F.C Fondness

F.C Fondness

I like writing about mooches!
Wanna chat? Hit me up on MyAnimeList :)
Currently writing "My Government-Issued Girlfriend Can't Be This Cute!"
Have other stories planned for the future, namely a certain isekai called "Dominion's Paradise" ~

registered at: Nov 27, 2021
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    Enjoy your life ❤ But always look for the truth...
    I like magical girls
    I just do art.
    Hello, I'm a writer trying my best to get better at what I like to do. Critiques and constructive criticisms are appreciated as they help me grow as both a writer and a person. I hope to enjoy my stay here. Have a pleasant day. https://discord.gg/rem2WasE
    An introvert who appreciates the small joys of life.
    just a writer from the sprawling midwest sometimes i finish things
    Hi Discord ID : GA#3233
    Loves K drama, manga and Tintin.
    I am an amateur writer making my debut soon... Hopefully. 24 years. From Brazil.
    Me? My story is not that interesting, that's why I write better ones :)
    My only goal in life is to get one of my works adapted into a light novel, manga or anime
    Naught more than a humble teller of tales...