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    Winners - MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest 2023

    SUZU writes shoujo and josei fiction, mostly based in the modern day or near future. She loves magical girls.
    I am Sakura Hino, a 24-year-old novelist from Kyoto, Japan, who embraces a unique blend of cultures. My passion for literature led me to Kyoto University, where I discovered my love for exploring the full spectrum of human emotions and desires. This inspiration drives me to create captivating stories that delve into not only sexuality and intimacy but also the darker aspects of human behavior, such as violence and anger, as well as the lighter aspects like love and kindness. My novels are unapologetically bold, intended for mature audiences who appreciate the beauty and complexity of human emotions and desires. I strive to erase the stigma against discussing taboo subjects by encouraging healthy and open expression, fostering a more accepting and inclusive conversation around the many facets of human nature.
    Hobbyist writer, attempting to improve. Criticism welcome.
    onathan Snyder is the answer to the question: "What happens if you give a writer with ADHD too much caffeine?". A Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror writer, Jonathan has dedicated himself to telling the weirdest and wildest tales that come to his imagination. From the scifi world of Xaltea in the Beloved Chains comic to the deep dark horrors witnessed by Frank Jones. There is always a new story to tell! www.jtworld.net
    Jonathan ✦ Aspiring Light Novel Author #OELN ✦ Singer and Producer ✦ 26/M
    nothing worth looking at, peruse elsewhere I usually read back as a courtesy but if you're gonna read JUST so I return the favor, heed my warning: I won't
    Hi there, I’m TrivyADE, I love manga, cartoons, and novels and light novels. I prefer she/her pronouns (female). I am autistic, and have adhd. But while I am 18+, I mainly keep 70%, or so, of my past anonymous. History: I debuted in HF’s “Honey-chan’s Wondrous Workshop!” of 2024, with the a chapter of the novel, “This is how I end”. (Originally, I wanted to participate in other contests through a different account at the time, but my best bet is to practice honing my writing now, learn smile and fail from there, and win later).
    Hi there, my name is pen-name Ushikuso Hachiro ☆. My real name is [redacted]. I spend a lot of time burrito'd in a blanket, on my second bed (my computer chair), trying my hardest to write a novel between working 40 hours a week and my unhealthy obsession with consuming as many Asian dramas (and manhwa) as possible. ☆☆Hooray for procrastination!!☆☆ My writing is a little rusty, so I hope you can enjoy the story even if it sounds a little odd.