Chapter 5:

Vol. 1 Ch. 5 The Silent Musician


Chapter 5Bookmark here

Skill, Stat, ClassesBookmark here

I am currently 8 years old and the date today is 10/14.Bookmark here

The past 3 years, I found out what Xeline, Onee-chan, and Berserker's birthdays and age are.Bookmark here

Xeline 12/21 8 years old.Bookmark here

Onee-chan 09/10 11 years old.Bookmark here

Berserker 01/01 25 years old.Bookmark here

In the past three years I have progressed on some things.Bookmark here

I have finished the 'Introduction to Potions' and continued to the next shelf last week which is 'Preparatory Guide to Potion.'Bookmark here

I finished the introduction in 3 years, while that brat finished everything when she was 4 years old, for some reason my pride seems damaged.Bookmark here

She have been reading in the library as well, but for some reason, she still can't win our question and answer battle.Bookmark here

Also, I told them that I would come at 7:30am than 5:30am, because people are starting to worry because I overwork. If they worry too much they might monitor me and I might not be able to hunt at night. This extends my hunting time though.Bookmark here

Hunting at night was hard at first because I only trusted the moonlight for eyesight, but I got used to it and was able to find enemies in the dark and fight them as well.Bookmark here

For my hunts, I stopped using paralysis potion after a year because it dies after stabbing in the back of the heart or the head without him using his 'Last Resort' which is improving its physical capabilities when HP drops low, I also stopped using the Nail plank and just stick to using strings to make it fall.Bookmark here

This is from a book I have read a few years ago about the 'Last Resort'.Bookmark here

[Some monster have a 'Last Resort' which makes them stronger. This 'Last Resort' makes them able to fight when they have very low HP.]Bookmark here

I also studied how the Mini Bear acts.Bookmark here

When it falls over its back, it takes time to get up, but it's harder to hit because it is facing up and I can't hit its weak points. When that happens, I just wait for it to stand then trip over the string again by standing on the other side.Bookmark here

In the first year, I only took one or two per night, but now, I can kill about 10 of them a single night, it already became too easy and boring.Bookmark here

I got wounded a lot of times during those battles but the time stopping sensation didn't come back anymore. Whenever I get wounded, it hurts like hell because I don't have the adventurer's blessing to mitigate the pain with he HP system.Bookmark here

To hide my wounds, I wore my jacket that never gets stained so nobody would notice.Bookmark here

The jacket also somehow grows as I grow, it's like it grows with me. I don't know where that weird jacket came from but it's very convenient.Bookmark here

Time to return to what is happening now.Bookmark here

I am currently on the construction site and I was preparing to leave since it's already 4:30pm.Bookmark here

"Well, I guess this will be my last workday..."Bookmark here

"*Sniff*... Nail pusher... I will miss you!"Bookmark here

"Why?! Why do you have to quit?!"Bookmark here

"Nail pusher... you're the fastest worker in this force, please don't go and leave me! All these other guys are useless!"Bookmark here

""""You're the most useless one among all of us!!!""""Bookmark here

This is my last day in the construction site, the reason for this is I am now able to do blacksmith since I am 8 years old, that blacksmith promised that I can start working at 8 years old.Bookmark here

"We already have proper tools! You can use these now so it's easier than pushing nails!"Bookmark here

"Well... I don't think I can help that much now because the remaining work is concrete and metal works..."Bookmark here

"Don't leave us man!!!"Bookmark here

For these three years I have been working with these guys, so for some reason I have a bond with them.Bookmark here

"You better send us letters *sniff* okay?!"Bookmark here

"Come and visit us sometime!"Bookmark here

"When you go back... I will surely have a position open for you..."Bookmark here

"Why are you guys overreacting? I'm not going to die! in fact, I just live at the center of the town! Why are you guys acting like you're never going to see me again?!"Bookmark here

"But we won't have our special time working together!"Bookmark here

"And also making jokes with each other!"Bookmark here

"Don't you feel sad that all these moments will now just be a memory!"Bookmark here

"Don't be stupid you guys!...*sniff*."Bookmark here

"""""?!"""""Bookmark here

They were surprised by my reaction. I'm only reacting like this because I got dragged into the flow.Bookmark here

"I'm just a few streets away you know...*sniff*"Bookmark here

"Nail pusher, is crying?!"Bookmark here

"Hey don't cry... you're making me cry too *sniff*"Bookmark here

"You have been crying this whole time!"Bookmark here

"Nail pusher... okay then... Everyone Stand in line!"Bookmark here

All of the workers then stood in line in front of me with some of them teary eyed.Bookmark here

"Everyone! together!"Bookmark here

""""""Thank you for your hard work!!!""""""Bookmark here

"You guys are men! Why are you crying?!*sniff*"Bookmark here

I stood up tall as well then bowed my head.Bookmark here

"Thanks for taking care of me!"Bookmark here

Because of how they were acting, I was dragged in their stupid act.Bookmark here

After this stupid exchange I went out the construction site with my head held up high.Bookmark here

Yes, this is a stupid because they can always see me again anytime, but for some reason... it felt lonely.Bookmark here

After going out the site, I calmed myself down and wiped my tears.Bookmark here

This time, I went to the tailor... and this is also the last session I have.Bookmark here

"Oba-san, Alex-san... This will be the last time... I will be in your care!"Bookmark here

""We're glad to have you!""Bookmark here

After a 3 months when I started here, I was already able to repair clothes, then after 2 years, I was able to make shirts, then after 3 years, I was able to make adventurer equipments.Bookmark here

Some of the plain t-shirts I made was put in the shop and I also got money from repairing some.Bookmark here

6:00pm and this was the time I leave.Bookmark here

"Well.... this will be the last time..."Bookmark here

I bowed my head.Bookmark here

"Thanks for taking care of me!"Bookmark here

"I had fun teaching you Nameless-kun, I'll visit you sometimes!"Bookmark here

"You can also come here, you're like a grandson to me now."Bookmark here

"Thank you for everything! Goodbye!"Bookmark here

Now, this is a proper goodbye! Not crying for no reason!Bookmark here

But still, It feels lonely... it's because of those guys fault!Bookmark here

The reason I am stopping tailor work is because I have something I had to do.Bookmark here

I will try to start it tomorrow.Bookmark here

I went to the pharmacy today.Bookmark here

"Hello Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Hello Onee-chan..."Bookmark here

"Center-chan! Why do you look sad?!"Bookmark here

"What? I'm not sad?"Bookmark here

"No, you might look okay, but you're not!"Bookmark here

"How can you tell?"Bookmark here

"Isn't it obvious? Because I'm your Onee-chan!"Bookmark here

This person is unbelievable... Well, I really am not sad, but looking at the events that happened this afternoon, maybe I am in a sad mood.Bookmark here

"Center-chan, do you want to take a break today?"Bookmark here

"No! I'm fine! Please teach me Onee-chan!"Bookmark here

"Okay Center-chan... but whatever happens, I'm here for you!"Bookmark here

"Thanks Onee-chan."Bookmark here

I went behind the counter.Bookmark here

*Thud* *Thud* *Thud*Bookmark here

"......."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

Xeline went down as usual, but she stopped after the last step.Bookmark here

"....damn crybaby..."Bookmark here

"Wha?! What the hell are you talking about?!"Bookmark here

"Dunno, I just wanted to call you that."Bookmark here

Are you a psychic or something?!Bookmark here

"I don't have time to play little brat, get out of my sight."Bookmark here

"Hmpf, this stupid kid got a big head just because he can complete some potions now."Bookmark here

"Kyaaah! You two are always getting along each other!"Bookmark here

Xeline and I looked at each other and nodded, making our truce immediately effective.Bookmark here

"Yeah, we're just joking around he he he, good luck in making potions!"Bookmark here

"Yeah, good luck to you as well!"Bookmark here

After talking with dry robotic voices, Xeline went to the back to collect materials and I started to make potions.Bookmark here

"Okay Center-chan, let's start!"Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

I was now able to create Low grade Poison, Flammable Oil, Stun potion, Flash potion, and confuse potion. And I can also make middle grade Paralysis potion now.Bookmark here

While making potions the time to eat came.Bookmark here

"Bye Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Bye Onee-chan."Bookmark here

*Thud**Thud**Thud*Bookmark here

Xeline rushed down again to collect materials, but she stopped again on the way.Bookmark here

This is the first time I saw her go down with just a 1 hour gap period from her previous collection.Bookmark here

She looked at me and I looked back.Bookmark here

She did a small smile towards me and ran to the back again.Bookmark here

Why the hell did she smile at me! Is she making fun of me?!Bookmark here

After going out of the shop annoyed, I went back to the bench to eat.Bookmark here

"Hmmm... I can't go hunting today, I guess I should just exercise after eating, take a bath then sleep."Bookmark here

I can't go hunting today because of certain circumstances.Bookmark here

I did what I just said then slept.Bookmark here

The next day, after studying potion books in the morning, I went to the library.Bookmark here

I picked up two books called 'Stats and Skills' and 'Classes and Advanced Classes'Bookmark here

I went beside the Berserker and read the books.Bookmark here

The first one I read was 'Stats and Skills'Bookmark here

[Each level an adventurer gains 5 status points. an Adventurer can put stat points to any stats. Bookmark here

There are 5 stats, Str, Dex, Vit, Int, and Luk. Bookmark here

Str increases your whole attack and body strength.Bookmark here

Dex generally increase Speed in combat and critical multiplier. For Magicians it increases casting time, it also increases speed but it is reduced than other classes, this also increases wind magic speed.Bookmark here

Int Increases the strength of Magic, Mana, and buffs. Also, it increase the chance for a magic to cause Burn, Freeze, Stun, Shock, and Blind.Bookmark here

Vit Increases your HP, Defense which decreases pain, resistance to bad status effects like paralyze, poison, confuse etc.Bookmark here

Luk Increases the chances if dealing bad statuses and debuffs to enemies. ]Bookmark here

Seems like these are the reasons adventurers are strong.Bookmark here

[An adventurer will only know his or her stats after they become Advanced adventurers this means they have to be at Level 10 unless you're a Moon Clan Member.]Bookmark here

Damn Moon Clan is unfair.Bookmark here

[Your starting stat will be decided on what you have done when were still not an adventurer.]Bookmark here

[For the ones registered as 'Citizens' who wants to become an 'Adventurer' they will start at level 0 as well. When they reach Level 10 their starting stats will be given, but there will be a distortion.]Bookmark here

Distortion?Bookmark here

[Since they were late to enroll, all the things that they did before they became an adventurer will still be added to the stat but since they did things during the times they were citizens, this will affect their starting stats. Meaning, all things you did when you started to become a citizen, which was 15 years old, will also be added to your stats, but it will give an error for your stats.]Bookmark here

Error?Bookmark here

[For example, you're a citizen. You exercise your body until you are 30, then turn into an adventurer, the exercise you did from 15-30 years old may have been put into the strength stat. Meaning if you find out your starting stat at level 10, you might have a high starting <Str>.]Bookmark here

So what's the problem? Bookmark here

[This <Str> should have also expended stat points, meaning you will receive a negative amount of stat points depending on how much str you gain on the years you were a citizen. Meaning if you gained 100 <Str> during those years, you will receive <-100 Available Stat Point>, which will be reduced to -95 if you level up because of the +5 points gained when leveling up.]Bookmark here

So that just means that it's better to become an adventurer from the start to balance your stats.Bookmark here

Wait, what happens if you try to learn something when you become an adventurer? Doesn't it increase <Int>?Bookmark here

I flipped the page to that part.Bookmark here

[After you become an adventurer, you can't increase the stat by doing things like Exercising or Reading, this is because you stop gaining stats from those activities after becoming an adventurer. This doesn't mean you stop gaining knowledge and strength from these activities. They just aren't reflected in your stats. Meaning they won't affect the power of Magic but this will affect skills with Physical Attacks or some Special Magic.]Bookmark here

So that's how stats works huh? How about skills.Bookmark here

[Every class has a different set of skills. An adventurer gains 1 skill point per level which can be put into any skills. Some skills require other skills to be learned. For example, <Flame Barrage> can only be learned if you have learned <Flame Bolts Lv.5>.]Bookmark here

So you cannot just learn the most powerful skill instantly huh?Bookmark here

[There are times when an adventurer can gain a skill without using a skill point. This is by doing hard work. For example, you practiced archery before becoming an adventurer. When you become an adventurer you might have gained <Hawk Eyes Lv. whatever> as a result.]Bookmark here

So that was possible.Bookmark here

[This is impossible for magic since only adventurers can only use magic, this is the same as priest healing skills. Meaning they can only level it up with skill points.]Bookmark here

This ends the book.Bookmark here

Hmmm this description is somehow vague, what if you already have the skill and still tried to level it up by hard work? Can you learn the skills with requirements by learning the previous skills by hard work?I guess I'll learn about it later.Bookmark here

I closed the book and opened the other one.Bookmark here

I Opened 'Classes and Advanced Classes' and read it.Bookmark here

[You can only obtain a Class when you achieve Level 10. By achieving level 10, you must go to the capital city of 'Anima' to change classes. There are also some places other than the capital where you can change classes. These are the towns that specializes on one class, for example, the 'Mage Town of Tiama'. Though, Moon Clansmen are exemptions because they are already given classes from the day they were born.]Bookmark here

Yeah, those Moon Clansmen are unfair, aren't they?Bookmark here

[There are 5 combat classes, Swordsman, Archer, Magician, Priest, and Scout. There are also 2 crafting classes, the Alchemist and the Maker.]Bookmark here

[The Swordsman class are the class that excel in close range combat. They are also the ones who take damage for their allies. The most notable skill they have are <Taunt> <Battle Mode> and <Magic Blade>.'Bookmark here

'The swordsman class has three advanced classes. Great Swordsman, Rune Swordsman, and Paladin. Bookmark here

A Great Swordsman is a class that either specialize as a tank or as a vanguard. Bookmark here

Recommended stats <Str> <Vit > <Dex> depending on what type you are.Bookmark here

A Rune Swordsman is a class that specialize in both Long range and Short range attack. They can deal both physical and magical damage.Bookmark here

Recommended stats <Dex> <Int> <Str>Bookmark here

A Paladin is a special class, it is a class with both Swordsman and Priest skills. Take note that Paladin is also an advanced class of Priest. Whereas Swordsman to Paladin is mostly a tank, and a Priest to Paladin is mostly a healer.
Recommended stats <Vit> <Str> <Int>.']Bookmark here

Okay... next is...Bookmark here

[The archer class is a class that specialize in dealing damage in a long distance. Their most Notable skills are <Barrage Mode> <Sniper Mode> and <Carving Shot>.'Bookmark here

What, no 'Final shot of Death'? Hahaha.Bookmark here

'The archer class has three advanced classes. 'Great Archer, Sniper, and Hunter.'Bookmark here

A Great Archer focuses on dealing damage by unleashing a barrage of arrows on enemies.
Recommended stat is <Dex>Bookmark here

A Sniper focuses on long range attacks that deal maximum physical damage to the enemy's weak spots.
Recommended stat is <Dex>Bookmark here

A Hunter focuses on giving status ailments and debuffing enemies by hitting them with arrows and setting traps. They also have attacks that can carve monsters.
Recommended stats are <Dex> <Luk>]Bookmark here

So even bows have different uses other than shooting many arrows or shooting arrows at a longer distance.Bookmark here

[The Magician class is a class that deals damage and debuffs to enemies with magic. Their most notable skills are all the elements and some debuffing skills.Bookmark here

'The Magician class has three advanced classes. The Great Mage, Scholar, and the Debuffer.'Bookmark here

The Great Mage focuses on dealing Large Amount of Magic Damage on a Large area with their Magic.'
Recommended stats are <Int> <Dex>.Bookmark here

The Scholar focuses on Quick casting magic, Summoning Magic, and as well as versatile magic.'
Recommended stats are <Dex> <Int>.Bookmark here

The Debuffer focuses on debuffing the enemies stats and can also decrease their speed and brain activity.
Recommended stats are <Luk><Dex>]Bookmark here

Do all classes have advanced classes called 'Great'?Bookmark here

Anyway, time to read the next one.Bookmark here

[The Priest Class is a class that focuses on healing allies, buffing them, and as well as dealing magic holy damage. They also specialize in dealing with Demon class monsters and Undead class monsters. Their notable skills are <Heal>, <Holy Light>, and <Exorcism>'Bookmark here

'The Priest Class has three advanced classes. The Great Priest, Diviner, and Paladin.Bookmark here

The Great Priest specializes in healing allies and giving them buffs.
Recommended stat is <Int>Bookmark here

The Diviner specializes in dealing Light damage and as well as destroying Undead and Demon Kind monsters.
Recommended stat is <Int> <Dex>Bookmark here

The Paladin which is the same as the Paladin of the swordsman class has the same skills. Though, if a swordsman Paladin Focuses more on Tanking and healing , a priest Paladin Focuses on Healing and using light sword beams.'
Recommended stats are <Int> <Dex> <Vit>]Bookmark here

The only class that specializes in defeating a specific kind of enemy huh?Bookmark here

Okay time for the next one.Bookmark here

[The Scout class is a class that specializes as classes who detect enemies, are Fast Vanguards, and as well as stealing. They are the ones who advances first for the party to explore the area. They are the most versatile class. Their most notable skills are <Bad Needle> <Back Stab> and <Steal>.'Bookmark here

'The Scout class has three advanced classes. The Great Scout, Assassin, and Master Thief.Bookmark here

The Great Scout specializes in detecting enemies, sneaking, and as well as setting up traps. They can also use poison darts to deal bad statuses to enemies quietly. They are the ones who first advance to scout the enemies.
Recommended stats <Dex> <Luk> <Vit>Bookmark here

The Assassin specializes in close quarter combat and surprise attacks. They can deal large amount of damage but they don't rely on defense much and only focus on attacking and dodging.
Recommended stats <Dex> <Str>Bookmark here

The Master Thief specializes in Carving and stealing items and money from monsters. They can use bows and swords, they also have versatile skills that makes them climb buildings and also use arrows like grappling hooks.
Recommended stats <Luk> <Dex>]Bookmark here

I wonder what class I should get?.... I'll think about it when the time comes.Bookmark here

Now time for the last two crafter classes, the Alchemist and the Maker.Bookmark here

'The Alchemist is a class that focuses on making potions, making artificial beings, and enchanting equipments. Their most notable skills are <Potion Making> <Create Artificial Being>, and <Potion Detonation>.'Bookmark here

Maybe Xeline or Onee-chan will become an alchemist when they become adventurers.Bookmark here

Wait, will they become adventurers? I'll ask later...Bookmark here

[The Alchemist class has two advanced classes. The Great Alchemist, and the Mad Alchemist.Bookmark here

The Great Alchemist focuses on making potions and as well as. They also have combat abilities like, making their potions activate prematurely, and increasing the effect of potions.
Recommended stats <Int><Luk>Bookmark here

The Mad Alchemist focuses on creating more Artificial Creatures, They also have the power to create a being called Homunculus which are as strong as another adventurer.
Recommended stats <Int>]Bookmark here

This class fit Xeline in a lot of ways, but she should be called 'Crazy Alchemist'.Bookmark here

Next is the Maker.Bookmark here

[The Maker is a class that focuses on crafting new equipment and as well as repairing equipments in the battlefield. They are both vanguards and as well as support, their most notable skills are <Making>, <Repair>, and <Disection>]Bookmark here

A class that focuses on making money?Bookmark here

[A Maker has two advanced classes. The Great Maker, and the Battle Maker.Bookmark here

The Great Maker focuses on making, and repairing items for the party when out on the field. They can also have weight ignoring blessing so they can carry more items
Recommended stats <Dex><Luck>Bookmark here

The Battle Maker specializes in Close quarter combat and as well as temporarily Buffing team mates equipments in the battlefield.
Recommended stats <Str> <Vit> <Luk> <Dex>]Bookmark here

These are the classes of adventurers.Bookmark here

This knowledge will be useful 10 years from now when I become an adventurer, but right now. This knowledge might have no useBookmark here

After reading I closed the book.Bookmark here

"You don't read aloud anymore..."Bookmark here

"Huh? When did I do that?"Bookmark here

"When you were a kid... you read aloud a lot of times, don't you remember?"Bookmark here

"I guess having old age gives you memory loss."Bookmark here

*Smash*Bookmark here

She hit me on my head with a book.Bookmark here

"OUCH!!!! This is child abuse!!!"Bookmark here

"Hmpf!"Bookmark here

Looking at this person... she... looks like she haven't aged for even a day? Bookmark here

What the hell is she doing? Does she use some kind of cosmetic products to look like that? No, she's not the type to use one and I never see her using them.Bookmark here

This damn berserker is an unknown creature! Maybe I should sell her to the government and gain money.Bookmark here

"Maybe they would put you in the Museum."Bookmark here

I ran out of the library to escape death.Bookmark here

I thought that first Mini Bear was scary.... I was wrong... That berserker is a lot more scarier.Bookmark here

I ate at my bench.Bookmark here

"Hmm... there sure are a lot of adventurers today."Bookmark here

The reason why I can't go hunting at night are the adventurers is because there are a lot of adventurers today. There is a larger chance to encounter one when I go out which is a bad thing. They will report me and ask me questions which is inconvenient.Bookmark here

The reason they are here is because they have an urgent quest located at the Elf Village, which is located south of Quina. I don't know what this urgent quest is, nor do I care.Bookmark here

The Urgent quest will be done in a month from now. So for the meantime, I'm going to stop hunting and do some other things that can make me improve in hunting or in other things.Bookmark here

After eating I went to the blacksmith for the first day of work.Bookmark here

"Hahahahaha! It's you!"Bookmark here

"Hey, I'm 8 years old now... Teach me how to smith!"Bookmark here

"Yes, I will never forget your flame, 'Flame Boy!'"Bookmark here

Okay... why the hell 'Flame boy'? Bookmark here

I don't care... I just don't care anymore anyone can call me whatever they want.Bookmark here

"I regret to tall ya boy, today is a busy time... I have my hands full so I can't help ya."Bookmark here

"Is it because of the sudden surge of adventurers?"Bookmark here

"Ya'r right! You're pretty smart, 'Flame Boy'!"Bookmark here

No, it's called common sense.Bookmark here

Right now, there are unusually a lot of adventurers in Quina because of the Urgent Quest.Bookmark here

"Okay, but be sure to teach me later."Bookmark here

"Sure boy! I will make you the greatest Blacksmith that ever lived!"Bookmark here

That guy sure is fired up.Bookmark here

I returned to the bench and sat down.Bookmark here

"I should go to the guild now and find adventurers to teach me archery."Bookmark here

The reason why I quit the sewing job is because I need time to practice archery.Bookmark here

I noticed that I need long range attacks because I can't do close quarter combat without any advantages towards monsters. I want to hunt other monsters than Mini Bear. My current goal to achieve was killing a Charge Dog which is a Lv. 5 monster.Bookmark here

"Nah, it's better if I go later... they are probably busy hunting down monsters on the southern forest."Bookmark here

"Hmmm.. maybe I should go to the woodworking shop, it's been a while since I last went there..."Bookmark here

The one who gives me my salary on the construction job wasn't the woodworker but the boss. Bookmark here

The money I receive I deposit it on the Bank. Normally you need a card but since they knew me, they just let me put my money on a special safe and gave me access to it. The safe can only be opened by me.Bookmark here

It was a long time since the last time I went to the woodworking shop. I also want to buy a bow. But it is very suspicious to do so, so I will have to learn how to make it and make an excuse to bring it back to the bench as my first wood creation.Bookmark here

I went into the woodworking shop.Bookmark here

"Welcome!"Bookmark here

I went into the shop and there I saw a male elf with long yellow hair, red eyes, and sharp ears. He looked like he is a teenager.Bookmark here

This is the first time I saw him.Bookmark here

"Hmm? I've never seen you before."Bookmark here

"Oh, that's because I rarely come to Quina, the owner of this shop is my grandfather."Bookmark here

So this is that grumpy old man's grandson huh?Bookmark here

"So... how may I help you?"Bookmark here

"Oh... I'm wondering if I can learn woodworking."Bookmark here

"Hmm... I don't know, you better ask grandpa."Bookmark here

"Haaa... that guy will never teach me."Bookmark here

"Hahaha, don't worry, I'm sure he'll teach you."Bookmark here

"That guy's so grumpy you know?"Bookmark here

"I'll come with you and ask him!"Bookmark here

"Huh? What about the shop? Who's going to man it?"Bookmark here

"There's no need to actually, this shop usually has no one to man it... People just drop their request with 50% down payment and they just come back for it in a week for the final 50%."Bookmark here

Wow, that is so inconsistent if you think about it.Bookmark here

"What if people's request takes more time than that? Like, 'Make me a house' or something."Bookmark here

"Oh, if that happens when they return after a week, grandpa will post a paper saying 'This project will done in X days, come back later.' or sometimes he just leave it here and posts 'Don't request stupid requests'"Bookmark here

What about the money? If people just left them here... it would get stolen right? This town is so carefree...Bookmark here

We went to the workshop part of the store.Bookmark here

"Come one ask him..."Bookmark here

This person gave me a little push.Bookmark here

"Hey can--"Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

I haven't even finished yet...Bookmark here

"Oi, you said he would teach me?"Bookmark here

"Hmm? Try again."Bookmark here

"Can you tea-"Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

"Try again... this time, make sure to finish your statement before he says no."Bookmark here

"Oi, I know your just messing with me."Bookmark here

"No, it's a test... trust me."Bookmark here

"Fine."Bookmark here

I inhaled and prepared to speak fast.Bookmark here

"Heycanyouteachmewoodworking?"Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

"Pfffft!"Bookmark here

"You bastard!"Bookmark here

I thought this person was a proper person, I would've never thought he was an asshole.Bookmark here

"Hey...fufu... Try again."Bookmark here

"You're an asshole."Bookmark here

If this guy won't teach me, I will force him!Bookmark here

"Please don't teach me."Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

"Then I'll be in your care!"Bookmark here

"What the hell are you talking about?!"Bookmark here

"Pffft! That was smart! HAHAHA!"Bookmark here

I got a wooden plank and a saw.Bookmark here

"Hey, how do I make a bow?"Bookmark here

"What the hell are you doing! Don't touch that!"Bookmark here

"How can you teach me if I don't do it hands on?"Bookmark here

"When did I say that I will teach you?!"Bookmark here

"You just approved right? I told you not to teach me but you insisted."Bookmark here

"I never said anything like that brat!"Bookmark here

"So? do you have a blueprint for bows?"Bookmark here

"Shut up! Hey Pine, get this brat out of the workshop!"Bookmark here

"Hey! You said you would teach me! You would go back on your word? I thought you were a man?!"Bookmark here

"Okay grandpa! Come here lil kid!"Bookmark here

"Oi! You said he would teach me!"Bookmark here

"Pfft... HAHAHA!"Bookmark here

"This asshole!"Bookmark here

"Hahaha! calm down... it was just a joke."Bookmark here

It doesn't seem I can convince this grumpy old man to teach me.Bookmark here

I went back to the workshop with this person that is named Pine.Bookmark here

On the way back I heard a unique sound.Bookmark here

"Eh? What is that sound?"Bookmark here

"Hmm? You don't know? It's music."Bookmark here

"So this is music huh? Wait, you're not messing with me now are you?"Bookmark here

"No I'm not, I just do it once a day."Bookmark here

"So it's like a living requirement for you?"Bookmark here

"You can say that. Hahaha."Bookmark here

I think this person needs to go to a mental institute.Bookmark here

"So, what instrument is that?"Bookmark here

"It's a Violin, want to check it out?"Bookmark here

"Okay then, as long as you're not just messing with me."Bookmark here

"I told you, I only do it once a day, you can let your guard down now."Bookmark here

Telling me to let my guard down made me more cautious.Bookmark here

We went in front of a room.Bookmark here

The sound was definitely coming from this room.Bookmark here

Pine opened the door and we went inside.Bookmark here

Inside I saw a girl a little smaller than me playing the violin.Bookmark here

The girl had yellow hair up to her shoulders, red eyes, and long sharp ears.Bookmark here

She was wearing a white one piece similar to Xeline's attire in the house.Bookmark here

She had a gentle face and she looked elegant when playing the instrument.Bookmark here

"This girl is my little sister, Sassafras. she is 7 years old."Bookmark here

This is the first time I meet a person younger than me.Bookmark here

The girl stopped playing and put down her violin on a table.Bookmark here

She picked up a spiral flip pad and a pen.Bookmark here

She wrote something on it then showed it to me.Bookmark here

"[Hello, it's nice to meet you. I'm Sassafras.]"Bookmark here

"Hello, Sasssaffuras... I'm Nameless."Bookmark here

The girl did a soundless chuckle then wrote something again.Bookmark here

"[You can call me Safu... Hello... Nameless?]"Bookmark here

"It's a long story, but just call me that."Bookmark here

"[Okay.]"Bookmark here

"Why are you not talking? are you sick?"Bookmark here

Safu shook her head and looked at Pine.Bookmark here

"Oh, she's not sick... she just don't want to talk, she said that she only likes to focus on one instrument."Bookmark here

Focus on one instrument? She's making herself inconvenient for a stupid reason like that?Bookmark here

"....Weirdo."Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

"Pffft!"Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

After calling her weirdo she made a shocked expression, and Pine laughed as well making her look at him with a shocked impression as well.Bookmark here

"[WHY?!]"Bookmark here

"Why? You're not speaking because of a stupid reason like that?"Bookmark here

"[You won't understand a musician!]"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? I think using your mouth won't even affect playing since you only do it with your hands."Bookmark here

"[It does for me!]"Bookmark here

Her gentle face looked like it was about to cry with her eyebrows on a V shape.Bookmark here

"It doesn't, trust me, I maybe a kid but I have read a lot of books in the library. Or is that it? You're just doing that because you think it makes you cute."Bookmark here

"[No I'm not! You would never understand!]"Bookmark here

"Hmpf, so if I become a musician, I can call you stupid?"Bookmark here

"[I'm not stupid!]"Bookmark here

"I will call you Urusafu(Noisy Safu)"Bookmark here

"[Urusafu?!]"Bookmark here

"Pfft! Hahahahaha!"Bookmark here

Pine laughed at our exchange.Bookmark here

"[Onii-chan, don't laugh!]"Bookmark here

"Hahaha... sorry, Urusafu-chan."Bookmark here

"[Not you too!]"Bookmark here

Seems that this guy just broke his once a day promise.Bookmark here

"Fine then, I have a suggestion for both of you."Bookmark here

"What is it?"Bookmark here

"Why don't you play an instrument, and if Safu-chan acknowledges your skill, she would speak."Bookmark here

"Wait, those conditions doesn't seem fair you know?"Bookmark here

"[I'm fine with it... Are you scared?]"Bookmark here

"Playing an instrument is useless. It only creates noises, only Urusafu is okay with it."Bookmark here

"[It's not useless!]"Bookmark here

"Glare-kun... there are actually benefits in learning to play."Bookmark here

"Oh? What is it?"Bookmark here

Glare-kun? I heard from some people that I have a bad glare... is that really true?Bookmark here

"The most important thing is, if you're good... you will be able to play for rich aristocrats and nobles. Second, it is also useful to adventurers, Third, you can perform in the streets and gain money if you are broke."Bookmark here

"[Onii-chan! The most important thing is enjoying playing music for yourself and for the people around you! It makes people feel good!]"Bookmark here

"Oh yeah... that reason exists too..."Bookmark here

"[Why you!]"Bookmark here

Pine really likes to mess with people doesn't he.Bookmark here

"How does it benefit adventurers?"Bookmark here

"You see, hearing music temporarily buff people and raise their stats or heal them when a party member uses it. It's useful because it doesn't use up Mana but the member doing it won't be able to do any actions when playing."Bookmark here

"Hmm...."Bookmark here

So, Extra Income, useful for an adventurer, and entertaining others are the reasons for playing huh? not bad...Bookmark here

"Okay then, I'll learn one!"Bookmark here

"Okay, choose one instrument in this room."Bookmark here

"Looking around, there are a lot instruments in this room huh?"Bookmark here

"That's because this is the place where we store instruments."Bookmark here

"Is that so?"Bookmark here

I looked around the room, there were instruments that I recognize from books. But there is one instrument that I don't recognize.Bookmark here

What is that instrument? It looks interesting...Bookmark here

Maybe I should choose that.Bookmark here

I went beside the instrument and touched it.Bookmark here

"I want to learn this."Bookmark here

"".......""Bookmark here

"...What's wrong?"Bookmark here

"Oh, no reason... I just want to ask, why did you choose that instrument?"Bookmark here

"It just caught my attention, and I also got curious because this is the first time I saw this."Bookmark here

Why are they acting like this? Does this instrument suck?Bookmark here

"That instrument is called the Piano, you haven't seen it before because it's one of a kind."Bookmark here

"One of a kind?"Bookmark here

"Yes, the maker of the piano wasn't able to make it famous as an instrument in the elf kingdom, so that person just left it here."Bookmark here

"Is that so... do you know how to use it?"Bookmark here

"No... but there is a book about it, I can give it to you."Bookmark here

"Okay then, can I have that book?"Bookmark here

"Do you really want to play it?"Bookmark here

"Why? is there something wrong? should I change instruments?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm?.... it's fine if you really want it."Bookmark here

Why are they acting like this? If you have a rarer instrument wouldn't that make you famous instantly if you are able to play it?Bookmark here

"Yes, I only want to play this."Bookmark here

"Okay, I'll find the book... you can come back for it later."Bookmark here

Pine left to find the book.Bookmark here

"Time to leave."Bookmark here

"[Wait, don't go.]"Bookmark here

"Huh?"Bookmark here

"[I mean... can you listen to one song first?]"Bookmark here

"It's not called song if it's not sung."Bookmark here

"[I mean, just one piece!]"Bookmark here

"You want to prove to me that music isn't useless huh? Fine then."Bookmark here

She nodded and put the paper down then picked up the Violin.Bookmark here

She played a slow paced piece.Bookmark here

For some reason the music makes me feel sad.Bookmark here

It feels sad... but for some reason, that sadness is refreshing.Bookmark here

It changed pace into higher pitches and sometimes lower pitches.Bookmark here

I listen to the whole piece up to the end.Bookmark here

When she stopped I opened my eyes and look at her.Bookmark here

Wait, since when did I close my eyes?Bookmark here

When I looked at her she was smiling at me.Bookmark here

"Why are you smiling?"Bookmark here

She put down the violin and picked up the pad.Bookmark here

"[I'm just a little happy...]"Bookmark here

"Why?"Bookmark here

"[You said that music was useless... but when I played a piece, it seemed that you were appreciating it.]"Bookmark here

"What?! I'm not appreciating it!"Bookmark here

"[I have played for many people before, and I know when a person knows how to appreciate music.]"Bookmark here

"No, you're eyes are just blind! How can you even judge that when you're busy playing!"Bookmark here

She chuckled then wrote on the pad.Bookmark here

"[You're not very honest with yourself... are you?]"Bookmark here

"No! You're just assuming things?"Bookmark here

"[Oh really?]"Bookmark here

"Yeah!"Bookmark here

She just smiled at me.Bookmark here

God is she annoying, why would I appreciate that piece anyway? Music is only for profit or something.Bookmark here

"It seems that you are both having fun."Bookmark here

"So your back, did you find the book?"Bookmark here

"Yes, I found it."Bookmark here

"So, where is it?"Bookmark here

"Look beside you."Bookmark here

I looked on top of the piano and the book was there.Bookmark here

"So it was here?!"Bookmark here

"Yep, I just wanted to make you feel stupid."Bookmark here

"You're sick, I suggest you go to a mental institute and have your personality be checked."Bookmark here

"I have already done that and they said that I can live properly in society now."Bookmark here

"Eh? Really?"Bookmark here

"Nope."Bookmark here

"Okay, I don't care anymore."Bookmark here

This guy is hard to handle, are all older siblings hard to handle?Bookmark here

"[You should avoid talking to him, he will just annoy you.]"Bookmark here

"My, my... are you scared that he might steal me away from you?"Bookmark here

"[See? Nothing good comes out of his mouth.]"Bookmark here

"Yes... your probably right."
There is one thing that I want to tell this weird girl...Bookmark here

"I have a question for you..."Bookmark here

"[What is it?]"Bookmark here

"If you write, wouldn't that make your hands tired more than talking?"Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

"Pffft!"Bookmark here

Safu looked like she was surprised of the revelation and her brother laughed again.Bookmark here

Is it that hard to find that out? And her brother sure does like laughing doesn't he?Bookmark here

Safu held her head and closed her eyes while shaking.Bookmark here

Then she opened her eyes and nodded then removed her hands from her head.Bookmark here

"[It is practice for my hand stamina]!"Bookmark here

"Come to think about it... wouldn't it mess up your rhythm?"Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

She held her head again and close her eyes, she nodded and removed her hands again.Bookmark here

"[It's practice for consistency!]"Bookmark here

"Now you're making up stupid reasons, you are Urusafu."Bookmark here

She held her head down holding back her tears.Bookmark here

"Come to think of, you haven't heard what the piano sounds like right?"Bookmark here

"Oh, you're right... so how do I play it?"Bookmark here

"Sit down, open that lid then push a button."Bookmark here

I sat down then opened the lid, and there were white and black buttons.Bookmark here

I pushed one button.Bookmark here

*Dong*Bookmark here

".........."Bookmark here

I pushed another one, this time, on the further right.Bookmark here

*Ding*Bookmark here

It sounds okay...Bookmark here

I pushed more buttons.Bookmark here

"You said that music is useless... but you're smiling even though your just randomly playing it."Bookmark here

"Eh? I'm not smiling."Bookmark here

"You are though."Bookmark here

"Okay, I don't care about what you say anymore."Bookmark here

"Is that so? Okay then HAHAHA"Bookmark here

This guy was just messing with me.Bookmark here

Safu for some reason, was smiling at me again.Bookmark here

"Okay, it's time for me to go... I need to do something else."Bookmark here

"Oh, is that so."Bookmark here

"Can I keep the book?"Bookmark here

"Yes, it's yours... you can study it later."Bookmark here

"Okay then, later!"Bookmark here

"See you later."Bookmark here

"[Bye Nameless.]"Bookmark here

I went out the shop and headed to adventurers guild. Bookmark here

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