Chapter 4:

Vol. 1 Ch. 4 First Battle


Chapter 4

First Battle

A month passed and I got used to all of my work.

It is currently 4:30, break time in the construction area and I was just about to leave.

"Nail Pusher... you're so fast now... Even if I am using a hammer, you could do it just as fast.

"Don't call me that."

"Yeah, he's as fast as you... no, you're just too slow... and you boast that you were trained as you grew up."

"You should try it boss... you're just using your mouth with work... maybe you should just suck nails you shit."

"Talking to your boss like that? Do you want me to fire you?"

"Hmpf! I know you can't fire me cause you lack workers."

"Yeah he's right boss... maybe you should be the one who should be fired, all you're doing is talking and when you're not talking you're just sitting there doing nothing while drinking coffee."

"I'm not just doing nothing! I was looking at the blueprint and looking at our progress... and I must say, we're under schedule because you guys are so slow."

"Maybe we should make it slower so that it will take more time to finish."

"If you do that, I will really fire you... you say that I can't, but I can just file a report and get reinforcements from the adventurers guild!"

"You just try! We know that it will cost you more you shitty boss!"

"Maybe we should just boycott and let you get in trouble with your superiors!"

"Ha! If you do that, they will give me free workers just to finish this project since this project is for Quina!"

"Free workers? Do you really think the mayor will pay for those workers?"

"Tsk, all because of that stupid mayor I would have to deal with these uneducated idiots."

"""""What did you say?!!"""""

These guys really do get along well do they.

"Nail Pusher is just fast because he's practicing even if he's not working."

"Eh? Practicing?"

"Yeah, he requested a plank from me before and some nails and said that he would use it to practice."

"Eh? Why won't you just practice by working here overtime nail pusher?"

"Nah, the plank I got was thinner than the usual plank."

"I see..."

Yes, I got a plank thinner than the one they used here.

But it was not for practice, but for something else.

"Okay men, Time to go back to work!"


These guys are always like this, after answering each other with insult, when it's time to work they get fired up and continue working.

As they started working I went to the tailor.

""Hello Nameless-kun.""

"Hello Oba-san, Alex-san."

These two always calls me 'Nameless'.

I noticed that the ones who called me by my name are proper people.

Sensei, Oba-san, Alex, and... Berserker?

Berserker was a proper person? Well, aside from her making me lose consciousness the first time I had a conversation with her, she is a proper person.

It's just really fun to mess with her.

"Nameless-kun, come to think about it why did you request a strong thread a while ago? Were you practicing with it?"


"But you didn't borrow a needle or a cloth, right?"

"Oh..Umm... I just played with it."

"How do you play with threads?"

"Now, now Alex... there are many ways to play with strings. You just never knew about them because you were already trying to work just when you were a kid."

"Well... that is true..."

Thanks Oba-san! You saved me from Explaining!

The reason I got that string is also for another reason, and it was not just for playing.

"Okay... Let's start the lesson!"

After teaching me some sewing techniques and practicing how to sew other things like leather and furs, it was already 6:00 and I went to the pharmacy.

"Hello Center-chan!"

"Hello, Onee—"


"One of the best success I made! With this, hunting monsters will be easy!"

That crazy girl is at it again.

"Wow, Xeline-chan is so lively!"

"Nah... She's just crazy."

"Hehehe, Center-chan says mean things about Xeline-chan but I know that you wuv her..."

Onee-chan's being hard to handle again.



I just answered so that this would be over.

We went to the counter and started preparing to make a potion.

"Okay then, this time, let's try making a paralysis potion as you requested Center-chan!"

These past week, I asked Onee-chan to make a paralysis potion, but she said that I should be the one who should make it if I wanted it.

I guess this is her own way of teaching... She is somewhat reliable in some ways.

"Center-chan, why did you want to make a paralysis potion anyway?"

"Oh, it's just that I read it in the 'Introduction to Potions' book and got interested?"

"Hmmmm? I know that isn't the reason..."

What? Does she know on what I will use it later?

"You will use it on Xeline-chan and kiss her when she cannot move!"


"Hehehe, Center-chan is so aggressive."

Onee-chan really is hard to handle.

"Okay Onee-chan, let's start working!"

"Yes! Let's do this!"

Before, I already learned that you need to learn exact measurements when creating a potion, depending on the conditions of the materials used.

It is really hard, I thought that it was just putting together things but every material has different conditions making it hard to make proper measurements.

After a an hour we are down for the last try since it was nearing 7:00.

"Okay Center-chan! Do it!"

After turning on the heat and mixing it for a while, the color changed into an pale dark yellow potion.

After it change, I put it inside a rectangular test tube.

"You did it center-chan! You're great! Creating a Paralysis potion in just a month is extraordinary!"

"But... Looking at this... this looks low grade. I heard that on that brat's first try, she made a paralysis potion that can paralyze lvl 70 monsters at full health."

"That is because Xeline-chan is awesome! Oh... but still... Center-chan is still awesome for doing it this early!"

From what I learned before, Xeline only started creating potions after she finished the books. She finished them first and didn't touch a single potion making material, then after reading, she was able to make so many potions without practice.

"This won't work on full health monsters right?"

"Yes... it will only work on monsters that have been damaged and will have no effect if it has full health, but still, great job!"

"Thanks, Onee-chan."

"Hehehe... no problem!"

With this, my preparations are complete.

"Can I bring this back to my bench, Onee-chan? I want to save it as the very first potion I made."

"That's so romantic Center-Chan! Of course you can!"

How is that romantic?

Anyway, I only said that so that I can bring it back without suspicions. I will use it for a different cause.

"It's time for me to go back, bye onee-chan."

"Bye Center-chan!"

I went back to the bench to eat lunch.

"I have finished the potion, now preparations are complete."

The last thing I needed was a paralysis potion just in case of emergencies.

Emergencies for what? Emergencies for later.

Because later, since I have finished all preparations...

I would kill a Mini Bear.

After eating I napped until 10pm to improve my body condition and so that there will be lesser people.

I was used to fixing my biological clock so I woke up in time.

I went to the lake, but this time I brought my jacket.

The reason I brought it is because my clothes would get wet when I sneak out, and since it doesn't get wet it will protect my clothes from getting wet.

So I will use it as a bag when I swim later.

I removed all of my clothes.

I put my clothes on my jacket that is currently on the floor.

I went beside the lake where there were a pile of rocks.

I hid my things on the bottom of that pile of rocks.

I removed the other rocks and on the bottom there were large nails, a metal tread and also a thin plank.

I got three pieces of large nails, and the metal strings then put them on the jacket.

"Hmmm... This rock is good."

I got a piece of rock from the rocks around and put it on my jacket.

I wrapped the jacket around the things I will bring like a cloth bag.

I also put inside the rectangular test tube of paralysis potion that is covered in a cork.

Then there was the thin plank which I haven't put inside the jacket.

The plank wasn't a normal plank, but it was a plank full of large nails pushed into it and on the other side of the plank, the edges of the nails were pointing out.

I carefully grabbed it in a place where there is no nails pierced and went to the hole on the left side.

"Okay then, everything is prepared.... Hmmm?"

I looked behind me.

" imagination? Maybe I'm too nervous."

I thought someone was watching me but there was no one there.

"Haa... yoshi!"

I breathed out then fired myself up.

I went inside the hole and like before, it washed me away a few meters while I held to the thin plank tightly.

On the part of the river where its calm I stopped being washed away.

I went up the left side.

I put down the Nailed Plank, opened up my jacket, all of my things are not even slightly wet.

"This jacket is definitely weird."

I dried myself with a towel, and put on my clothes.

I grabbed the three Nails and the tread and held onto it on my right hand.

I put the paralysis potion on my pocket.

With my left hand I picked up the Nailed Plank.

"So, it's time... where can I find a lone Mini Bear?"

I need to find a lone Mini Bear.

I have to be careful when walking around, because there may be other monsters in here.

I went into the forest and searched for one.

"Wah.... are those... charge dogs?"

I saw a pack of charge dogs, there are 4 of them.

"I need to get away from here."

I got as far as possible from there. This was probably the most dangerous situation I was in my entire life.

After gaining a distance, I searched around again for the one I was hunting for.


I saw a lone Minibear sleeping.

"It's time to start preparing."

I went to a spot where two trees stood beside each other.

I got the string and wrapped it around on a large nail.

I pushed the nail into one of the trees.

I got the other end of the string, then went to the other tree.

I wrapped it on the other nail as well then pushed it on the tree.

After doing this, the sight looks like a string was placed connecting the two trees.

I placed the nailed plank between them.

I got the last nail and held it on my left hand, and got the rock then put it on my right hand.

Maybe you think that I am over preparing just for a mere level 0 monster, but for a non adventurer, it is hard to kill monsters.

The reason is because adventurers have the Blessing while non adventurers do not, not to mention I am a small 5 year old kid trying to kill a small bear.

"Haa..... okay... let's do this!"

After relaxing and motivating myself I went near the bear.

Okay, I'm about to start a life and death situation...

"Take this!"


I threw the rock at the Mini bear and it woke up.

It faced me and I spoke in Sheingil.




It popped a red vain then let out a cute angry roar.

I don't know if it got annoyed about what I said or because I threw something at it but it sure looks pissed.

After going bipedal, it ran towards me.

"Oh crap! Maybe if I just kept quiet it would be less angry and it be slower!"

I ran back towards the string that I placed.

After a few seconds it is catching up to me.

"Damn! Too damn fast!"

It was about 2 meters behind me about to reach me.

"A little bit more... Haaaa!"

I reached the place I made the preparations with and jumped over the string.


The Mini Bear tripped over the string.



It fell down on the nailed plank.

The nailed plank was big enough so that the nails would puncture it's whole body.

A lot of blood gushed out of it.

But something was weird, does the blood have different colors? The ones coming out of it's face and chest are dark red and from its arms and other parts of the body, it's a lighter shade of red?


"What the?!"

After being punctured, it tried to stand up, even with a lot of blood gushing out of it.

"Oh, no you won't!"


I jump on the back of it, making my weight push it down... making the nails puncture deeper.

The Bear tried to stand up again.

"What? Still not enough? Hyaaaa!!!!"


I pushed the nail towards the back of its heart.

In the books I read, the weakness of beast type monsters is the head and the heart.



I pushed the nail further to its back.

After a while it stopped moving.

"Is it over?"

After relaxing...


"Whaa? *thud*"

The bear stood up like it ignored everything and since I was riding it's back, I fell to the floor facing up.


The bear quickly turned around with amazing speed and was about to hit me with its claws...

'Wha...what the hell?!?!'

Time stopped.

No, it feels like time stopped but I can still think.

'It... It's hard to move!'

For some reason, I can't move... it seems that only my consciousness can move.

'What the hell is this?!'

I got freaked out by what is happening...

'Shit! no! I don't wanna die! I'm gonna die! Help!'

After being put into a situation where I see my death right in front of me, I panicked.

'Noo... I need to calm down!'

The bear's claws was about to hit my head and kill me of course I would be scared.

'I need to calm down...'

After calming down, I assessed the situation.

'What? after a lot of blood gushed out of it, there are no wounds?'

For some reason, the bear had no wounds to it.

'Okay... I'll think about what is happening later, for now... I need to survive...Eh?'

I looked at the claw of the bear that is about to hit me, and it looked like it moved a little bit closer than before.

I observed for a few more seconds and noticed something.

'It's slowly moving?'

It seems that time has not stopped but it slowly moving.

'Wait... what if?!'

I tried to move my hand as hard as I could and it slowly moved a few mini millimeters.

'Okay! This is a chance!'

I desperately tried to move out of the claws way.

It felt like it took minutes before I could roll my body away from its trajectory.

Then after I was out of range.

"Roaaa!! Roaaa!"

"Wha? What just happened?"

Time returned to normal.

The bear's claw was pushed deep into the ground. The reason because I dodged it's attack and now its stuck on the ground.

I stood up, reached into my pocket then...

"Take this!"


It was continuously shaking.

The reason was it was paralyzed because of the paralyzing potion I threw at it.


I went to it and pushed the nail into its head.

"Groaaaaa *thud"

The bear fell to the ground.

"Haaa....haa....ha...ha.....iss it dead?"

I went to it carefully with my guard up and looked closely at it.

I kicked it lightly.

"..... haaa....looks like it's dead."

I fell on my butt because of my exhaustion and looked at it.

"That was... unbelievably scary...haa...haa.."

It was the first time I felt like that.

The moment I knew I will die I felt unbelievable fear.

The fear of death was overwhelming and I underestimated it...

"Ha.. it's even scarier than berserker getting angry...hehehe.."

I tried to calm myself down.

"Okay... maybe I'll try to carve out a claw...Eh?"

For some reason I can't stand... I'm too tired, why am I too tired? is it because of panic? that's impossible... this isn't because I'm panicking... I'm really dead tired for some reason.

"haa... okay, try again...yes!"

I stood up and went to the bear.

I put my nails into one of the bears claws and tried to pull the claw out.


I couldn't pull it out and the nail just went through it, slicing it and making blood gush out... but for some reason, there was no wound and it looked like it wasn't even touched.

"what the hell?"

After looking at what happened, I tried again, but when I was about to touch it.

"What the?"

The Mini bear turned into red particles and evaporated to the sky.

"...What happe--?!"

While I was confused on what was happening.


I heard a howl from somewhere. It's probably a charge wolf.

"It's dangerous here... I better go back.

I picked up the nailed plank and looked at it. For some reason, it had no blood on it.

I decided to think about it later and went back up to the hole that leads to the lake.

"okay... just... a... little... more.."

I dived into the water and it dragged me inside the lake.

I went up to the ground and laid down.

"Haaa... Too.... Tired..."

I was facing up the sky and my sight faded into darkness.

The next day I woke up the bench.


How did I get here?

I took the small clock under my bench and looked at the time.

"5:30pm? I was asleep the whole time?"

I don't know what time I got back... but it's rare for me to sleep for this long.

"Was it all a dream? no... That's impossible, then how did I get back?"

Thinking back, it's impossible that it was just a dream, and the time I woke up was because I was being tired yesterday.

"...Maybe I was just automatically doing my daily routines without thinking... I think I have read something like that...sleep walking?"

Yes... That's possible... but there was a better explanation.

"Did someone carry me back here? No... That's impossible..."

It's impossible because if someone did, that person would have reported me already.

But maybe that person didn't notice because if I had become unconscious after returning to safety, that meant that I just looked like I went to the lake with my clothes on and slept on the ground.

"There's no point thinking about it... at least I'm alive."

Since I just returned here, I should be happy... if they had found out, I should've been on the clinic.

But why don't I have a cold? I was soaked yesterday did that person changed my clothes or did I change my clothes myself?

"Gahhh! it's just useless to think about it! I'm hungry, time to eat!"

I ate the food that was placed beside my bench, there are- two meals since I skipped breakfast and lunch. Maybe they just left it there because I was asleep the whole day.

After I ate the two meals, I rested.

"I already skipped all my work, but I'll be able to go to the pharmacy later."

When 6 came I went to the pharmacy.

"Center-chan?! What are you doing here?"

"Eh? What do you mean?"

"Where you the one who took care of me?"

"What? What do you mean? Are you still asleep?"

"Oh... never mind, but why are you asking why am I here?"

"It's because I thought you're taking a break, I went passed your bench when I was about to go to school, but you were asleep, I tried to wake you up but you wouldn't budge... I did the same on the way home and you still didn't budge, I figured you were too tired to work so I didn't expect you to come here."

"Oh... is that so..."

So it wasn't onee-chan?

"But why did you ask me if I took care of you?"

"Ah? No.. I was just dreaming..."

"Dreaming? You were dreaming about me taking care of you?!"

Onee-chan Hugged me tight.

"Center-chan, you already have Xeline-chan, but you still thought of me that way?! I'm so happy!"

"I-I can't breathe... O-Onee-chan..."

"Oh! I'm sorry! Center-chan!"

After being released by this crazed girl I went to the counter.

"Onee-chan... I will make a lot of paralyzing potion, I want to help the shop and sell it on my bench, don't worry, I will return the money back to the shop."

"Don't worry Nameless-kun... you don't have to return the money, since you were the one who made it, you should be the one to receive payment."

The one who said that was Sensei who just went out of 'The Back'.

When I come here at this time sensei was always at the back fixing materials or at the town hall for some reason.

"But sensei, how about the materials wasted? I know they aren't free."

"Don't worry about it..."

"But still..."

Since I don't like owing people favors, I was thinking of a way to pay them back for this.

"Okay... how about I advertise this shop around when I am walking around and asking people? but still... I will pay back the materials used...I really feel bad when I don't pay you back for this..."

"I don't really mind, but if that's what you are satisfied with, it's fine with me."

It's good that sensei was understanding.

The reason why I want to make potions and sell them to adventurers was not to gain more profit.

The reason was so that I can make paralysis potions and bring them back to may bench without making suspicions on why am I doing it.

I won't sell all of the potions because I would use some for emergencies when I go back hunting outside, not to mention no one buys this.

"So Center-chan will already make potions by himself? That makes me sad because I can't teach him anymore..."

"Don't worry Onee-chan, I won't be satisfied with just making paralysing potions, after a short time I would let you teach me again."

"Yay! More time for loving Center-chan!"

I can only create low grade bad status potions because I am still at the 'Introduction' part of those damn books.

I want to be able to make many more potions since low grade potions are so cheap and no one even buys it.

After making a lot of potions it was already time to eat.

"Bye Center-chan!"

"Bye Onee-chan."

I went back to the bench and ate.

"I'm still too tired of because yesterday, I'll continue hunting tomorrow..."

I decided that I would try to hunt more to become stronger.

And there were also questions about what happened yesterday.

What the hell was up with that 'Time Stop'?

I did my daily routine then slept.

The next day, I was at the library.

I searched a lot of shelves because I'm looking for specific types of book.

I picked up two books.

I went back to the counter and sat beside Berserker.

Berserker stopped reading and looked at me.

"Hey, are you okay now?"

"Hmmm? What do you mean?"

"I saw you still sleeping on the way here."

"Is that so? I was just tired from overworking."

"Okay... then don't die okay?"

"D-Die? What do you mean?"

"Many people die of overwork you see..."

I thought she knows... this person really is a berserker with unbelievable instinct.

"You're overreacting Babaa."


She's quiet! Oh no! it's been a while since I called her Babaa. Maybe the rage bar is full now! I think I will die today!

"...I'm serious... don't die..."




She didn't get angry even if I called her Babaa... was she that worried? I just fell asleep for a long time you know?

Well... that is worrying if you think about it, no normal 5 year old will sleep for hours or work for a whole day.

I have been working the whole day for a month.... was she worried the whole time?

For some reason, I feel good... but why? what is this feeling?

"Don't overwork that much okay? be sure to eat and rest properly..."


She went back to reading the book.

So she was worried about me? Why do I feel so good?

I need to stop getting distracted, I need to start reading because this is important.

I opened the first book.

It's called 'Human Reactions Towards Death'.

The reason I got this book is because of what happened to me last night.

Why the hell did time seem to stop?

I read the book and reached the part.

[People have been said to have their life flash back before their eyes before dying, and there are also people who say that they see their relatives in the moment where their lives are in mortal danger. These experiences are those from who survived near death situations.]

[I have a theory about it, when humans are faced with death, the brain focuses everything into speeding up its processing power. This drives the brain into overdrive. It is a result of 'Surviving' as the brains top priority. But it goes out of control because emotions are also processed by the brain. The brain processing power becomes concentrated towards regret, panic, fear and other negative emotions making the brain remember everything from the past, hence producing the 'life flashes before eyes' illusion. There are also times where they accept death making them hallucinate seeing their dead relatives.]

Hmmm, the author sounds pretty legit.

[So how do they know if their whole memory flashed before their eyes, or how did they recognize their dead relatives? That is because the brain is in overdrive, it's processing power is boosted up to the point where it's so fast that it can process information a lot faster than usual making it look like stopping time. In theory, when a person doesn't feel emotions, they will be able to focus on surviving, making it possible to assess the situation and do the optimal action leading to survival. Meaning a person can focus on what is happening right now in front of their senses and not the thoughts created by emotions.]

So, is that what happened to me?

It was a death situation I'm sure... but in those moments, I felt unbelievable fear and other negative emotions.

Not only that, I was also able to calm myself down from scared to calm during that time delayed period.

Maybe this author is wrong, but some of his explanations is probably right.

Maybe that's what happened to me and got lucky.

I am convinced with this explanation and decided that this is what happened to me.

"Okay, now for the next one."

Since I already found out the reason, I closed the book unfinished and opened the second one.

The books name is 'The Blessing given to Monsters'.

I got this book because of what I saw yesterday. The mini bear had no wounds even when punctured in its whole body, not to mention when I removed the nails, something weird happened.

I opened the book and read it.

[Like adventurers, the monsters also receive the same kind of blessing like 'Adventurer's Blessing' but it is a little different. They don't receive physical improving blessings and also, they cannot level up. The difference is that they may evolve when they meet certain conditions.]

Well the Giga Bear was just a Mini Bear that ate a lot of white herbs.

[The most important thing is that they also receive the HP system, like the adventurer's blessing. This protects them from harm until they run out of HP.]

HP system? What is that? I should find a book about it...

I stopped reading the book and went to the shelves.

I saw Xeline there reading again at a fast pace.

I ignored her and got the book 'The HP System'.

I sat on a table and started reading.

[The HP system is a system which makes a being unaffected by life threatening wounds. For example, when a person gets beheaded, the person's head will roll on the ground.]

What a brutal author... and of course it will roll on the ground.

[But those with the HP System will not be beheaded, instead, a red liquid will just flow out of their necks. The person might feel some pain but the person's body itself will be left unharmed. This pain is mitigated by the blessing making the 'Beaheaded' feel less painful. This red liquid that come out of the body is called 'Health Points' or some call it Red HP Liquid.]

Oh, so that explains everything. And that liquid wasn't blood but Red HP Liquid huh?

[The color of the HP Liquid differs wherever the being is hit. If the being is hit on the most vulnerable point, Dark red HP Liquid will gush out. The lighter the red color is the weaker the damage.]

Come to think about it, the red liquid that came out yesterday had different colors, and when I struck it's head and it's back with the nail, dark red liquid came out.

[The HP system does not protect the being from death, if a beings HP becomes 0, the being dies. After a few minutes, the body of the being becomes red particles and evaporate towards the sky.]

So that was it huh?

[Even if a being is in the HP System, they could still be poisoned and burned. And there is also a status that can also remove a body part of the person in the HP System, this status is called Amputated.]


[If a person is in the HP System, they cannot be wounded, meaning that body parts will not be removed... this is different when a part of its body is Amputated. In this state, the color of the body part will be black even if it's still connected to the body. But it will be in a state where the being cannot use it, because it is the same as being a body part removed.]

[When Amputated is inflicted, a portion of the Current HP and the Maximum HP of the target will be removed depending on which part of the body is removed. Max HP will only be restored when not damaged within the next 24 hours.]

Woah... That's scary.

[The Amputated Status is inflicted when a part of a monster is carved out. If this happens when the monster is dead, the color released by the body part will be turned into a random item based on what part is cut.]

Carved? So there are Carving skills? Okay... I better learn that.

I put the book back and picked up 'Carving Monsters'

[Carving can only be used by certain adventurer skills. These skills are —]

What? So it can only be done by adventurers? Well... this sucks.. But I better read it so I know after I become an adventurer.

While reading, I stumbled upon an interesting part.

[There is also a skill that is not limited to classes, this skill is called <Amputation>. Like the name states, it put a part of the body into Amputated status. This is not a skill, but a natural phenomenon that is unexplained. This can also be done to monsters that are not dead. This skill is not learned by any classes because everyone can do it. But it has certain conditions, these conditions are—]

After reading the book, I decided to try this <Amputation> further into the future. I can't do it now because it needs certain conditions that I don't have. But since it says anyone can do it, maybe I can do it even without being an adventurer?

When I looked at the clock it was already 12pm and I walked out of the library.

"Hey, are you okay?"

The person who said this was the person in front of me.

It was the voice of Xeline.


After replying, she just went out the door without saying anything.

Well... that's natural, that's just how we both are towards each other.

Anyway, why is everyone worried? I just overslept yesterday.

After heading out, I went back to work until night time.

I went back to hunting monsters again that night.

When I went to the lake, I felt like I was being watched again, but there was no one there.

I did the same preparations as I did before.

But this time, the time stopping event didn't occur, because when the Mini Bear falls down, I know it will go on a rampage after dying for a few seconds, so at that time I go out of range and throw the potion after it becomes active again.

For some reason, I was not as tired as I was before, and because of that, I went back to the lake, cleaned myself, went to the bench and slept.

My daily routine was, Reading potion books at the morning, then read books in the library until Lunch. Go to the construction site during the afternoon, learn sewing, then go to the pharmacy to make potions and learn potion making from onee-chan.

Then, I would eat, take a nap until 10pm, go monster hunting. Then go back to sleep.

I got used to feeling being watched before going out to hunt monsters and didn't mind it after a lot of times.

I spent everyday like this.

3 years have passed.

You can resume reading from this paragraph.