Apocalypse K.O.N.G.

The E.D.E.N. calamity…
It’s been so long, it’s remembered only in conspicuously unreliable legend. After that game effectively turned the population into zombies, gamers came to be despised, then eventually outlawed. Or so they say.
Supreme Leader Cherubim had them all executed so that the plague of gaming may never rear its ugly head upon humanity once again. Or so they say.
The few remaining who were true to their creed fled to the “Core of the Earth”, where the forgotten art of electronic entertainment was preserved for eons…
Not long after the ban, the planet found itself in perpetual war with a mysterious, unknown alien race.
Follow the Chosen Gamer as he comes to discover everything he knew was a lie, joins the gamer resistance to restore the glory of true interactive fiddle-widgetry, meets the Gaming Gods… and perhaps even finds love along the way.

UpdatedSep 10, 2021
Writing StatusOngoing
Featured fan art of this novel.