Chapter 3:

Vol. 1 Ch. 3 To become independent, Work


Chapter 3Bookmark here

WorkBookmark here

It is 5:30 in the morning.Bookmark here

I was on my way to the pharmacy when I saw Berserker-san along the road going the opposite direction.Bookmark here

She is carrying things with a cloth acting as a backpack.Bookmark here

"Oh, Nameless, it's rare to see you this early in the morning."Bookmark here

I ignored her and walked pass herBookmark here

"Don't ignore meee!!!"Bookmark here

She had tears on the edge of her eyes and grabbed my shoulders and shook me.Bookmark here

"Please don't kill me."Bookmark here

"Why would I kill you?!"Bookmark here

"I read from a book that you should not look at a berserker in the eye... but it seems that it didn't work... and my life is now in danger, I will never read the books of that author again... Anyway please have mercy."Bookmark here

"Gaaaaah!"Bookmark here

She threw me like she was throwing a ball and I landed and rolled several meters until stopping in a kneeling position.Bookmark here

I put two of my hand with open fingers to the side, looking like praising the sun and shouted a line in an ancient language called 'Sheingil'(English).

"I.have..survived!"Bookmark here

"I hate you!"Bookmark here

After that the librarian went running to the direction of the library.Bookmark here

I headed to the pharmacy to start learning about how to make potions.Bookmark here

I opened the door with the 'Closed' sign on it and inside was Onee-chan preparing the store for the day and behind the counter it was Sensei making potions.Bookmark here

"Nameless-kun, Welcome."Bookmark here

"Good morning Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Good morn---"Bookmark here

*Psssshhhhhhhhhhhh*Bookmark here

I hear something like air going out of a balloon on the second floor.Bookmark here

"Wrong again! Damn! Maybe I overused the Spore Powder?"Bookmark here

"It's still early in the morning and that girl is already too noisy."Bookmark here

"She's always like that every day, it's normal."Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan is always so lively!"Bookmark here

No, she's crazy.Bookmark here

But she seems like a normal person when not making potions though.Bookmark here

"So what can I help with?"Bookmark here

I helped them out in preparing the store.Bookmark here

Preparing the store is organizing the potion, restocking, checking the inventory, and others things you do before you open up a shop.Bookmark here

After helping out in the preparations I proceeded to read.Bookmark here

I went inside the back and looked at the shelf.Bookmark here

I forgot to ask sensei what I should read.Bookmark here

I shouted in a voice she could hear me.Bookmark here

"Sensei! Which book do I start with!"Bookmark here

"Start with the one on the upper left corner of the shelf!"Bookmark here

I reached out to the top, I can't reach it so I stacked up some boxes and tiptoed and grabbed it. Why didn't Xeline just use this boxes instead of using glass bottles? No use trying to think about what a crazy person is thinking.Bookmark here

"Introduction, part 1.... Author... Thornilyn"Bookmark here

Before I opened the book the door opened and Onee-chan was there.Bookmark here

"Center-chan! before you read, I have an advice... Every part of the books here, you should memorize word per word. They are already a fixed version with meaningless content removed and only the most important ones remain."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Okay then..."Bookmark here

So unlike in the library where I just read casually I need to memorize this huh? Well, that's easy for me though since I memorized some books before.Bookmark here

After opening the book I couldn't believe my eyesBookmark here

There were thousands of lines filling up the whole page what the hell is this?Bookmark here

I looked at Onee-chan with a confused look.Bookmark here

"Ummm... Lines?"Bookmark here

"Oh! it seems like Mama forgot to give you the glasses! I'll get it for you!"Bookmark here

Glasses for what?Bookmark here

After a few seconds she came back with a pair of glasses.Bookmark here

"Well, you need to wear this because the words printed in the book are so small."Bookmark here

"Eh-eeeeh? I-Is that sooo...."Bookmark here

All of these small lines are actually the words? I put on the glasses to confirm it, and they really were words.Bookmark here

This might be harder than I thought.Bookmark here

"I guess I'll start reading now."Bookmark here

"Tell me when Your finished with the introduction. I will get the next books you would read upstairs."Bookmark here

"Hmmm... I think I'll finish this shelf first. I'll just read the other books after I finish with these."Bookmark here

"That's what I said?"Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

I looked at the last book on the lowest right part of the shelf and the book was namedBookmark here

'Introduction, Last part'Bookmark here

What the hell, all of these are just introduction?Bookmark here

Whoever is the author or the group of authors who made these books must be a very smart person. Too smart that it's annoying.Bookmark here

I looked at Onee-chan again with a despaired look after seeing this.Bookmark here

"Whats wrong? hehehe... Center-chan's making a funny face"Bookmark here

"B-By the way, how many shelves like this before I completely finish with the Potion Knowledge and Potion Creation?"Bookmark here

"hmm? About 100-110 of these shelves? I suggest you don't finish it and just focus on one type of potion."Bookmark here

100-110 shelves like this? Just how many years do I need to read this?!Bookmark here

So that crazy girl finished this on the age of 4? I felt my pride was damaged when I realized this.Bookmark here

"Well then... I'll help with the shop for the first hour then go to school! Don't forget to come here later at 6pm, Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Wait, what time do school start?"Bookmark here

"7:00!"Bookmark here

"My bench is on the way to your school so I'll go with you along the way. I need to get something there."Bookmark here

Yes, I need to get my food from the bench and eat. I'll return here to read after eating.Bookmark here

"Hmmm? A morning date with Center-chan? Okay then!"Bookmark here

After Onee-chan left the door, I sat down the floor with crossed legs, wore the glasses and started reading the book.Bookmark here

After a few minutes of reading I heard someone run down the stairs.Bookmark here

Then after a few moments the door opened.Bookmark here

It was Xeline.Bookmark here

I was too concentrated on what I was reading to care, so I just ignored her.Bookmark here

She went to the supplies to gather materials for her potion.Bookmark here

And while reading I saw her reaching for a high place like before and can't reach it making some noises.Bookmark here

"This brat's so noisy."Bookmark here

"Shut up kid."Bookmark here

I got annoyed and stood up and grabbed the bottle on the place she can't reach and gave it to her.Bookmark here

"I didn't need your help."Bookmark here

"I didn't help you, I just want the noise to stop."Bookmark here

I went back beside the shelf, sat on the floor with my legs crossed, and started reading again.Bookmark here

She collected more materials, but them in a box, then went to the door.Bookmark here

Before leaving she stopped at the door.Bookmark here

"....Your gonna need all the luck you need to win our battle."Bookmark here

"pfff, I don't need your encouragement."Bookmark here

After leaving a comment which I don't know if it's an insult or an encouragement she left and went upstairs to start her madness again.Bookmark here

Time passed and its almost 7am.Bookmark here

"Let's go Center-chan!"Bookmark here

While walking to school we saw a teenage boy looking at the tailor store from a distance.Bookmark here

We approached the teen-aged boy.Bookmark here

"Surprise Cecil-chan!..... What are you doing?"Bookmark here

"Oh it's Roxelle... and... the kid-"Bookmark here

"Call me Nameless"Bookmark here

"....the kid with the bad glare... anyway what brings you here?"Bookmark here

Yeah, some people tell me I have a bad glare... I don't think so though?Bookmark here

"Center-chan is bringing me to school! isn't he sweet?"Bookmark here

"Good for you Roxelle."Bookmark here

I think I have an idea what this guy is doing. I have read about it in a book before.Bookmark here

"Roxelle, can you go on from here, I'm going to speak to this person a little bit."Bookmark here

"Okay then! See you later! 6pm Okay?"Bookmark here

Roxelle then went on her way to school.Bookmark here

I was left beside this guy with orange hair and yellow eyes.Bookmark here

"Stalking the teen-aged tailor huh?"Bookmark here

"Wha-What are you talking about?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Actually I would be training there around 4pm do you want to go with me?"Bookmark here

I want people to owe me favors, for me, favors are like debts that I can collect with a much higher rate.Bookmark here

And I also hate owing other people favors.Bookmark here

"I can't... I have work, I'm already late dad is gonna be noisy again."Bookmark here

"Oh? Is that so?"Bookmark here

With that, he left.Bookmark here

I went to my bench and ate there.Bookmark here

As I was eating I thought of how I would kill the Mini-bear if I decided to hunt it.Bookmark here

"Hmm... I should get all the materials I can get."Bookmark here

After thinking of strategies and finished eating I went back to the Pharmacy and went to the back and continued reading.Bookmark here

While reading I would hear weird noises from upstairs and a little crazy girl shouting some things like 'Failure again!' or 'This is one of the best creations made by all living things!'Bookmark here

That girl turns into a whole new different person when making potions.Bookmark here

Time passed by and it was 10am.Bookmark here

I said good bye to sensei and went to the library.Bookmark here

I went to the library to get books and to think of a practical strategy to beat that bear.Bookmark here

I got a book from the shelf name 'War strategy' and went to the counter and sat beside berserker-san.Bookmark here

"Come to think about it, where did you go this morning?"Bookmark here

"I went to the pharmacy to study."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Weird... A proper answer."Bookmark here

"I don't have time to play with you today babaa."Bookmark here

Ignoring the bloodlust from my side I stared at the book in front.Bookmark here

I just stared at it because it's a book with useless content. Bookmark here

As I stare at it I am thinking about strategies about taking down the level 0 monster.Bookmark here

"I should just give up and formulate a strategy after I get some materials."Bookmark here

"What are you thinking about?"Bookmark here

I didn't realize that I was thinking aloud.Bookmark here

"Ah, no... I was just reading aloud."Bookmark here

"I read that book once and a line like that doesn't exist."Bookmark here

"It's a line that I thought was cool and just said it to imagine things happening in the book."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? is that so..."Bookmark here

This being looked at me with a suspicious look.Bookmark here

This being has very sharp instinct, she is already suspicious of me.Bookmark here

And it is also very smart, I better watch out for this Animal.Bookmark here

As I was staring at a book I saw two people enter the library.Bookmark here

The two people went to the counter.Bookmark here

"Oh, Rose-senpai, what brings you here?"Bookmark here

"Xeline just wants to read some books here... My membership can be applied to Xeline too, right?"Bookmark here

"Yes, of course."Bookmark here

The two people who entered was Sensei... and... the... crazy... girl...Bookmark here

I stared at the book and continue reading pretending that I don't know her.Bookmark here

"Oh, its Nameless-kun hello."Bookmark here

"Hey, Sensei."Bookmark here

"..........."Bookmark here

Xeline remained quiet, but this is my turf so I will go on the offensive.Bookmark here

"Heeee? Someone got cold feet and went here to study something other than potions ehhh?"Bookmark here

"Hmph, Only this few? and look at this book. This whole book can fit into just one page of the books about potions. This will be too easy."Bookmark here

"Hooo? You think that these are the only books here? These books get changed weekly so you already missed a lot, you have no chance. Also in your books you just need to memorize, in here, you need to know which information are useless and which are important."Bookmark here

"Is that why your brain is useless?"Bookmark here

Berserker looked at Sensei.Bookmark here

"Wait, wait, are they fighting?"Bookmark here

"It only looks like this... But they do get along just fine."Bookmark here

""No we don't.""Bookmark here

"See?"Bookmark here

"After I settle the score with this brat I would be deleting her from my mind."Bookmark here

"So how is it possible for you to delete something from something that doesn't exist?"Bookmark here

"Ummm... so what is this 'score' that they are settling?"Bookmark here

"Oh its-"Bookmark here

Sensei explained the 10 question game to Berserker-san.Bookmark here

"Oh! I want to play! Ask me 10 question each from you."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? fine."Bookmark here

"Okay Acie-nee, let's do it."Bookmark here

After both of us asked 10 question each.Bookmark here

Xeline and me both dropped to the floor with all fours.Bookmark here

"I... I can't believe that someone me in knowledge about potions."Bookmark here

"I expected this to happen... I guess age really does matter..."Bookmark here

"I-I have to agree with you on this one... She must have lived hundreds of centuries for her to be able to defeat me."Bookmark here

This is when I realized that we always get along whenever faced with danger.Bookmark here

"Wait stop! Stop! Aceilette!"Bookmark here

"Graaahhh!"Bookmark here

When we looked behind us there was a crazed beast behind us that wanted to eat us and she was being held back by Sensei.Bookmark here

""Save me!!!""Bookmark here

Me and Xeline shouted in horror.Bookmark here

After being calmed down by Sensei the Berserker sat back in her chair.Bookmark here

Xeline went near me and whispered something.Bookmark here

"Hey, why did she get angry?"Bookmark here

"She gets angry whenever someone comments about her old age."Bookmark here

"Old age? Mom said she was only 22. She also looks way younger than that if you ask me."Bookmark here

"Well, yeah... but in those ages some people are insecure with their age, based on what I have read."Bookmark here

Actually, the reason why I tease her isn't really about her age but because of her glasses, white hair and her hairstyle which makes her resemble an old lady.Bookmark here

But her face and body are that of a teenager. She looks 15 or so.Bookmark here

Xeline stopped whispering and took a step back the I asked her a question.Bookmark here

"So? What are you doing here."Bookmark here

"To read, obviously."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? So you accept that this place contain more knowledge than your books?"Bookmark here

"No, it's so that I can learn how to deal with a person with no useful information on his head."Bookmark here

"Do your best because your best is not enough for surpassing me."Bookmark here

"Hmpf, I don't need your encouragement."Bookmark here

Somehow, I have a deja vu but this time the roles were reversed.Bookmark here

After our exchange she went to the shelves and I went back to the counter.Bookmark here

"Well then, I need to go back to the shop."Bookmark here

"Okay, bye Rose-Senpai!"Bookmark here

"Bye sensei."Bookmark here

After saying goodbye to us, sensei went out of the Library.Bookmark here

"So she's your senpai?"Bookmark here

"Yes, she became my friend when she went to here to study."Bookmark here

"Is this were you spent your time your entire life?"Bookmark here

"No, when I was still going to school, I stayed at the library."Bookmark here

So how is that any different?Bookmark here

"What about class?"Bookmark here

"The teacher says I can skip it since my grades were fine."Bookmark here

She can skip because her grades were fine? I'm guessing 'fine' means 'getting a perfect score in everything'.Bookmark here

This just reminded me that this person beside me is the smartest person I know.Bookmark here

"So this is what happens when a berserker learns how to think."Bookmark here

"What does that mean?!"Bookmark here

Still, it's fun to mess with her.Bookmark here

Thinking about beating the monster was really tiring and exhausting. So I'll just get some random book.Bookmark here

I returned the book I have to the shelf and picked up a new book. It's called 'Requirements for official Identity'.Bookmark here

While I was heading back to the counter beside Berserker-san, I passed by Xeline who was reading on a table.Bookmark here

She was flipping pages so fast.Bookmark here

This made me feel threatened because in this speed she can catch up to me in no time.Bookmark here

I went back to the counter and read.Bookmark here

[Whenever a baby is born, the baby is immediately registered in a system by putting the hand of the baby on a crystal. The name is registered, then formation about race, percentage of the mixture of race in the person's blood—]Bookmark here

"Hmmmm? So they can also get even that specific information huh?"Bookmark here

[—Then the guardian is registered. With this, the person will be registered as a minor and will be placed in the guardian system. The person can benefit from their guardian as well. The guardian will be held responsible if the person causes mischief and—]Bookmark here

Good thing I don't have a guardian. I don't want to owe someone like that anything. Why would I need a guardian? I can live for myself.Bookmark here

[When the person reach 15, he/she is now removed from the guardian system. Getting a brand new Identity as an adventurer or a citizen.]Bookmark here

I scanned the book for some more information.Bookmark here

I learned something about an 'identity card' that is provided to people. I don't have one. It doesn't matter to me anyway.Bookmark here

"Hey berserker, I always see you here... do you get paid being here?"Bookmark here

"Mother is the one running this Library, I want to read so she hired me as the one in charge of the counter."Bookmark here

"Mother? I haven't seen her yet."Bookmark here

"She's taking care of the other stuff...and she's not my blood related mother."Bookmark here

"I see..."Bookmark here

So she's adopted or something?Bookmark here

"What do you do in here anyway?"Bookmark here

"I register people to 'memberships'. They are things you need in order to enter or else past this point, or else the magic barrier of the shelves will block you."Bookmark here

"Then how am I not blocked?"Bookmark here

"It was that person who thought you how to read, she registered you with her identity card."Bookmark here

"Oh? is that so?... Since there is only a few people who come here, basically you're like a 'Neet'?"Bookmark here

"I'm not a neet! This is a job!"Bookmark here

Well... I guess this is a dream job for her because she only loves to read.Bookmark here

The one who thought me how to read...Bookmark here

I guess I owe that person a lot of things.Bookmark here

I'll thank her if I ever meet her.Bookmark here

Maybe that will lessen my debt.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

I ate lunch on the bench where food was already provided for me.Bookmark here

After eating, I went to the construction site located at the south west of Quina.Bookmark here

There are people sitting down on steel beams, rocks, and some at the ground. Bookmark here

They are eating their lunch.Bookmark here

I approached a guy wearing a brown helmet.Bookmark here

"The woodworker of this town told me that I have to do my job here."Bookmark here

"What job?"Bookmark here

"I don't know... he just said to do my job here."Bookmark here

The other guys around suddenly butted in the conversation.Bookmark here

"Oh who is this? A new guy?"Bookmark here

"Dude... This guy is a kid? Won't we get in trouble if he gets hurt?"Bookmark here

"When I was a kid, I already worked at the construction worker helping my father. Trust me it helps you get strong."Bookmark here

"Oh? When I was a kid, I already started drawing houses, which made me into a top class Engineer and Architect!"Bookmark here

"We don't need to hear that boss, such a showoff."Bookmark here

"Hey, you started it!"Bookmark here

These construction workers already forgot about me and enjoyed their own conversation.Bookmark here

Though seeing this, I sensed that these people are good friends with each other.Bookmark here

"Hey, don't forget about me, so what should I do?"Bookmark here

I asked the one they called 'Boss' the question.Bookmark here

"Ah! Oh, Well... We actually need more manpower but..."Bookmark here

"But what?"Bookmark here

"We don't have enough tools."Bookmark here

"Because of the corrupted mayor taking some of the funds for it?"Bookmark here

"Haha! You know your stuff kid!"Bookmark here

That mayor should really be removed from this town.Bookmark here

"What if I do it without tools?"Bookmark here

"You can do some work without tools... But it will be a lot harder."Bookmark here

"Hmmmm...."Bookmark here

I looked around the site to find something to do.Bookmark here

I saw two wooden planks that have nails of different sizes connecting each other together, but it looked like it was unfinished.Bookmark here

"What if I connect those two woods together?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? How? You need a hammer, right?"Bookmark here

"Well... You can probably do it without one, right?"Bookmark here

"Fine, but you're payment will be piece rate okay? The jobs we will provide you is connecting wooden planks with nails."Bookmark here

"That's fine then..."Bookmark here

I can't complain.Bookmark here

"By the way, I can only work up to 5:00pm, I have other things to do."Bookmark here

"Then you can go home at our second break at 4:30. Okay men! Lunchbreak is over... Get back to your jobs!"Bookmark here

""""Yes!""""Bookmark here

As the other workers responded, they went back to work.Bookmark here

I went to the wooden planks.Bookmark here

I experimented on how I should do this.Bookmark here

I got a 3 inch nail which is called the 'Small Nail' and placed it over the plank. How is this a small nail?Bookmark here

First I tried to shape my hand as a hammer and hit it.Bookmark here

"That hurt... what a dumb thing I just did."Bookmark here

The nails didn't move an inch but it only burrowed a little and left a mark on the skin of my hand.Bookmark here

"What about this!"Bookmark here

I stepped on it with the shoe I was wearing.Bookmark here

"Well that sure failed..."Bookmark here

The nail just burrowed into my shoes and left a mark on my shoes.Bookmark here

"Too slow kid! This is already my third plank!"Bookmark here

"Shut up! Your using tools!"Bookmark here

The worker with only a small distance beside me was messing with me as he continued to hammer planks.Bookmark here

"Hmmm... how about this!"Bookmark here

I pushed the small nail into the wood with my right thumb, put the weight of my body into it and pushed it... Bookmark here

It went in but it didn't go down deep.Bookmark here

"Argh... this is hard."Bookmark here

But still, there is progress.Bookmark here

I pushed it down hard for a few minutes.Bookmark here

After 15 minutes... I finally pushed down one of the 'Small nails'.Bookmark here

"Damn, that was hard..."Bookmark here

When pushing it with my thumb, it hurts so I push it with a different finger every time one of my finger starts to hurt.Bookmark here

"Hahaha! You did it kid! next, try to do it with the larger nail over there."Bookmark here

There was a nail three times larger than the one I used before. So that's why they called the previous one a 'Small Nail'.Bookmark here

I gripped the nail with my hand, and pierced it down to the wood by slamming it.Bookmark here

The nail penetrated the wood.Bookmark here

Since the head of the nail was large, I can use my palm to push it down.Bookmark here

"Hyaaaa!"Bookmark here

It took lesser time to complete compared to the small nails since I can focus my weight on it more than just using a finger.Bookmark here

"Hahaha! That's good kid! Keep it up!"Bookmark here

I kept pushing small and large nails into planks until 4:30 in the afternoon.Bookmark here

"Okay! Time to take a break guys!"Bookmark here

"Haaa....Haaa..."Bookmark here

"Connected only five pairs huh? Considering doing it without tools, good job kid! You gain more Varas than normal considering you didn't use tools."Bookmark here

"""Ehhhh?! That's not fair boss!"""Bookmark here

"Shut up! If that's what you want, then pay for the tools yourself!"Bookmark here

"Pssssss."Bookmark here

"Come to think about it... why does the boss get the largest payment? He just rants at everyone and tells them what to do. He's just using his voice and we shed our blood, sweat and tears."Bookmark here

"Yeahh! Why is it like that?!"Bookmark here

"Wait... you shed tears when working?"Bookmark here

"You dumbasses! I studied at construction management school!"Bookmark here

"Tsss... his rich parents are able to send him to school to mess around and he earns more money... while we are poorer, work hard, and still get less? Where is the justice!"Bookmark here

"Life is not fair!"Bookmark here

"Bwahahaha!"Bookmark here

These people get along really well do they.Bookmark here

"Hey kid, what's your name?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? It's 'Nameless'"Bookmark here

"Nameless?"Bookmark here

"What a nerdy name..."Bookmark here

"Shut up! It's cool!"Bookmark here

"Why don't we come up with a nickname for him?"Bookmark here

"Yeah! Sounds cool!"Bookmark here

"Just call me 'Nameless!'"Bookmark here

These guys!Bookmark here

"Hmmm... what about, Nerdy nerd!"Bookmark here

"That sound so generic... how about... hammer brat!"Bookmark here

"Oi, don't treat me like a thing."Bookmark here

"How about... Food!"Bookmark here

"Oi! Where the hell did that come from?! Did you consider eating me a while ago?!"Bookmark here

"Wait! I thought of something good!"Bookmark here

""""What?""""Bookmark here

"How about, 'Nail Pusher'!'"Bookmark here

"""""That's it!!!!""""Bookmark here

"Don't make me sound like a criminal!"Bookmark here

"Nail pusher huh... it really fits!"Bookmark here

"Can I order some Nails? I need to sniff them for some reason..."Bookmark here

"This is the police! Stop resisting! You are accused of nail dealing!"Bookmark here

"*sob* you destroyed the life of my husband by pushing nails into him!"Bookmark here

"Guilty! Sentenced to Death Penalty!"Bookmark here

"Nail Lord... A Nail pusher was captured... should we kill him before he spills information?"Bookmark here

"Yes... He failed as a Nail Pusher, infiltrate the prison and kill him."Bookmark here

"You guys get along too well!!!"Bookmark here

After their short break was over.... which was spent messing with me and making stories because of my new nickname... they went back to their jobs.Bookmark here

I left the construction site and went to the tailor.Bookmark here

"Sorry... but I think that I can only train sewing around 5:00 to 6:00."Bookmark here

"That's okay, that's enough time."Bookmark here

"Thanks."Bookmark here

"Alexander! teach this kid how to sew!"Bookmark here

"Okay mom!"Bookmark here

Wait... Alexander?Bookmark here

Is Alexander a unisex name?Bookmark here

"I will man the shop, you teach this kid."Bookmark here

"Okay!"Bookmark here

Alexander went to me.Bookmark here

"Ummm... Alexander-san..."Bookmark here

"Yes?"Bookmark here

"You're a girl right?"Bookmark here

"What? of course not. I'm a male."Bookmark here

"eh?!"Bookmark here

This person has long yellow hair, long ears and looks like a girl...Bookmark here

"So... you're one of those people I read from a book... a male with a heart of a female..."Bookmark here

"No! I'm a straight! I'm a Male!"Bookmark here

"Then why are you speaking in a feminine voice?"Bookmark here

"This is my normal voice! Gahh! Why do people always mistake me for a girl!"Bookmark here

This reminded me that I touched this guys butt before...Bookmark here

In the future, when I have realized what I have done... I immediately reconsidered it from being one of the best successes in my life, to being one of the memories that I sealed, never to be remembered again.Bookmark here

"Okay then... I'll be in your care Alex."Bookmark here

"Okay then... I'll do my best!"Bookmark here

This girl made a guts pose. I mean... This boy.Bookmark here

"Let's first try with cloth, then when you memorize it, let's proceed to different materials like animal furs or leathers."Bookmark here

"I'll teach you the basics first, here."Bookmark here

Alex gave me a needle, string and a piece of cloth.Bookmark here

"What's with those wounds?!"Bookmark here

"Oh... They're something I got form my previous work."Bookmark here

"Let's treat them first... Mom!"Bookmark here

The tailor lady approached us.Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

"Look at this little guys' hands."Bookmark here

"Oh my..."Bookmark here

"He said it's from work."Bookmark here

"Working hard in such a young age? You'll grow up to be a fine man! Marry my daughter when you grow up!"Bookmark here

"Mom! I'm a guy!"Bookmark here

"Oh sure you are! hohoho!"Bookmark here

The old lady messed with her daughter... I mean... son.Bookmark here

"Don't worry, we'll treat your wounds every time you come here."Bookmark here

"No! There is no need!"Bookmark here

"We won't be able to teach you properly if you deny."Bookmark here

"....if that's the case, then sorry for the inconvenience."Bookmark here

I would owe them because of this... but since they might not teach me if I don't take up on their offer, I better just owe them and pay them back later.Bookmark here

"Well then... Let's start!"Bookmark here

Alex thought me about how to sew clothes, at first I sucked, but I got used to it.Bookmark here

Sometimes I would stab myself with a needle accidentally, then the girl would suck the blood from my finger.Bookmark here

"Thanks Onee-san."Bookmark here

"I'm a guy!"Bookmark here

"Oh, right."Bookmark here

I forget that she was a guy... is he really not a girl?Bookmark here

"That's all for today, by the way, you can have this."Bookmark here

She gave me a book. I opened it and it is a book similar to the ones in the pharmacy. A book with really small letters.Bookmark here

The title says 'Tailoring Guide' and 'All Cloth Materials'.Bookmark here

"A-Are there other books?"Bookmark here

"There are a few more here."Bookmark here

It seems I have to read these books here as well... I guess I'll read them when I have some free time.Bookmark here

"Thanks! I'll come back tommorow!"Bookmark here

6pm came and I left the tailor.Bookmark here

I went to the Pharmacy so Onee-chan would teach me potion making.Bookmark here

"Hello Center-chan, my cute little brother!"Bookmark here

"Hi Onee-chan."Bookmark here

Onee-chan is still as cheerful as ever.Bookmark here

"Come here Center-chan! I'll teach you how to make potions!"Bookmark here

"Where's Sensei?"Bookmark here

"She went to get materials from the town hall"Bookmark here

"So they provide you the materials?"Bookmark here

"Yes, though we return some of the sales so they can provide new herbs again."Bookmark here

Or, so that the mayor would get richer.Bookmark here

"That mayor is pretty awful huh?"Bookmark here

"Why? For me he's pitiful."Bookmark here

Wow... I didn't even consider that the cheerful onee-chan would say something like that.Bookmark here

"Why is he pitiful?"Bookmark here

"Well, when I see him talk to Mama... he always tremble and beg on all fours saying 'I'll always be fair to you! Please have mercy!' while having tears on his face... I sometimes feel sorry for him."Bookmark here

Why would he be scared of sensei?Bookmark here

Is sensei some kind of demon lord behind that gentle face?Bookmark here

"Sensei... you're my hero."Bookmark here

"Even mama?! No Center-chan! Mama already has Papa!"Bookmark here

"What are you talking about?"Bookmark here

"Center-chan being a little kid is so cute!"Bookmark here

Well, when she gets like this I should just keep quiet and smile.Bookmark here

"Well, Onee-chan, let's get started."Bookmark here

"Okay Center-chan!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan presented me some tools.Bookmark here

"This is the one you use to grind herbs, and you use this to melt other materials, and this—"Bookmark here

Onee-chan just point out the equipment without even saying its name... how would I know what that is? I guess I'll do research sometime in the library.Bookmark here

"In making potions, you need to put an exact amount of ingredients or else it would fail, just making a useless liquid then--"Bookmark here

Yes, but that crazy girl upstairs creates potion multiple times a day.Bookmark here

"But your little sister creates a lot of potions a day?"Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan is just lively compared to others!"Bookmark here

Does this girl not see her little sister as a genius?Bookmark here

Well... not that I consider her a genius... yes...Bookmark here

My pride...Bookmark here

"Center-chan, don't call her 'your little sister' call her Xeline-chan!"Bookmark here

"No way! I will never call her by her name!"Bookmark here

"Kyaaa! So bashful! You two really are—"Bookmark here

*Crack crack crack crack*Bookmark here

Some weird sounds interrupted Onee-chan from speaking.Bookmark here

"How should I consider this result?!... Is this a success?!!"Bookmark here

"What a noisy brat..."Bookmark here

After teaching me how to make potions with intervals of squealing and changing topics, as well as hearing weird sounds from upstairs, 7:00 arrives.Bookmark here

"You're leaving Center-chan?"Bookmark here

"Yes... I need to get back to get my food. It would be disrespectful to the one who gave it if I won't eat it."Bookmark here

"Okay then... Bye Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Bye Onee-chan."Bookmark here

I went back to my bench and ate.Bookmark here

While eating, I was wondering about how I should sneak out of the wallsBookmark here

"Hmmmm... how should I sneak out and back in?"Bookmark here

I need to find a way to sneak out, making use of my previous method is very inconvenient and very suspicious, not to mention I got caught on the way back.Bookmark here

I took out the map Berserker gave me from the pocket of my jacket.Bookmark here

I studied the walls around and noticed something.Bookmark here

"The lake and the river... are they connected together?"Bookmark here

In the map, the river was on the side of the lake just outside the walls, maybe the water from the river is the one going through the lake.Bookmark here

"Not to mention that lake is always crystal clean when I take a bath... maybe it gets filtered by the stream. I'll go check it out."Bookmark here

I went to the lake after eating to take a bath.Bookmark here

While taking a bath I swam to the side of the wall.Bookmark here

I looked around and found a square opening from both sides of the lake.Bookmark here

"As I expected."Bookmark here

The one from the right side flows in and the one on the left side flows out.Bookmark here

"I'll give it a shot."Bookmark here

I swam through the left side where water flows in and after swimming to the other side.Bookmark here

"AAAAaaaah!"Bookmark here

I was washed away by the river's flow.Bookmark here

After a few seconds I reached an area where the river doesn't flow.Bookmark here

"Haaa..Haa.. I thought I was gonna die."Bookmark here

I went up to the land on the right side.Bookmark here

"How should I return?"Bookmark here

I remember that there was the other hole in the lake.Bookmark here

Maybe if I go back to it and went in the river, it can wash me back to the lake.Bookmark here

"Okay... I'll just walk back."Bookmark here

I started walking back.Bookmark here

"Brrr.... it's cold."Bookmark here

I was naked so it was very cold then suddenly.Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

There was a Minibear.Bookmark here

It was there just drinking from the river.Bookmark here

Like what I saw in the book, it was like the mini version of the Giga Bear.Bookmark here

It has brown fur with black eyes and it's claws were long. Bookmark here

Its head is a little big with its head body ratio.Bookmark here

Shit, I will die!Bookmark here

Wait... I remember that Minibears are docile Monsters....Bookmark here

Looking at it, it is on all fours, I remembered that it will only attack when it stands on two feet.Bookmark here

Maybe I should just take the risk.Bookmark here

There's no choice... I need to go through.Bookmark here

I walked by the back of it while it was drinking.Bookmark here

Then all of the sudden.Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

It finished drinking and turned around.Bookmark here

It looked at me.Bookmark here

Oh shit Oh shit I'm gonna die!Bookmark here

It just stared at me with its black eyes.Bookmark here

"....."Bookmark here

It's not attacking...Bookmark here

.....maybe I should just continue walking.Bookmark here

I continued walking and as I was walking it's stare followed me.Bookmark here

I was walking normally but of course I was scared, I was prepared to run for my life but it might get agitated and chase after me.Bookmark here

After walking a few meters away from it, it stopped staring at me and walked back into the wild.Bookmark here

"Whew.... So it really was docile."Bookmark here

I was lucky that it was a Mini bear that I encountered.Bookmark here

If it was other monsters like the charge dog, I would have definitely died.Bookmark here

"I better hurry."Bookmark here

I ran following the river up to the wall.Bookmark here

"Well here goes nothing."Bookmark here

I dived into the river and it washed me away.Bookmark here

When I stopped I was inside the lake.Bookmark here

"....sure glad that was over..."Bookmark here

After going back to the lake, I washed myself then took the clothes I was drying then went back to the bench.Bookmark here

I put a piece of clean cloth on the bench, lied down, then put my gray jacket on as a blanket.Bookmark here

While trying to sleep, I was wondering on how to kill a Mini Bear.Bookmark here

"Hmmm.... Maybe I should use nails as weapons for that Mini Bear..."Bookmark here

"Wait, why do I have to kill a Mini bear anyway? With all the jobs I applied with, I should have enough income after a few years, right?"Bookmark here

After seeing it up close, I knew that it really was dangerous.Bookmark here

But for some reason... I really want to do it.Bookmark here

Why? Am I a war freak sadist or something? I'm pretty sure I'm not.Bookmark here

Maybe I want to be an adventurer? What are the benefits of being an adventurer...Bookmark here

Income, Access to many things, Freedom...Bookmark here

Still, these things aren't enough for me to risk my life... Then why?Bookmark here

Wait there is one more thing.Bookmark here

Power to defend myself.Bookmark here

Yes, maybe this is the reason why... Even though I will have enough money to survive, if there are monster breaches, terrorism, or wars... I'll probably have to leave it to others.Bookmark here

Leaving my life to others? That's just stupid... I can do it alone, leave my life to myself.Bookmark here

So this was the reason why I wanted to kill the bear? because I want to be an adventurer?Bookmark here

I want to be an adventurer... to defend myself and be more independent.Bookmark here that really the reason?... yes, it probably is.Bookmark here

For some reason I suddenly became hungry when thinking about hunting.Bookmark here

"Is there something wrong with me?"Bookmark here

Maybe I'm just tired, and my body is not properly working.Bookmark here

While thinking about it I fell asleep.Bookmark here

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