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Just a silly girl who writes for fun. As long as my stories can make you smile, my job here is done! ♥

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registered at: Mar 25, 2018

-About the Creation of Sweet Haunted Limerence-

I wanted to create a story that everyone could enjoy. Since this story is a spin off for Limerence Somnium, I wanted to see what would happen if I put the main characters in a Halloween scenario. However, comedy is a really heavy aspect for the main story. Even if this was Halloween, I didn’t want it to lose that aspect so I wanted to create something that would incorporate both things!

-About the Author: Riri R. Palette-

I’m a really big enthusiast of Japanese Light Novels but I always wanted to try creating a story of my own as well. This is what gave birth to Limerence Somnium. As an author my main goal is for my readers to have fun and to bring a smile to their faces when they read my work!

Sweet Haunted Limerence

Updated: Oct 03, 2018
Chapters: 1

Ichigo, a dream demon who has blended with the human world has been invited to a Halloween Party! "Halloween?! What kind of human celebration is this?" Just what could happen to our silly demon in this haunted night?story is a Limerence Somnium spin off but it can be read and understood ...