Luciano Gonzalez is a historian and student of peace & conflict studies at the graduate level. When he's not writing a story centered around a young boxer who was killed & reincarnated in a world built around monsters, magic, gods, and zemi, he's tweeting, filming videos, and generally just having a good time. Follow him on Twitter & subscribe to him on YouTube to connect with him and chat about your favorite gods, goddesses, and monsters.

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    Otherworldly Monster Tamer Chronicles

    Updated: May 21, 2018
    Chapters: 2

    Jonah was a young up and coming boxer before being mysteriously & magically murdered in a world that was seemingly without magic. Now he's a monster tamer in a strange new world filled with monsters, magic, and deities. Fate seems to want to push him towards becoming a world-changing hero but he'...