you know moi name?"Bookmark here

"Of course 'teenager who has trouble separating fiction and reality' your name is Jack."Bookmark here

Aura showed a smile despite being the 'emotionless girl character' and said.Bookmark here

"This little guy is legit."Bookmark here

"So Onee-san, how much did you get from the quest?"Bookmark here

"Can't you use your 'power of clairvoyance' to find out?Bookmark here

"My power won't work when I am asleep, it seems you got your reward while I was sleeping. Also, I can only peek into present and future, not the past."Bookmark here

"Hmmmm, is that so? We got 61000 varas total, 1000 from the bear and the item we got from it then the 60000 is the reward of the 'Urgent Quest'."Bookmark here

Varas is the name this worlds currency. It was said to be taken from goddess of money which is Varasiel.

"Is a Giga bear a boss monster?"Bookmark here

There are monsters that are considered as a boss monster. Seeing the Giga bear made me think that it was a boss monster.Bookmark here

"A giga bear is a common monster. It is a level 25 monster. Sometimes, monsters suddenly appear on wrong places, the guild gives away urgent quests which have higher rewards than normal quests to manage the monster locations and ecosystem when things go wrong."Bookmark here

"Use your powers to see moi godly future!"Bookmark here

"Jack-san, I can see your future... It seems that a certain emotionless girl will become your... Nevermind!"Bookmark here

I decided to rephrase my sentence because for some reason, I noticed Aura gave off a killing intent even though her facial expression didn't change at all.Bookmark here

In the history of our world, I read that there are more violent men than women... but why do I feel that the books were lying? Aren't women more violent?Bookmark here

After saying goodbye, the two of them left.Bookmark here

61,000 varas eh? I could live with meals 3 times a day for 3 months with that amount.Bookmark here

Is defeating a monster really hard? I would test this later. I will try to hunt a level 0 monster 'Mini Bear'.Bookmark here

Since I am not an adventurer and is a weak kid, I would probably die if I won't be extra careful even if it is the weakest monster of all.Bookmark here

I went to the library and researched about this monster.Bookmark here

I picked up the monster encyclopedia and started reading.Bookmark here

[Monster levels should not be compared to adventurer levels. A monster level is comparable to three adventurers. Meaning a level 5 monster's difficulty average is it being beaten by three level 5 adventurers.]Bookmark here

What? Is that true?! I'm not even an adventurer yet... should I really do this? And... that guy said he was only level 19, then how did they beat it if they said it was level 25?Bookmark here

........maybe they're just good?Bookmark here

I looked at the table of contents.Bookmark here

"Let's see... here it is, Mini Bear."Bookmark here

I flipped the monster encyclopedia to the Mini bear sectionBookmark here

[Mini Bear]
[Weight: 50kg]
[Size: Height:1 meter, Length: 0.5 meters]Bookmark here

"'A Small bear is an air-headed monster that is docile in nature. It will not notice you even if you walked passed it. It will not attack unless attacked first. Though if you have engaged in combat with it. It will instantly know your whereabouts and chase you until it dies. Even if you run away, it will remember your scent when you return and will attack you.' Berserker-san, you want me to call you Mini Bear?"Bookmark here

"It's cute, I'm fine with it."Bookmark here

"I think I will still call you Berserker-san."Bookmark here

"............."Bookmark here

I continued reading.Bookmark here

"'This monsters favorite food are white herbs, there is a rumor that when it eats 10,000 white herbs. It will transform into a more level 25 monster called Giga Bear' Neh, if I feed you 10,000 white herbs will you become a 'Giga Berserker'?"Bookmark here

This time she didn't get angry but she looked like she was about to cry.Bookmark here

"Hey, dont cry!"Bookmark here

"I'm not crying!"Bookmark here

As she wipes the liquid on the edges of her eye which according to her were not tears.Bookmark here

So that 'Giga Bear' was a small bear that ate 10,000 white herbs? I wonder how rare these white herbs are.Bookmark here

"Why are you reading about monsters?"Bookmark here

The berserker suddenly asked me a question.Bookmark here

"I have been here for so long, and I read so many different books about monsters before, why are you just asking me this now?"Bookmark here

"For some reason I feel something is different about you today."Bookmark here

"....Lolicon."Bookmark here

"Why?!"Bookmark here

Does she knows what I am planning later? That is impossible. With this animal instinct to detect that, she is definitely a berserker.Bookmark here

After reading I went to the shelf then returned the book and picked up a different book called 'The origin of the Adventurer's blessing'.Bookmark here

I returned back to the counter then opened the book and read quietly.Bookmark here

[Adventurer's blessing can also be called Yawsiel's blessing. It is one of the blessing that goddess Yawsiel said to be giving, there are others like world blessing— The reason why you can only be an adventurer when you get 15 is because you will only be allowed to get the 'Adventurers Blessing' when you are 15 years old or above. There are some exceptions which are people who receive it at birth which are the Moon Clansmen.— A party can be formed by adventurers, making them share the exp they receive, this exp involves casting buffs, heals—The maximum number of party members per party is four, this is because of the limitation of the blessing which is responsible of the shared—]Bookmark here

"Hihihi."Bookmark here

I heard a chuckle from my side.Bookmark here

"Hey why are you laughing?"Bookmark here

"No, it's just I thought you really are a kid."Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"Well... when you were reading the monster book you were reading aloud, now you are reading quietly..."Bookmark here

"Hmmmm is that so?"Bookmark here

I just decided to keep quiet and just accepted the fact that I was doing them unconsciously... It was a waste of time thinking about that. She already told me about that yesterday so why is she repeating it?Bookmark here

I finished reading the book and I went out the library then back to my bench to collect my what I read in the library.Bookmark here

I have learned many things about adventurers.Bookmark here

I read three important things about it.Bookmark here

First is that adventurer's blessings gives adventurers improved physical capabilities.Bookmark here

Second is that it gives them the 'Status' and 'Skill' blessing.Bookmark here

Third is that it makes them able to use magic and mana.Bookmark here

I also read other things about it like 'the things you do before you become an adventurer will affect your starting stats stats' or 'you sometimes earn skills upon becoming a level 0 adventurer depending on what you did before you become an adventurer'.Bookmark here

Maybe that is the reason why Aura-nee and the Moi-guy was able to defeat the bear. Maybe they got higher starting stats than others.Bookmark here

I also learned that 'Citizens' can use mana too but not magic. They have a different set of skills they can learn compared to the adventurers.Bookmark here

After reading the book I now think that defeating a Level 0 Monster Mini Bear will be difficult because I don't have the blessing and I don't have equipment.Bookmark here

While thinking I also thought about something.Bookmark here

"Why did I suddenly become curious about being an adventurer?"Bookmark here

It is a question that I have asked myself before.Bookmark here

Being an adventurer is only one out of the many jobs out there.Bookmark here

In this town there are jobs that help the adventurers like the blacksmith, the tailor, the pharmacy, and the woodworker.Bookmark here

There are also other jobs like those people working at a construction site at the southwest part of the town. And also the people riding the carriages.Bookmark here

I have many opportunities, why would I want to be an adventurer?Bookmark here

I'll think about it later, first, I'll get those jobs.Bookmark here

I decided to check them out.Bookmark here

First I went to the blacksmith.Bookmark here

The blacksmith was a big guy full of muscles... and he is wearing a blacksmith's apron with brown colored hair and beard. He has orange eyes.Bookmark here

"Hey mister, can I get a job?"Bookmark here

"Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh if it isn't the kid that-"Bookmark here

"You can call me Nameless."Bookmark here

"....Hahahahahahahahaha! Oh if it isn't Nameless!"Bookmark here

"You didn't have to repeat what you just said."Bookmark here

"I didn't, there were less Ha on the second one."Bookmark here

After this exchange, I am suddenly reluctant to work here. I am being stressed out right now and I haven't even applied yet.Bookmark here

"Mister... can I get a job?Bookmark here

"You can't, kid... you are a minor are you not?. I don't want to go to jail."Bookmark here

"But I sometimes see your son helping out with metal working."Bookmark here

When I pass by this area... I sometimes see a teenager about the age of 13, which is a minor, helping this man with his work.Bookmark here

"Well, it's because he's my son and he won't complain about it even if he gets hurt. I also sense an ambition with the youth!"Bookmark here

It seems that this guy looks at something like 'Ambition' or something... I have to convince him through that method.Bookmark here

"I have ambition too! If you let me, I will show it to you!"Bookmark here

"Well... even if you say that I can't, the mayor said 'Don't let that kid get hurt or else we would have to pay for his medical fees.. I mean... I am worried about that kid!... and it would be a problem to decrease the tax funds...and that would mean... nevermind!' That mayor of ours sure is a weird guy."Bookmark here

That damn mayor... is he dumb or is he really letting his tongue slip on purpose to annoy me?Bookmark here

"I won't get hurt! I don't care even if I burden you, I will become a great blacksmith! So let me help and make me learn!"Bookmark here

"So you would even burden other people just to become a blacksmith eh? Hahahaha I like the flame in you boy! Okay I will let you work! But you need to grow up first, comeback after you grow up!"Bookmark here

"What do you mean 'after you grow up'? I want it now!"Bookmark here

"Even if you say that, I can't because your too young or the reason is your too small even to teach... my son started when he was 10."Bookmark here

"Okay fine... I will come back in 3 years I will be 8 that time."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? You adjust the required age? Hahahaha! You really are motivated boy! Okay then come back in 3 years!"Bookmark here

It looks like I convinced him, this guy is too easy.Bookmark here

I went to the tailor.Bookmark here

Inside the shop I saw that there were two sides.Bookmark here

One was selling normal clothes bought by anyone.Bookmark here

The other side was selling equipment for adventurers like bags, boots, caps and other things.Bookmark here

There were two people inside the shop.Bookmark here

One was an old lady and the other was a female teenager who had long yellow hair with green eyes.Bookmark here

Upon seeing the teenager I remembered that I have touched her butt the other day.Bookmark here

I talked to the old lady who was in the counter.Bookmark here

"Madame, can I get a job at this place?"Bookmark here

"Hmmmm okay then, I'll teach you the basics."Bookmark here

"Really? okay then... but... wouldn't it be inconvenient to you? I am a minor after all..."Bookmark here

What the hell am I saying? I am already accepted and I am giving her reasons to not accept me.Bookmark here

"It's okay, If it's just sewing, you can help... Alex here started at the age of 4."Bookmark here

"Okay then... I thought you wouldn't accept me because I am a minor and also... the mayor has said to the other shops to don't make me do anything dangerous."Bookmark here

"Hmmm the mayor eh? he's always like that. Though I should normally say that he's just worried about you, I suspect he's more worried about losing his dirty money."Bookmark here

It seems like this lady is someone who is familiar with that guys actions.Bookmark here

"Your previous statement says that you went to other jobs for work right? Are you applying for multiple jobs?"Bookmark here

"....Yes"Bookmark here

Was that a wrong move?Bookmark here

"If that is the case, go try applying to other shops you and fix your schedule. I will just adjust myself to that schedule."Bookmark here

"Really is that really okay?"Bookmark here

"Yes of course... I would be glad to help you... if only I could take you in... I would've done it years ago if it was not because of that stupid mayor."Bookmark here

This person is a really kind person.Bookmark here

Come to think of it... my clothes and my towel are always resized when I get bigger... is she the one making that?Bookmark here

"I'm just curious... are you the one always providing me with new clothes and the one provided me with the gray jacket?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I am the one who gave you those clothes, but for that jacket... I was not the one who made that. That jacket was always with you from the start."Bookmark here

Always with me from the start... so when was that Start? And where did that hoodie jacket come from? Well... I don't really care.Bookmark here

"Thank you for always giving me clothes... Also I would be taking up your offer on the training."Bookmark here

Come to think about it I haven't told her my name yetBookmark here

"One more thing... My name is now Nameless"Bookmark here

"... did you pick that name yourself?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"Then it's okay, Good bye Nameless."Bookmark here

It looked like she didn't like the name but then she didn't say anything about it... What a considerate person.Bookmark here

I went to the woodworking shop.Bookmark here

When I entered I saw someone cutting a large piece of wood with a saw.Bookmark here

The wood maker was an old man with gray hair, gray beard, and red eyes. He was small, maybe he has dwarf blood. He was an old man but he still looks healthy and strong.

"Can I get a job?"Bookmark here

"Okay, first help at the construction site and help with the construction."Bookmark here

"Umm... so I have been employed?"Bookmark here

"Yes, yes... go to the construction site. "Bookmark here

"...Okay then... my name is Nameless, I'll be in your care..."Bookmark here

"Yeah, yeah..."Bookmark here

What was that? Did that mean I can go anytime? He didn't even look at me when he talked to me... didn't he notice I was a minor? I guess old people really are grumpy... Well... that's okay... I'll just go to that construction site.Bookmark here

The last one was the pharmacy.Bookmark here

The shop was only a small portion of the building.Bookmark here

The building has two floors.Bookmark here

I was about to go inside but before I grabbed the doors handle---Bookmark here

*BOOOOOOOOOM!*Bookmark here

"Gaaaaah! I failed again! It looks like I have to be serious now!"Bookmark here

There was suddenly an explosion on the second floor and I heard someone screaming. The voice was that of a little girl.Bookmark here

Seeing this I became scared to go inside... Do I have to do something that will result in that...Bookmark here

But I need to find a good job for myself for the future, so I need to do this!Bookmark here

As I motivated myself I went inside the store.Bookmark here

I saw a lady behind the counter that has Brown hair and purple eyes. She looked like she was 25-30 years old. She is wearing a maroon colored top clothing with white in the middle and a long white skirt.Bookmark here

I went in front of the counter.Bookmark here

"Hmmm? yes do you need something? Ah... it's the ki-"Bookmark here

"I have a name now and its Nameless."Bookmark here

"Why hello Nameless-kun... what brings you here today?"Bookmark here

"Actually I am searching for jobs... I already got some but can I apply to this store?"Bookmark here

"Well... actually you first need to have good knowledge about potions before you can do it."Bookmark here

Another one about training or something huh? It looks like right now, I can only gain money through that construction thing.Bookmark here

"You need to read and understand many books about what and the amount of materials to put into a potion and also on how to actually create it, you would need a lot of reading... or else something bad will happen..."Bookmark here

" the reason for that explosion was because someone inexperienced was making a potion?"Bookmark here

"Ah that? no... That was Xeline, my daughter... She is just trying to create a new type of potion so she is mixing many different—"Bookmark here


"Aaaaaah! It turned into some jelly! The results weren't as I expected but this is a new formula Hahahah! This is still a Success! A great potion has been created again!"Bookmark here

There was a sound from the second floor... BLOB BLOB.... and a girl was shouting exitedly.Bookmark here

"Uhmmm.... is it okay for someone to just randomly mix something and cause so many unsual effects?"Bookmark here

"No no no, that girl isn't just randomly mixing stuff... she is accurately mixing some ingredients... it might sound like she is messing around but she has great knowledge about potions."Bookmark here

"So she is smart?"Bookmark here

"She is a genius. She memorized all the books about Potion Knowledge and Potion Making in just the age of 4, I only learned them at—"Bookmark here

Thud thud thud thud.Bookmark here

Someone rushed down the stairsBookmark here

It's a little girl... She is smaller than me, her hair and eyes were red and her hair is done into twin tails. She is wearing a white one-piece with that is up to her knees with one strap on each shoulder.Bookmark here

She ran to the door behind the counter with her arms extended to her side and the fingers in her hands are open like she was playing.Bookmark here

"Oh that was Xeline... She is currently 5 years old, she had her birthday 3months ago... So you and her are of the same age so you would go along with her just fine."Bookmark here

So she is a little older than me huh?Bookmark here

Our topic is heading towards discussion about that girl so I decided to change it and get down to business.Bookmark here

"About the job..."Bookmark here

"Ah, yes... First you need to read books about potions. For now, you should go here around 6:00, my daughter will teach you how to mix potions."Bookmark here

Nooooo! I don't want to get involved with that crazy girl!Bookmark here

"U-uhmmm isn't she busy with creating potions?"Bookmark here

"Ah, no. The one that will teach you is her older sister... Roxelle"Bookmark here

Oh! Thank goodness!Bookmark here

"So what are these books? I'm always in the library so I can always read it."Bookmark here

"These books cannot be found in a library because they are confidential and are only given to pharmacy stores or schools focused on pharmacy and alchemy."Bookmark here

"So where can I find those books?"Bookmark here

"Oh they are in—"Bookmark here

"I'm Hoooome!"Bookmark here

A girl entered the room through the entrance behind me, I turned around and looked at her.Bookmark here

She had red hair and violet eyes, she had hair with length up to her shoulders. She was wearing a blazer and inside was a red polo with a black necktie and a red skirt with black stripes. Bookmark here

This is the school uniform of the school in Quina.Bookmark here

"Welcome home!"Bookmark here

"Oh, its..."Bookmark here

"I have a name now... and its 'Nameless'"Bookmark here

".... its Center-chan!"Bookmark here

I just told this girl my name and she already made a mistake.Bookmark here

"I'm Roxelle! It's nice to meet you"Bookmark here

"Roxelle, teach this boy wants to learn how to make potion, can you teach him how?"Bookmark here

"Okay then! If that's the case, You should call me..."Bookmark here

"Senpai? Sensei?"Bookmark here

"Onee-chan!"Bookmark here

Why should I call her onee-chan? she's not my sister right?Bookmark here

"We'll then senpai... I'll be in your—"Bookmark here

"Onee-chan!"Bookmark here

"Uhmm..."Bookmark here

"Call me Onee-chan!"Bookmark here

"........"Bookmark here

"If you don't, I will not teach you!"Bookmark here

"Then I will be in your care... o-onee-chan."Bookmark here

"Okay then! Center-chan!"Bookmark here

Roxelle.... Onee-chan hugged me from the front while smiling brightly. It seems she decided to call me 'Center-chan'.Bookmark here

"So about the books..."Bookmark here

"Ah, yes, they're in the back... I'll show them to you. Come inside the counter."Bookmark here

"Is it okay for a stranger like me to read those? Aren't they confidential?"Bookmark here

"It's fine, I don't really mind."Bookmark here

"Okay then."Bookmark here

"Roxelle, go fix yourself up first."Bookmark here

"Haaaai."(Yeeees).Bookmark here

Roxelle went upstairs.Bookmark here

Me and the pharmacist went inside the door at the back of the counter.Bookmark here

They refer to the room on the back on the counter as 'The Back'.Bookmark here

'The Back' had shelves leaned on the right wall and on the other spaces there were bottles and some stacked up boxes that has maybe ingredients to the potions. Bookmark here

There I saw the crazy girl from earlier collecting many different materials.Bookmark here

"These are the books that you will read... ah wait I forgot something, I'll go upstairs for a while."Bookmark here

The pharmacist went out the door and I was left with the crazy girl.Bookmark here

When I looked at her direction and she was reaching something up on a ledge.Bookmark here

It was a bottle with dark blue liquid.Bookmark here

I don't want to get involved so I'll just wait for her to give up.Bookmark here

I turned to the shelf and reached for a book but before my hand reached I heard something.Bookmark here

Cling cling cling.Bookmark here

I turned around, I saw the girl stacking glass bottles used for storing liquid and is about to step on them as platforms.Bookmark here

"Wait stop! stop! you crazy girl!"Bookmark here

The girl put her foot down on the floor off the bottles and faced me.Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"If you stepped on those glasses, they will break!"Bookmark here

"They won't break, I have already calculated that they won't break even if I step on them... Don't call something crazy because you see something irregular but investigate it with curiosity and create hypotheses for it."Bookmark here

The girl faced the bottle she was trying to reach again.Bookmark here

"Sigh... this is why I hate stupid kids"Bookmark here

This girl just called me a stupid kid!Bookmark here

A girl smaller than me called me a stupid kid!Bookmark here

"Oho? So you act smart just from reading some books about potions huh? all you do is create failures and you still act smug like that huh?"Bookmark here

*puchi*Bookmark here

I heard the little girl snap a vein and faced me.Bookmark here

"Only stupid people think something is a failure, anything created can be used to solved a problem."Bookmark here

"Making excuses now huh? Failure means not reaching the desired goal for attempting something."Bookmark here

"Now you're talking about the verb failure even though we were talking about the noun? Well, I guess someone stupid like you only knows how to throw words and invent something to back it up."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? So what you shouted a while ago 'I failed again!' you mean is a noun huh? I guess you were the one who misunderstood my first statement."Bookmark here

"Ho? When you said your first statement it was used as a noun... has your brain gone bad? no... it was probably like that from the beginning and will always be like that."Bookmark here

"Suddenly going into saying insults huh? I guess that's something a person who calls someone bigger than her a brat."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? I called you a brat because you are obviously younger than me based on the stupidity of the things that you say."Bookmark here

"You base age base on knowledge? You really are just a stupid brat."Bookmark here

As we were quarreling our face drew closer together smiling while gritting our teeth.Bookmark here

I saw her teeth and her canines are larger than usual.Bookmark here

"Hooo? You think that lacking knowledge is stupidity huh? You really are stupid... anything you learn is knowledge and---"Bookmark here

"Hahaha! My little sister and my little brother are getting along well!"Bookmark here

We looked to the side and saw Roxelle who was now wearing a white one piece similar to the one this crazy girl was wearing and beside her was the pharmacist who was their mother.Bookmark here

I wonder how long were they watching.Bookmark here

"You two sure are doing something fun! I wanna play too!"Bookmark here

""We're not playing!!""Bookmark here

We faced each other.Bookmark here

"Oho? I said that but I was just playing along with a little girl like you all along."Bookmark here

"Hmm? The way I see it you are serious and only pretending to play... You can't match up to a genius like me."Bookmark here

"Okay... stop you two."Bookmark here

We both looked at the one who said it who was their mother.Bookmark here

"How about a competition? Both of you ask 10 questions to each other and who has the best answer is the winner."Bookmark here

"Oh! Oh! And the looser calls the winner Onii-sama or Onee-sama for the rest of their lives!"Bookmark here

""Bring it on!""Bookmark here

"Okay first to ask is Xeline."Bookmark here

"This will be too easy, first question! What-"Bookmark here

After 10 questions I dropped on all fours on the floor.Bookmark here

I got 0/10 because all she said are complicated things about materials or creating potion.Bookmark here

"Hahaha! Too easy! You are 10 years too early to beat me... call me Onee-sama! Little brother!"Bookmark here

Grrrrr this girl! and I'm only 5 years old, I didn't even exist 10 years ago!Bookmark here

I stood up on my feet and prepared to ask questions.Bookmark here

"Hoho? Then it's my turn to ask you questions... all you asked is about potions but can you keep up with my vast knowledge?"Bookmark here

"Hahaha! Bring it on Oto Oto!"(Oto Oto= Little Brother)Bookmark here

After 10 questions she dropped on all fours.Bookmark here

No, actually the whole family of three dropped on all fours.Bookmark here

The questions I asked are something about history, culture, mythology, psychology and many other things I read in that library.Bookmark here

I avoided science about pharmacy, biology and materials of course, she might know the answer to those.Bookmark here

"Wow, I never would've expected center-chan to be that smart."Bookmark here

"Yeah... Even me who finished school and experienced a lot of things in life don't know any of those things."Bookmark here

"Hahaha! Complete victory! Now call me onii-sama!"Bookmark here

Xeline stood up.Bookmark here

"Don't be stupid! Oh... I guess that's impossible...., We both win 1-1 lets settle the score with a final battle! One question each! To win you need to get the right answer and your opponents next answer should be wrong!"Bookmark here

"Bring it on!"Bookmark here

We went on until 7:00.Bookmark here

The other two who were watching got bored a while ago and went back to tending the shop.Bookmark here

Me and Xeline were out of breathBookmark here

"Haa... Haaa... next question! What are—"Bookmark here

"Okay stop you two... this will never end... just end it with a draw okay? and Nameless, did you forget the reason on why you went here"Bookmark here

Saying that, I remembered that the reason I went here was to learn how to create potions... but I don't care about that now.Bookmark here

""I won't stop until I win.""Bookmark here

"No, stop, I already prepared dinner"Bookmark here

Having no choice me and Xeline postponed our match.Bookmark here

When I was walking towards the exit.Bookmark here

"Where are you going?"Bookmark here

Their mother asked me as I was walking towards the exit.Bookmark here

"Ummm...I'm going to eat?"Bookmark here

"No, you can eat dinner here with us!"Bookmark here

Senpa...... Onee-chan offered me to eat dinner with them.Bookmark here

"...Is that really okay?"Bookmark here

"Yes it is, I already told the mayor to preserve the food in your bench."Bookmark here

Knowing that mayor.... I guess the mayor would be eating free food tonight.Bookmark here

But still... eating at other places even though I have been a free loather my entire life.Bookmark here

Thinking about it while facing down I saw a girl in front of me and raised my head.Bookmark here

"....oi, just eat with us."Bookmark here

The one who said it was Xeline who was wearing a serious face.Bookmark here

Even though we didn't get along she...Bookmark here

I guess she is a nice girl?Bookmark here

I have no choice but to accept.Bookmark here

"Okay..."Bookmark here

We went upstairs and there I saw four doors.Bookmark here

On the three doors there were nametags hanging on a string.Bookmark here

What was written on the first one was [My room] which is probably Xeline's room. Bookmark here

On the second one is [Roxelle-chan's room] with lots of heart and animal designs.Bookmark here

On the third room its [Parents room].Bookmark here

On the fourth door which was on a perpendicular wall, where there was no nametag we went inside.Bookmark here

I saw a rectangular table with four chairs and there was a kitchen that can be seen when sitting at the table.Bookmark here

I sat down one of the chairs on the square table and the others sat down as well and we ate.Bookmark here

While we were eating Roxelle was looking at me and Xeline with a smiling face.Bookmark here

Me and Xeline was beside each other and in front of us seated was Roxelle and their mother.Bookmark here

Unable to concentrate on eating I looked at RoxelleBookmark here

"Ummm... Roxelle-Senp—"Bookmark here

"Onee-chan."Bookmark here

"...Onee-chan I'm just curious but why are you smiling at us like that."Bookmark here

"It's just rare for Xeline-chan to get along with someone other than us."Bookmark here

""We don't get along!.....?!""Bookmark here

After realizing something me and Xeline faced each other and, finding out through eye contact, I think we were on the same page.Bookmark here

We then moved our face closer to each other and whispered.Bookmark here

"It might sound like I'm disrespecting your sister... but she seems that she is difficult to handle, so if we continue this further Onee-chan will get excited and will probably tease us non-stop."Bookmark here

"Although. I want to comment about you calling her Onee-chan, I would agree on you on this one..."Bookmark here

After nodding we complete our temporary alliance and then faced up.Bookmark here

"Ohhhh? What did you two secretly discuss with each other?"Bookmark here

"Ohhh thaat... it's just that we discussed that we really did get along with each other..."Bookmark here

"Yeaaaaah.... We fought with each other earlier but past is past you know ha ha ha..."Bookmark here

"Kyaaaaa! forbidden sibling love!!!Bookmark here

I want to say things like ''We're not even siblings!' but saying any more Onee-chan will not stop teasing us so I just stiffly smiled at her.Bookmark here

I glanced at my left and saw Xeline, she was smiling with her lips twitching on one side.Bookmark here

After we finished eating I don't know what to do because this is the first time I ate at the table and I was looking back and forth and Xeline whispered to me.Bookmark here

"You put your plate and glasses to the sink and leave them there."Bookmark here

So even though this girl is crazy when creating potions and hard to get along with... She is actually a normal girl huh?Bookmark here

So I picked up my plates and glasses and put them on the sink, washed my hands and left it there.Bookmark here

Their mother was behind me and was carrying her plate too.Bookmark here

While their mother was putting her plate down she started to open the faucet.Bookmark here

"Sooo ummm...Sensei?"Bookmark here

"I haven't told you my name yet? My name is Roselyn..."Bookmark here

"So Roselyn-Sensei... when do you think I can read the books at the back?"Bookmark here

"Anytime actually... just go inside anytime we are open, if we are closed, just knock... But for potion creating you need to be here at 6:00 so that Roxelle can teach you."Bookmark here

"Okay then... what time do you open?"Bookmark here

"We prepare the shop at 5:30am and open at 6am"Bookmark here

"Okay... Can I come at around 5:30am?"Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"I want to help preparing for the day... and I also want to read in the morning... I would like to read up to 10 am."Bookmark here

"If that's okay with you then its fine..."Bookmark here

"Don't worry about me getting breakfast, I will just go back to the bench to eat it at 7:00 and go back after eating and washing my hands at the town halls comfort room."Bookmark here

"Why don't like my cooking?"Bookmark here

"No! No! I just don't want to be a burden... and there's also washing the plates... and---"Bookmark here

"I was just teasing you hahaha, okay then I won't interfere with your decision"Bookmark here

I didn't want to owe anyone so I declined offers I can take care of.Bookmark here

After that we left the kitchen and I think it's time for me to go back to my bench.Bookmark here

"Ummmm thank you for having me... I think it's time I go home"Bookmark here

"Whaat? Your going home? Stay with us until morning! You can sleep with onee-chan!"Bookmark here

"Hmmmm it's actually okay if you stay with us."Bookmark here

"I appreciate the offer Sensei, but... I need to do some of my daily responsibilities... so I can't stay here."Bookmark here

Yes, I need to take a bath and wash my clothes and other things.Bookmark here

"Is that so... well, I guess a man has to do his responsibilities.. Goodbye Nameless-kun"Bookmark here

"Buuuu! Even though Center-Chan is just a little boy? Goodbye!"Bookmark here

After that I looked at Xeline who was still sitting in the chair and her elbow was placed on the table while carrying her cheeks. Her face was facing sideways but here eyes were looking at me.Bookmark here

I let out a little laugh making my eyes close and smiling a little.Bookmark here

She closed her eyes and smiled a little in her current position.Bookmark here

I guess that is how we say our greetings and goodbyesBookmark here

Seeing this, Onee-chan suddenly looked exited and I needed to escape before she says anything weird.Bookmark here

"Well then goodbye."Bookmark here

With that I left the pharmacy.Bookmark here

I did my daily routine and then laid down on the bench while using the gray hoodie jacket as a blanket.Bookmark here

"Hmmmm... I think I will earn enough money after a while... They probably won't pay me for work because I'm still in training. I guess that construction work is the only way for me to get money."Bookmark here

After thinking about the jobs I had a thought.Bookmark here

I think that I need to do something... no its different... it feels like I don't need to do it, but it's just I want to do it even with the dangers.Bookmark here

"What am I thinking? There's no benefit to it, and I might die if I do it."Bookmark here

Thinking deeply I can't sleep. For some reason, I get the urge to do it.Bookmark here

"Arrghhh! Okay then! I'll just try to kill one to get over this feeling!"Bookmark here

I decided to try and kill one Mini Bear.Bookmark here

I looked at my jacket and observed it.Bookmark here

"This Jacket is weird... Come to think about it, why does this not get dirty or wet? And why don't insects come and bite me when I have this?"Bookmark here

"Well... it sure is convenient so I can sleep soundly."Bookmark here

Wondering like that I slept.Bookmark here

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