Chapter 6:

Vol. 1 Ch. 6 Training


I am going to the adventurers guild to find archer adventurers to teach me archery.Bookmark here

I went inside and went near archers.Bookmark here

"Hey, teach me archery, I'll pay you."Bookmark here

"Sorry kid, I'm busy.."Bookmark here

"I don't want to because you're a minor."Bookmark here

"Ask someone else, I need to hunt."Bookmark here

They all denied.Bookmark here

I guess it really is hard because I'm a minor.Bookmark here

If they make a mistake I got hurt, they may go to jail.Bookmark here

While walking around the guild, familiar faces entered the building.Bookmark here

One was the emotionless swordsman that I saw before, then the other was the blonde archer.Bookmark here

There was another person with them, it was a girl that has Short white hair and blue eyes. She has a calm face. She has two daggers on her belt, she looks like a teenager.Bookmark here

"Hey, Aura-nee..."Bookmark here

"Hmmm... who are you again?"Bookmark here

"Hmhmhm.... I know that you know who I am, I can see a lot of things from present to future."Bookmark here

"Oh! You're clairvoyant kid."Bookmark here

Aura-nee has an emotionless poker face and also monotone voice, doesn't really fit her personality.Bookmark here

"Aura-senpai, someone you know?"Bookmark here

"Yes, it's a kid that has clairvoyant powers."Bookmark here

Seems this white haired girl is Aura-nee's kouhai.Bookmark here

"Clairvoyant powers?"Bookmark here

"Clairvoyant kid, can you predict this man's future."Bookmark here

"Oh? Predict moi future? Okay kid, let's hear it!"Bookmark here

"Okay, hmhmhmhhm, I see it! All your party members present, or future, will find you annoying!"Bookmark here

"That's wrong kid! Moi will become the most famous man in history! Oh... that's wrong, I already am! Hahaha!"Bookmark here

"See? His prediction is correct."Bookmark here

"From this moment on, I will call you Cool Kid."Bookmark here

Seems like this white haired girl has a Cool and Calm air around her.Bookmark here

"Aura-nee, why are you here? For the urgent quest?"Bookmark here

"No, actually I just came to visit town, this was where I grew up."Bookmark here

"Really? But before, you sounded like you just wanted to kill the Giga Bear and go back to the Capital and wanted to leave immediately?"Bookmark here

"Well it's because, wait, how do you know that?"Bookmark here

"Did you forget? I'm clairvoyant kid."Bookmark here

"For some reason... I feel like believing that you really are a clairvoyant kid."Bookmark here

So she didn't believe before... Well, that is expected... who the hell would believe that?Bookmark here

"Well... even if I was raised here, me and my parents moved to the capital after I became an adventurer, I was busy back then but I got that urgent quest because of this idiot. I had to delay my other quests because of it. But it doesn't mean that I hate this town, you know?"Bookmark here

This person's emotionless face never changed.Bookmark here

"So, you're just here to visit town?"Bookmark here

"That was my reason, but since this urgent quest came here, why not get it? It's also to make my kouhai here gain experience."Bookmark here

"Hello, I'm Varii, it's nice to meet you Cool Kid."Bookmark here

"I'm Nameless, it's nice to meet you too Cool Girl."Bookmark here

"Nameless? Cool name."Bookmark here

"Thanks, Cool girl."Bookmark here

For the first time, someone called my name Cool!Bookmark here

"What is the urgent quest? I heard that it is in the elf village."Bookmark here

"Yes, it's in an elf vilage... they said monsters that aren't supposed to be there are in the area. They wanted to get rid of them, so they can check what is happening in the elf city."Bookmark here

The elf city is surrounded by the mist forest, and outside the mist forest are different elf villages.Bookmark here

"So... that was it."Bookmark here

"So, clairvoyant kid? What brings you here?"Bookmark here

"Oh, right... Moi guy, can you teach me archery?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? What's in it for moi?"Bookmark here

"I'll pay you."Bookmark here

"I don't need money, Moi can just get money by just showing my face."Bookmark here

"I'll tell you my real prediction if you accept."Bookmark here

"Hmmm? if that prediction is real, then I will accept."Bookmark here

"Okay then, wait..."Bookmark here

I closed my eyes and rubbed my head with both hands.Bookmark here

"HmHmHmHmHm...Buwaa!"Bookmark here

I opened my eyes and raised my hands.Bookmark here

"I have seen you're future... In the future, you will become the greatest archer that ever lived! But for you to achieve that, you must first teach students about you're awesomeness, because that awesomeness cannot be comprehended by normal means. You need to teach them yourself!"Bookmark here

"Bwahaahha! I already know that! you don't need to tell me that! But still, your prediction is correct! Okay, I'll teach you for free!"Bookmark here

"This clairvoyant kid sure knows how to manipulate idiots."Bookmark here

"Yeah, you're cool, cool kid."Bookmark here

"You're just jealous of moi greatness! Okay my puny student, let's go to the training area, and teach you moi greatness"Bookmark here

"But first, I don't have a bow."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, moi has more godly bows to lend you!"Bookmark here

Aside from him calling me puny student, it's good that he will teach me for free... I just got to endure his annoying nature.Bookmark here

"Bye Aura-nee, Cool Girl."Bookmark here

"See you later, clairvoyant kid!"Bookmark here

"Bye, Cool kid."Bookmark here

Me and the Moi Guy went to the Training area.Bookmark here

We went to the archery range.Bookmark here

"Okay, listen carefully."Bookmark here

The moi guy suddenly changed personality.Bookmark here

Based on what I've seen before, he changes personality when in battle. But last time, it changed back before killing the bear.Bookmark here

Moi guy demonstrated how to fire a bow.Bookmark here

"First is stance, Stance prior to shooting the bow. Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart, and feet at 90 degrees to the target."Bookmark here

"Keep a relaxed grip on the bow handle."Bookmark here

"Next place the arrow on the bow."Bookmark here

"Next is finger position, Position the fingers on the string with the index finger above the arrow and two fingers below the arrow. The string should sit in the last crease of your fingers."Bookmark here

"Then draw the bow, Pull back the string using your back muscles, not your bicep/arm."Bookmark here

"Then release, make sure to maintain your body position when releasing."Bookmark here

Moi guy shot the arrow and hit the bull's-eye of the target that is about 2000 meters.Bookmark here

"Bwahahaha! Moi godly aim can kill anything!"Bookmark here

If he didn't have this personality, he would look cool.Bookmark here

"You try! Moi puny student!"Bookmark here

I did what he did but the arrow didn't even reach the target.Bookmark here

"You're stance was perfect, but you're a beginner and you're not an adventurer, you should only hit the 500 meter range first."Bookmark here

I did what he told me to and shot the 500 meter target.Bookmark here

I hit it on the outside circle, almost completely missing.Bookmark here

"For a first shot, that was great, just continue practicing like that and increase your range when you hit the bulls-eye 50 times straight. But when you're distance increases, make sure you still go and hit the nearer ones to be sure to practice adjusting your range."Bookmark here

This guy is reliable.Bookmark here

"Moi duty here is done! As expected of moi, I even affected you and poured some of my talents in you!"Bookmark here

I take it back, this guy is annoying as hell.Bookmark here

"Just do what moi just said moi puny student! and you will become great in no time!"Bookmark here

He went to the one who manages the Training Area.Bookmark here

"Allow moi puny student to use the training Area for practice!"Bookmark here

"I'm sorry, but I can't do that for free, he needs to pay the membership fee."Bookmark here

"Moi will pay for the first year of membership, you pay the rest, moi puny student!"Bookmark here

"No way! I'll pay it by myself!"Bookmark here

"Moi have already paid for it! Pay me back by spreading moi awesomeness!"Bookmark here

"I'd rather pay you back with money!"Bookmark here

"Bwahaha! Time for moi to leave! Return the bow to me if you're able to get a personal bow!"Bookmark here

That guy is pretty reliable but is so annoying, I will pay him back after I become an adventurer, I don't want to owe people favors.Bookmark here

With this I started practicing using this bow every day during my free time.Bookmark here

My schedule has a lot of free time now because I quit the construction work and sewing work.Bookmark here

Bookmark here

6:00pm came and I went to the pharmacy.Bookmark here

"Hello Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Hello Onee-chan."Bookmark here

*Fling bam bam bam bam*Bookmark here

"Success! If it's this slippery, no one can move if they touch this!"Bookmark here

That crazy girl was crazy as usual.Bookmark here

I went behind the counter to experiment on materials in order to improve my estimating skills for making potions.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan... Come to think about it, you go to school from 7:00 to 3:00. I heard that the required hours per day is only about 5 hours or something, why would you go so early?"Bookmark here

"It's for my friends! They can't go out of the school or the dorm unless they are 15 years old, their parents that enrolled them won't allow it!"Bookmark here

"So the people who come to our school are rich kids?"Bookmark here

"I don't know, but I heard that a lot of people from other towns enroll their children to this school because it has the shortest school day, meaning students can focus on the specific classes that they want."Bookmark here

So, it means that our school is only good for collecting students that only wants to have a lot of free time to play around.Bookmark here

"Speaking of school... I'm worried that Xeline-chan isn't making friends."Bookmark here

Xeline started going to go to school last year.Bookmark here

"That brat is making friends huh..."Bookmark here

"Ohh? Don't be jealous Center-chan! our school is divided so that boys and girls are separated and are not allowed to go to the other side. They also can't go outside unless they live in Quina. They are only allowed on dorms and in school."Bookmark here

Jealous of what? And that school just sounds like a prison.Bookmark here

"I already know that they are separated to exclusive boys and exclusive boys. But why is the part of the school that is exclusive for girl larger than the place that is exclusive for boys part?"Bookmark here

"It's because of the mayor."Bookmark here

"That guy again huh? I probably know the reason why."Bookmark here

"What is that reason Center-chan?"Bookmark here

"That guy separated them in order to attract over protective parents who have daughters. Most of the time, these over protective parents are rich people, nobles, and aristocrats. This means that he can increase the tuition fees a lot and mine gold from those rich people. He probably only made a boys exclusive part for overprotective people with sons or people who thinks their son can gain connections from the other students of the school. And based on what I have read before, parents worry about their daughters more than their sons."Bookmark here

"Oh, that's brilliant Center-chan!"Bookmark here

That mayor is impressive for this kind of stuff, I guess that was the reason he became mayor. But he's too greedy and only gets the money gain for himself and only a few is given to improvements of the town.Bookmark here

"But I didn't know there were school fees."Bookmark here

"What do you mean? There obviously are."Bookmark here

"But mama said that me and Xeline doesn't have any fees required to pay just to go to school.."Bookmark here

What? Does this mean that if you pay for the taxes in this town, they can enroll without a fee?Bookmark here

That is impossible, that mayor? Pffft...Bookmark here

If they are free, there is probably only one reason.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan... can you show me your exams?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Sure, it's in my bag. You can go inside my room and pick it up, I'll continue mixing this potion."Bookmark here

I went up to her room.Bookmark here

It had bright colors of pink and violet. What a bright colored room fitting for Onee-chan's personality. She also have a lot of stuff toys.Bookmark here

I saw her bag hanging from a hook, it has a lot of animal and girly key-chains attached to it.Bookmark here

I opened it and looked inside, there wasn't a single notebook or book in it.Bookmark here

It was only full of exam papers, I got one exam paper and looked at it.Bookmark here

"I already expected onee-chan to be smart, so this isn't that surprising."Bookmark here

The test paper I was holding was full of drawings of animals, flowers... and there is also a drawing of three kids here look like me, Xeline and Onee-chan.Bookmark here

The questions were math problems, and there isn't a solution, just the final answer.Bookmark here

The reason they don't have to pay the fees was because of the scholarship law.Bookmark here

If a student is in the top 5 list, they are exempted from fees.Bookmark here

I guess the mayor has no choice but to make their fees removed because of the law or else Anima will act if someone reports this.Bookmark here

I put the paper back to the bag and put the bag back to the hook.Bookmark here

I left the room and went back downstairs.Bookmark here

"You're finished? That was fast."Bookmark here

"I just looked at your test papers, of course it will be fast."Bookmark here

"No! I expected you to lay down on my bed and hug my pillows! Why didn't you do that! Do you hate me?!"Bookmark here

".........."Bookmark here

I don't know why she wanted me to do that, but I just followed her orders and did what she said to end this.Bookmark here

I laid down on the bed and hugged onee-chan's pillow.Bookmark here

"This feels comfortable."Bookmark here

This was the first time I laid down on a bed, this feels so good.Bookmark here

After feeling so comfortable, I relaxed and didn't realize that I fell asleep.Bookmark here

After a few hours I woke up.Bookmark here

The reason I woke up is I feel something warm around me.Bookmark here

Onee-chan was hugging me from behind, she was also asleep.Bookmark here

"What is onee-chan doing?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm...Oh?"Bookmark here

Onee-chan opened her sleepy eyes.Bookmark here

"Sorry, did I wake you up?"Bookmark here

"No, Onee-chan, why are you sleeping here?"Bookmark here

"When you didn't come back, I came to check up on you. You were sleeping here hugging my pillow and I just thought you look so cute! So I laid down as well and hugged you as my pillow and I also fell asleep."Bookmark here

"What about the shop?"Bookmark here

"Ah, I forgot... maybe mom is back, let's go downstairs."Bookmark here

"Onee-chan... we can't go downstairs if you embrace me like that."Bookmark here

"Only 2 more minutes!"Bookmark here

Onee-chan hugged me tightly for 2 minutes.Bookmark here

"Okay! that's enough, let's go down Center-chan."Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

We went down stairs and for some reason, there are so many customers.Bookmark here

We went downstairs and saw Xeline making potions. And why are there so many people in here?Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan? it's rare to see you down here."Bookmark here

"Well, when I went down, both of you were gone, there was a customer so I made him the antidote that he requested, a few minutes after he left the store, a lot of people suddenly came in rushing."Bookmark here

The people inside the store are all adventurers.Bookmark here

"This store is amazing! I only ordered a medium grade antidote, and that girl sold me a Legendary Grade Antidote! I only paid the price with a medium grade that's amazing!"Bookmark here

"I want that order too!"Bookmark here

"Can you also make me that one? I'd like two!"Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan is so famous!"Bookmark here

"Wait, hey brat! Stop! What are you doing?!"Bookmark here

"Why? Don't stop me kid, it's for business you know?"Bookmark here

"No! Just stop brat! You don't know what you're doing!"Bookmark here

"I know what I'm doing! Don't lecture me in making potions!"Bookmark here

"That's not what I meant, hey stop her Onee-chan!"Bookmark here

"Why? Center-chan? You're acting like Mama, she also stopped Xeline-chan in making potions."Bookmark here

"I'll explain later, so stop brat!"Bookmark here

*Open*Bookmark here

The door opened and another person went inside.Bookmark here

"Ara? Can anyone explain what's happening here?"Bookmark here

It was Sensei.Bookmark here

"Sensei! This brat is selling Legendary grade potions!"Bookmark here

"Oh? I'm sorry everyone, but we don't sell them here... I humbly ask you to leave."Bookmark here

"Eh? Why? I already ordered my potion!"Bookmark here

"She's already making mine! Just give me mine!"Bookmark here

"Hmmm?"Bookmark here

"""""?!""""Bookmark here

There was suddenly burst of bloodlust inside the store.Bookmark here

"May I ask you to leave? and also leave behind the potions you bought, we'll buy it back with the same price."Bookmark here

The bloodlust came from sensei, she was still smiling with her usual expression but for some reason she looks scary. It wasn't directed at me but I can still feel it.Bookmark here

"Bu-bu-but!"Bookmark here

"Do you have any complaints, my customer-chan?"Bookmark here

"I-I-I don't! Here is the potion back! You don't have to pay for it!Bookmark here

"Do my customer-chans still want to wait for their orders?"Bookmark here

""""No Ma'am! we were just about to leave""""Bookmark here

The adventurers left all shaking in fear.Bookmark here

This just reminded me that women are scary when they are angry.Bookmark here

"Nameless-kun, good job."Bookmark here

"That was amazing Sensei."Bookmark here

"Why? I only asked them to leave, they are very good and obedient people."Bookmark here

No, you were just scary... didn't you notice?Bookmark here

"Mama, Center-chan! Why won't you allow Xeline-chan to make and sell potions!?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm.... Nameless-kun, do you want to explain?"Bookmark here

"Why me? You know the reason right? I don't want to give a lecture to that brat, it doesn't feel right."Bookmark here

"Please explain Center-chan! it was our fault that Xeline-chan had no choice but to do it."Bookmark here

"Fine..."Bookmark here

I took a deep breath and started explaining.Bookmark here

"If we sell Legendary potions at a low price, it will badly effect the economy, not only here, but also the capital."Bookmark here

"Why is that?"Bookmark here

"Because if we sell them at that price, the people would just buy all of them here flooding this city because of the rumors, when this happens, other potion makers would not be able to work whether it's in Anima or in Quina. The brat will be overworked and won't have time for her crazyness." Bookmark here

"So you were just worried about Xeline-chan? That's so sweet of you Center-chan!"Bookmark here

".....the most important reason is that it could have affected the prices of potions around making them drop greatly. The reason for this is because they would just go here and buy it for a lower price than buying it from other potion makers. This will make their investment on research and labor to drop, making them lose money."Bookmark here

"Ohhh, I get it!"Bookmark here

"If we stopped too late a while ago, the adventurers that was just here would have bought many Legendary Grade potions and sold them to adventurers at a lower price than usual to sell them quickly, this would lower the price of potions, slightly dropping the price of potions and destroying the economy."Bookmark here

"Now I understand! You're so smart Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"I-I knew that! You didn't have to explain!"Bookmark here

"Well done Nameless-kun, perfect score."Bookmark here

"But sensei, why didn't you explain this to them a while ago? It would've been troublesome if it happened when you're not around."Bookmark here

"I couldn't explain it in words, so I just told Xeline to not worry and just focus on making potions."Bookmark here

So you mean you just got lazy and didn't bother to explain?Bookmark here

"Why was Xeline working here alone? weren't the two of you here?"Bookmark here

"Come to think about it, what were you two doing? I thought both of you just went outside to get purified water from the well."Bookmark here

There is a well just a few steps from the pharmacy. That well has water that is used in making potions.Bookmark here

"Me and Center-chan were sleeping together!"Bookmark here

"Can you please explain, Roxelle?"Bookmark here

"I saw Center-chan sleeping on my bed hugging my pillow, he was so cute so I hugged him too and fell asleep as well!"Bookmark here

"Is that so? From now on, no sleeping together with Nameless-kun, okay?"Bookmark here

"Mama! What are you saying?! We won't do dirty things!"Bookmark here

""Dirty things?""Bookmark here

Me and Xeline tilted our heads thinking what 'Dirty Things' are.Bookmark here

"It's nothing, Roxelle is just being Roxelle."Bookmark here

""Is that so...""Bookmark here

"Center-chan and Xeline-chan are so cute!"Bookmark here

""........""Bookmark here

We just kept quiet so that it will be over.Bookmark here

I looked at the clock and it is currently 7:00pm.Bookmark here

"It's time for me to leave, goodbye"Bookmark here

"Bye Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Thanks about earlier Nameless-kun, bye."Bookmark here

Me and Xeline just glanced at each other then she went to the back to collect her materials.Bookmark here

This was always how we are.Bookmark here

I went out and headed to my bench to eat.Bookmark here

"Hmmm... I have a lot of time today... what to do."Bookmark here

Since I won't hunt monsters later, I got nothing to do for tonight.Bookmark here

"Oh! I have that book!"Bookmark here

I remembered the book that Pine gave me.Bookmark here

It was a book on how to play the piano.Bookmark here

The name of the author isBookmark here

"Shedua."Bookmark here

[The piano chords are based on guitar chords, in reading this book, you would learn how to read notes and chords. This book will also make you understand notes, timing them and also connecting them.]Bookmark here

"Hmm... I normally take a nap up to 10 pm, but I don't think I need to now... maybe I'll take a bath then read until midnight before I sleep."Bookmark here

After eating I went to the lake, did my daily routine, then went back to the bench put a clean cloth on it, laid down, and used my jacket as a blanket.Bookmark here

"Okay, time to start memorizing."Bookmark here

I memorized the whole book when 11pm came.Bookmark here

I didn't need that much time to memorize and understanding it because I was already used to doing it because of the potion books and the time I spent in the library.Bookmark here

I reviewed what I learned on my mind until I fell asleep.Bookmark here

I am currently in the counter of the library sitting next to Berserker.Bookmark here

"... Berserker, you look like you lost your eyebags."Bookmark here

These past few years, I saw Berserker suddenly have eyebags and it seems she was able to sleep well recently. She's staying up late too much, does she really love reading that much?Bookmark here

"Yes, these previous nights I was able to sleep soundly."Bookmark here

"Why? do you have trouble sleeping?"Bookmark here

"Eh? N-No! I just read too much that I forget the time and when I realize it, it's morning already."Bookmark here

"Oh? Is that so?"Bookmark here

I started reading the book that I am holding.Bookmark here

It was called 'Instruments'Bookmark here

I searched for the piano but it was not there. The only things that were there were the Guitar, Harp, Trumpet, Flute, Etc.Bookmark here

After finishing the book I closed it.Bookmark here

I took a glance at Berserker and analyzed her.Bookmark here

Looking at her now, she really does look like a teenager.Bookmark here

Why the hell does she look like she haven't aged even one day since as long as I remember? Am I just with her too much that I don't notice it?Bookmark here

"You're probably so ancient that you learned ancient spells..."Bookmark here

For the second time this week, I ran to escape death.Bookmark here

I went to the bench to eat lunch then headed to the woodworking shop.Bookmark here

"You look tired today."Bookmark here

"Oh, I just needed something to do yesterday."Bookmark here

"Hmmm, must be important work."Bookmark here

"Yes, very important."Bookmark here

Pine had large eye bags on his eyes. Did Berserker did an Ancient spell to randomly place her eyebags to another random person?Bookmark here

"So, have you tried to read the book yet?"Bookmark here

"I have memorized it already."Bookmark here

"Is that so? Sorry... but I gave you the wrong book... This was the right one, sorry because since that is wrong, it might confuse you. Forget everything you learned from it."Bookmark here

"What?!!"Bookmark here

"Joke."Bookmark here

Okay, next time, I will never believe this mental hospital patient again.Bookmark here

"If you have memorized it, then you must know how to read notes and play now right? Everything was explained in that book."Bookmark here

"Yes, but I still need to do it hands on, just imagining it will go nowhere."Bookmark here

"Okay, let's go to the music room."Bookmark here

We went to the room where there are many instruments and Safu was there playing the violin.Bookmark here

She stopped playing, put down her violin, and picked up her pad and pen.Bookmark here

"[Hello, Nameless]"Bookmark here

"Yo."Bookmark here

"Safu-chan, Nameless will try to play a song today."Bookmark here

"[A song? This will be the first time you try to play right?]"Bookmark here

"He said he memorized the book already, so I told him to just try to play it and his fingers will probably memorize the chords as well."Bookmark here

"[Memorized the book? You just got it yesterday...]"Bookmark here

"The books I usually memorize are three times as thick as this and the lettering is about 1/10th the size."Bookmark here

"[Really? There are books like that?!]"Bookmark here

"Yep, potion books."Bookmark here

"So you know how to make potions?"Bookmark here

"It's hard to do, I can only create low quality potions... I don't know why it's so damn hard though."Bookmark here

"I didn't expect that, I thought it was easy."Bookmark here

"I also thought it was easy before when I still haven't tried it yet. But... I know a kid with the same age as me that can create Legendary Grade Potions."Bookmark here

"Wow, there was someone like that?"Bookmark here

"Yes, that brat is crazy in the head."Bookmark here

"Haha! We're the same!"Bookmark here

"So you accept it?"Bookmark here

"I don't care, it's fun! Hahaha!"Bookmark here

I don't want to deal with this guy anymore.Bookmark here

I sat down and opened the lid of the piano.Bookmark here

I looked at the notes but...Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

What the hell is this? this is not what I've learned!Bookmark here

I looked at the two of them with a confused expression.Bookmark here

"What's wrong?"Bookmark here

"This is not what I have read in the book."Bookmark here

"Hmm? That's definitely it, look again."Bookmark here

I took a look at it and faced them again.Bookmark here

"No, it's definitely different."Bookmark here

"Hmm? That's impossible."Bookmark here

Safu started writing down and showed me her pad paper.Bookmark here

"[Onii-chan probably changed the first to annoy you. I saw him making a page the whole night last night.]"Bookmark here

"eh?"Bookmark here

"[Turn to the next page.]"Bookmark here

I turned to the next page and the notes are recognizable now.Bookmark here

I looked again at the first page and the quality of the fake page was just as high as the second page.Bookmark here

"So this was the important thing you talked about?!"Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

"You would even sacrifice sleep and work hard just to annoy people?!"Bookmark here

"Bwahahahahaha! With that reaction, it's a success!"Bookmark here

This guy! But for some reason, I have a lot of respect on how he does these stupid things.Bookmark here

"I can use that page again to annoy people again though, so please give it back."Bookmark here

"Oh? Is that so?"Bookmark here

I tore the page out and tore it to pieces.Bookmark here

"Wha?! Why did you do that?!"Bookmark here

"Bwahahaha! I like that reaction!"Bookmark here

"Erg! To thin someone can also do that to me... I have been defeated. You're much more capable of going to the mental hospital than me."Bookmark here

"I don't need those praise."Bookmark here

"Huhuhuhu....why did you have to do that?"Bookmark here

"Victory is mine!"Bookmark here

"Yes it truly is... but..."Bookmark here

He took out a paper.Bookmark here

"That was just a copy I made by using carbon paper while making the real one though..."Bookmark here

"What?!"Bookmark here

"Bwahahaha!"Bookmark here

Goddamn! He was messing with me all this time!"Bookmark here

"[Are you both done? I want to hear you play...]"Bookmark here

"Urusaifu (Noisy safu)..."Bookmark here

"[What?!]"Bookmark here

"Come on, start playing."Bookmark here

"Are you sure nothing going to jump out after I start playing?"Bookmark here

"Hahaha, don't worry! I only do it once a day!"Bookmark here

"No you don't you think I'll believe that?"Bookmark here

"bwahaha!"Bookmark here

I faced the piano and looked at the chords.Bookmark here

"Okay... I can do this."Bookmark here

I pressed keys one after the other.Bookmark here

I tried to play the piece but it was hard moving my fingers from place to place.Bookmark here

You don't only need to be fast, but also accurate.Bookmark here

Also, you have to mind the pace and the times you need to step on the pedals.Bookmark here

After finishing the piece I feel disappointed at myself.Bookmark here

That sounded so crappy.Bookmark here

I looked at both of them and they looked surprised.Bookmark here

"Haha... I suck huh?"Bookmark here

Safu panicked and started writing at her pad paper.Bookmark here

"[What are you talking about? You're great!]"Bookmark here

"Don't try to say lies, I memorized that book so I know how it should sound like, I also noticed all of my mistakes."Bookmark here

"[I'm not lying! You really we're great!]"Bookmark here

"No, he sucked."Bookmark here

"[Onii-chan!]"Bookmark here

"For you, you suck... but for us, you did great."Bookmark here

"Eh? What do you mean?"Bookmark here

"This was the very first time you tried to play right? For a first timer it's even impossible to play a piece, they would first have to memorize every chord bit by bit... you we're able to correctly do the chords, the only thing that lacked was you're pacing and consistency."Bookmark here

"Hmmm... maybe I should just learn the normal way and study it per chord."Bookmark here

"No, that would be useless seeing that you can do all chords now, you just have to practice a lot."Bookmark here

"You know a lot about it, Do you know how to play it?"Bookmark here

"No, I don't..."Bookmark here

"Why and how do you know how to judge it?"Bookmark here

"It's because I have heard the maker of it play it."Bookmark here

"The maker of the piano is also the author right? Her name was... Shedua."Bookmark here

"Yes, the one who made it was our mother, Shedua."Bookmark here

"Eh? So this piano was created fairly recently?"Bookmark here

"The one who created it was grandpa."Bookmark here

"You mean the grumpy old man?"Bookmark here

"Yes."Bookmark here

"So where is your mom now?"Bookmark here

""..........""Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"[She's dead.]"Bookmark here

"How did she die?"Bookmark here

"Well, it was on the way to the elf city, my mom said that she will achieve her dreams. She went out and tried to bring it to the elf city, but the carriage wasn't able to carry it properly and it's wheels gave out. They got attacked by monsters after that..."Bookmark here

Of course the wheels will give out, this piano is heavy.Bookmark here

"When was it?"Bookmark here

"It was 4 years ago."Bookmark here

"Is that so? If that is the case, why won't you learn it?"Bookmark here

"Well I..."Bookmark here

"What?"Bookmark here

"[Onii-chan...]"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? what's wrong?Bookmark here

"...I was forcing my mother to stop trying to make it famous, that it was already enough that she played for us, her family... but she insisted and kept going to places trying to make it famous with my father who played the violin."Bookmark here

"So...?"Bookmark here

"When she died, I was blaming it on the piano itself, but after thinking for a while, I realized that if Mother didn't do those things, Mother won't be herself anymore."Bookmark here

"So why won't you play the piano?"Bookmark here

"I tried playing it before, but my body just freezes when I sit there before playing... for some reason, my body rejects my mind when I try to play it."Bookmark here

"Hmmm... a case of post traumatic disorder or something?"Bookmark here

"Yes, maybe..."Bookmark here

"Wait, you're not messing with me again are you?"Bookmark here

"No, why would I do that after what I just said? it was about my dead mother you know?"Bookmark here

Pine looked pissed off when he looked at me.Bookmark here

"[Onii-chan! Don't get angry!]"Bookmark here

"Did I get you angry? Sorry about that."Bookmark here

"No it's fine, sorry for getting agitated."Bookmark here

"If that's the case, why won't Urusafu play the Piano, rather than the violin?"Bookmark here

"She said before that she would switch to piano, but I insisted that she should focus on playing the violin, and I would focus on starting to play the piano."Bookmark here

"......Urusafu, do you like playing the violin?"Bookmark here

"[Yes...]"Bookmark here

"Don't you just want to play it for your dead father?"Bookmark here

"[That is one of the reasons, but I truly want to play it!]"Bookmark here

"Why do you want to play it for your dead father? Isn't the violin famous already?"Bookmark here

"[No, I want to play the violin with the piano, which was the dream of my father. My father's dream was to be able to play with my mother's piano....]"Bookmark here

"Is that so?"Bookmark here

I looked at Pine.Bookmark here

"Annoying guy, do you want to play the piano?"Bookmark here

"Of course!"Bookmark here

"Are you sure about that? Don't you just want to play it for your dead mother?"Bookmark here

"........."Bookmark here

"Don't get angry about what I will say, but I think you just want to play it for your dead mother, I think you still hate it for taking away your mother from you."Bookmark here

"....Yes, I already thought about that... I won't deny that I thought of those things."Bookmark here

"But you don't want your mothers dreams be wasted right? That is the real reason you want to play it."Bookmark here

"Yes... that's exactly it."Bookmark here

"Hmmm, if that's the case, then you just need someone else to make it famous right?"Bookmark here

"Eh?"Bookmark here

"I don't like owing people favors. But you guys are helping me learn to play, I was thinking I will pay you back later with money, but with this opportunity, I can pay it back without wasting money."Bookmark here

"So? What do you want to say?"Bookmark here

"I'm saying that I would do that job for you, with that as payment, I would be able to pay this debt to you right?"Bookmark here

"So you would learn to play it and make it famous?"Bookmark here

"Yes, that was what I was saying."Bookmark here

"Hmmm... if that's the case, then it's a deal."Bookmark here

I looked at Safu.Bookmark here

"[Would you really be able to do it? Can you really make it famous?]"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? Of course! It would probably be easier than you think."Bookmark here

"[Can I play with you when you do it?]"Bookmark here

"Hmmm? it's payment for teaching me, it's up to you."Bookmark here

"[Thank you very much!]"Bookmark here

"I'm truly grateful for this, even if you don't make it famous... I still appreciate you for trying."Bookmark here

"You better prepare Urusafu, by the time I learn how to play this, you should be able to keep up with my pace."Bookmark here

"[Of course!]"Bookmark here

"I'll just let you know that Safu-chan here is a well known musician already."Bookmark here

"Really?"Bookmark here

"Yes, she already plays for nobles, aristocrats, and also for the royal family as well in the Capital."Bookmark here

"[Hmhmhm!]"Bookmark here

"That's not much."Bookmark here

"[What?!]"Bookmark here

"You better start improving or else the people will forget you the moment I step on the stage."Bookmark here

"[That will never happen!]"Bookmark here

"Don't drag me down okay?"Bookmark here

"[I should be the one saying that to you!]"Bookmark here

"Both of you are fired up eh? you better start practicing, but I suggest that you play somewhere else Safu-chan so he won't be distracted."Bookmark here

"Yeah, shoo shoo... get out."Bookmark here

"[Fine! I'll be in my room!]"Bookmark here

Safu went upstairs to continue playing the Violin.Bookmark here

"Okay, I'll get started then."Bookmark here

I played the Piano until 2:00pm.Bookmark here

When I played the piece, I couldn't perfect it in two hours, I only had a small progress.Bookmark here

Annoying guy was serious when judging and I am sure he wasn't messing around.Bookmark here

He gave me his judgment for my pacing and my timing, he said he can only help in those parts because he can't advice me on hands on piano because he hadn't played it before.Bookmark here

"It's time for me to leave, I have some things to do as well..."Bookmark here

"It's fine, your progress is actually pretty amazing, for a normal person who is a beginner... that would've been progress for 3 months of practicing."Bookmark here

"How can you say that if I am the only student that you ever had before?"Bookmark here

"Bwahaha!"Bookmark here

"....."Bookmark here

When I went out of the room I went towards the exit of the shop, but before going out.Bookmark here

"Safu-chan!!! Piano Kid is about to leave!!!"Bookmark here

*Thud**Thud**Thud*Bookmark here

She rushed downstairs and flashed me her pad paper.Bookmark here

[Goodbye!!!!!]Bookmark here

"Yeah."Bookmark here

She nodded and went up back to her room.Bookmark here

Is running down the stairs a thing now for little girls?Bookmark here

"She's pretty motivated, isn't she?"Bookmark here

"Well, it's probably because of you, aren't you motivated as well?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm... maybe?"Bookmark here

"Well then, breaks over, time to start the second round."Bookmark here

I went out the room because it will probably end up him messing around with me again.Bookmark here

I went to the Training area to practice shooting arrows.Bookmark here

After I arrived there, Aura and Varii was inside.Bookmark here

"Hey Aura-nee, Cool Girl... What brings you here?"Bookmark here

"I will help Varii practice sneaking techniques."Bookmark here

"Sneaking techniques? How do you practice that?"Bookmark here

"There's a room that specializes on it, want to come along and watch?"Bookmark here

"Sure!"Bookmark here

We went inside a room.Bookmark here

The room was 3 meters wide, but it's about 10 meters long.Bookmark here

There are a lot of bushes and leaves around the floor.Bookmark here

"Okay, watch Center-chan!"Bookmark here

Aura nee stood in the middle of the room and put on a blindfold.Bookmark here

"I'm ready Varii!"Bookmark here

After Aura shouted with her monotone voice and emotionless poker face.Bookmark here

Why does she have a poker face anyway? Her personality is doesn't really fit with it.Bookmark here

Varii slowly went forward.Bookmark here

The place was full of leaves and bushes that will make a sound, but when Varii moves, the sound of the bushes and leaves when she touches them are minimal.Bookmark here

There was a button on the end of the room.Bookmark here

Varii's mission was to touch it without Aura touching her.Bookmark here

Aura was blindfolded, this was so that she will only be able to use her ears to detect Varii.Bookmark here

Varii was within Aura's range and he sneak through the other side with minimal sound.Bookmark here

Aura suddenly noticed the small sounds and dove for Varii.Bookmark here

"Gotcha!"Bookmark here

"I lost again."Bookmark here

"It's like playing a game."Bookmark here

"You want to try Cool kid?"Bookmark here

"Okay, just once."Bookmark here

"Let's see what you got, Clairvoyant kid!"Bookmark here

Aura is so playful, again speaking with that monotone voice, it doesn't really fit.Bookmark here

Aura went back to the middle and wore her blindfold again.Bookmark here

"I'm ready!"Bookmark here

Okay, so I just need to sneak past her right?Bookmark here

During these last three years, I have been sneaking around, trying to dodge other monsters other than the Mini Bear.Bookmark here

There was one time that I had to sneak through the middle of charge dogs before, I thought I was going to die, but it was successful.Bookmark here

I imagined that situation and tried to reenact it.Bookmark here

But today has no danger, making me focus more and panic less.Bookmark here

I reached aura nee.Bookmark here

I decided to stick close to her, rather than get away. The reason for this is so I can match my footsteps with hers. I would step when she steps so she won't hear any sounds from my steps.Bookmark here

I moved slowly away matching her footsteps.Bookmark here

After passing her it was just a few moments until I was able to reach the button and pushed it.Bookmark here

*Ring*Bookmark here

"?!"Bookmark here

Aura undid her blindfold and looked at me surprised.Bookmark here

"How did you?!"Bookmark here

"I don't know... maybe I was too small that I made less sounds compared to cool girl... or you just let me win."Bookmark here

"I didn't let you win, I promise!"Bookmark here

"I was watching Cool kid the whole time, what he did was amazing... how did you learn how to do it?"Bookmark here

"What did he do Varii?"Bookmark here

"He was always near you, he matched his footsteps with you, camouflaging the sound he made."Bookmark here

"That's amazing! I never thought of that!"Bookmark here

Again that was with her monotone voice.Bookmark here

"That wasn't easy to do, I don't know how the Cool Kid did that, but it was perfectly executed, he was breathing quietly, a single misstep would've exposed him. That was truly cool, Cool Kid."Bookmark here

"It was just luck though."Bookmark here

"Whatever you say, I learned a lot... thank you Cool Kid."Bookmark here

"Like I said, it was nothing... but you're welcome Cool Girl."Bookmark here

"I want a revenge match!"Bookmark here

Again with an emotionless voice.Bookmark here

"Sorry Aura-nee... I need to practice with archery now, and I don't want to disrupt Cool Girls training, not that she's this motivated."Bookmark here

"So it was obvious that I was excited to try out new techniques I just thought of? Cool Kid is clairvoyant as always."Bookmark here

"Fine... but next time, I won't lose!"Bookmark here

She made a guts pose with her emotionless face.Bookmark here

For some reason, I'm finding that monotone voice that doesn't match with her personality cuter as time pass by.Bookmark here

I decided based on this experience that I should also improve my sneaking skills. If Aura-nee isn't blind folded, I would've obviously been founded out. I need to hide from sight properly. After that urgent quest of theirs end, I would focus on using the Bow to kill monsters and as well as focus on sneaking.Bookmark here

I practiced my archery until 6pm, then headed for the pharmacy.Bookmark here

"Hello Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Hello Onee-chan."Bookmark here

I went behind the counter and started practicing again.Bookmark here

"Onee-chan, do you plan to become an adventurer?"Bookmark here

"How about you Center-chan?"Bookmark here

"I'm already preparing for being an adventurer."Bookmark here

"Is that so? So I'll be one as well!"Bookmark here

"Really? is it okay to decided only because of that reason?"Bookmark here

"No, Xeline-chan was also planning to become one, I want to be with you two!"Bookmark here

"So that person also wants to become an adventurer? That was unexpected, I thought she only wanted to create potions the rest of her life?"Bookmark here

"Xeline-chan said that she wants to be independent and provide the materials by herself. She also said that there are materials that cannot be obtained if she just stayed here in Quina, she wants to have access to a large quality of materials."Bookmark here

"So, it's still all for creating potions huh?"Bookmark here

"Yep! It won't be Xeline-chan anymore if it wasn't!"Bookmark here

"Yeah... you're probably right."Bookmark here

That person only lives for creating potions... why does she enjoy it that much anyway?Bookmark here

"But being an adventurer means hunting monster right? Can you really kill cute little monsters?"Bookmark here

"Don't say anything like killing cute little monsters Center-chan! I just have to avoid them!"Bookmark here

Will this person be okay?Bookmark here

"Do you think a Mini Bear is cute?Bookmark here

"Yep!"Bookmark here

"A charge dog?"Bookmark here

"Yep!"Bookmark here

"A Giafrog?"Bookmark here

"Yep!"Bookmark here

"A Parabee?"Bookmark here

"Nope."Bookmark here

So, there are some monster that she don't consider cute huh? That's surprising.Bookmark here

I don't mind parabees though, for some reason they don't attack me. The information on those textbooks are mostly wrong, they wrote that they are very aggressive, I don't really see that. They just ignore me when I pass through.Bookmark here

"What class do you want to be, Onee-chan?"Bookmark here

"Hmmm.. I'll think about it when the time comes, how about you?"Bookmark here

"Same."Bookmark here

I continued making potions until 7pm.Bookmark here

"Bye, Center-chan!"Bookmark here

"Bye, Onee-chan."Bookmark here

I went back to the bench and ate.Bookmark here

"What to do, I finished the book already..."Bookmark here

I got nothing to do until midnight.Bookmark here

"Hmm, maybe I should try practicing archery again."Bookmark here

I heard that the training grounds is open anytime, so I should just try to practice a little before taking a bath.Bookmark here

I went to the training ground and I saw someone taking a rest there.Bookmark here

"Aura-nee, you're still here?"Bookmark here

"Oh! Clairvoyant kid!"Bookmark here

It was Aura-nee with her Poker face and Monotone voice.Bookmark here

"I was going out and looking at some things in the market. I was going to resupply for the Urgent Quest and buy some equipments, I lost track of time and the caravan left without me. I just went here to train to kill time."Bookmark here

For this urgent quest, they have a caravan that carry the adventurers to the Elf Village that leaves at the morning and returns at midnight.Bookmark here

The market was a place where people buy food and other necessities. It was also the place where adventurers sell equipments or drops they got from carving or hunting monsters.Bookmark here

"So, what brings you here, clairvoyant kid?"Bookmark here

"I got nothing to do, so I just went here to practice archery."Bookmark here

"If you don't sleep well, you won't grow up to be tall."Bookmark here

"Don't worry, I sleep well... I sleep late and wake up late so there is no difference."Bookmark here

"Is that so?"Bookmark here

Come to think about it, isn't this a good opportunity? Maybe I can have her teach me swordsmanship.Bookmark here

"Aura-nee... could you teach me swordsmanship? I will pay."Bookmark here

"Fine, but you don't have to pay."Bookmark here

"Eh? no... I want to pay. I know that an adventurer will always want something in return."Bookmark here

"Yes... but we also give something in return if someone does something good for us. This is actually payment for what you did this afternoon."Bookmark here

"What did I do?"Bookmark here

"That sneaking game you played with me really helped Varii in improving her sneaking skills, I thank you for that... This is my payment for it."Bookmark here

"If that's the case... I'll be in your care!"Bookmark here

"Okay, time to start... here."Bookmark here

Aura-nee gave me a sword.Bookmark here

"Do you plan on using a shield?"Bookmark here

Do I plan on using a shield? Actually, I'm not comfortable with it. I don't want getting hit even when using a shield.Bookmark here

"No."Bookmark here

"Then, grip it with two hands, you only grip it with one hand when doing sword fighting with other people, for monsters, you need to be able to use your full strength."Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

"A sword is mostly for parrying attacks and at the same time, are able to deal damage. A broad sword is mostly for attacking, it can block heavy attacks... but its heavy, making it hard to use to block, it is mostly used with both hands."Bookmark here

"I remember you switching between shield and broad sword before."Bookmark here

"Wait, how do you know that?"Bookmark here

"Ah! Umm, clairvoyant, remember?"Bookmark here

"....... for some reason, I'm starting to slowly believe you."Bookmark here

That was stupid of me, I got carried away. I forgot that they don't know that I watched their fight with the Giga Bear before.Bookmark here

"Anyway, you better grip it properly, are you left handed or right handed?"Bookmark here

"I'm both."Bookmark here

"Both huh? How rare... grip the top of the hilt with one hand and one at the bottom hand."Bookmark here

"Like this?"Bookmark here

"Yes, and grip it as tight as possible with the hand above, and for the one below, grip it tightly only with your middle, pinky, and ring finger, with the others, grip it slightly lightly than the others so that it won't be uncomfortable."Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

"Now, try to swing at me!"Bookmark here

I swung at her and she blocked with the sword that she is holding.Bookmark here

She deflected my attack and made me lost balance then slashed vertically and stopping just before it hits my head.Bookmark here

"Don't forget about your foot, remember that you need to plant them properly on the ground, that way, you won't lose balance easily. And also don't always do full swings with your body, when fighting monsters, you parry more and attack less when using a sword. Doing full swings will only make you lose strength and makes you tired more when it is blocked by the enemy, not to mention the large opening it leaves when dodged by the enemy."Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

"Okay, then let's spar!"Bookmark here

"What? Right now?"Bookmark here

"Yes, all you need is some experience, I already told you the most important parts, you learn the others by yourself."Bookmark here

"Yes!"Bookmark here

I sparred with Aura-nee for three hours straight.Bookmark here

Whenever I swung, she either dodge my attacks or parry it.Bookmark here

She also attacked me and I was able to parry some.Bookmark here

She was obviously holding back so that I could learn.Bookmark here

I thought that using a sword in a one on one face off should be the last resort for me since I attack by disabling enemies first. But to be safe, I need to learn it so I won't be useless when caught off guard.Bookmark here

"I think this is enough... clairvoyant kid, you have amazing stamina."Bookmark here

That is probably because I spend the whole day doing jobs and half of the night hunting monsters.Bookmark here

"Thanks for the lesson Aura-nee!"Bookmark here

After the long hour sparring we sat down on a bench, she removed her gauntlets and her clothes, leaving only a white undershirt and I can see her underwear because of her sweat. She had fairly large breasts.Bookmark here

Right now, I don't feel anything when I saw it, but in the future when I remember this event, I consider this as one of the greatest successes of my life. And this time, I didn't have to seal it like that memory from Alex.Bookmark here

"Aura-nee, what level are you now?"Bookmark here

"Today, I'm level 36."Bookmark here

"So only 4 levels left before you advance classes? What will you choose?"Bookmark here

"I'll become a Great Swordsman, I mostly focus on Tanking, then switching to Vanguard when the monster's HP is enough to take down. Sometimes, speeding up the fight will be more beneficial than prolonging it."Bookmark here

I remember the time they killed the Giga Bear it wasn't able to use it's 'Last Resort'. I have read before that the Giga Bear's last resort is the same as the Mini Bears.Bookmark here

"Looking at what you are doing, you are probably planning on becoming an adventurer, what class will you be taking clairvoyant kid?"Bookmark here

"I don't know... I'll think about it when the time comes."Bookmark here

"Is that so?"Bookmark here

"When will the Urgent quest end?"Bookmark here

"The Urgent Quest's time limit is one month, if the monsters still remain, they will send a Golden Knight to take care of it."Bookmark here

"One month huh? So you will leave in a month?"Bookmark here

"Probably, it depends actually... if the urgent quest is finished before that, we would probably leave early.Bookmark here

"Hmm... Aura-nee, can you please spar with me until you go back to the capital? I would pay"Bookmark here

"Sure thing, but you can pay by helping Varii with her sneaking training, I'm sure you will be able to help her improve more. That way, I can also partake in the Urgent Quests. We'll have our sparring around this time as well.. from 7:30pm up to 10:30pm."Bookmark here

"Okay then, thanks Aura-nee see you later!"Bookmark here

"Bye."Bookmark here

I went to the lake to do my daily routine of taking a bath and cleaning my clothes.Bookmark here

I went back to the bench, and lied down on a clean blanket, and covered myself with my Jacket.Bookmark here

"Even though I only cover the upper part of my body up to the kness with this jacket, why do I still feel warm from the knee down... what a weird jacket."Bookmark here

As I think about some random things I fell asleep.Bookmark here

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