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I don't mean to be rude
Always on the grind. Find me not sleeping at Paints#0155
i give good edit 4 free (only girl dm me thx) discord supersession
I one day dream of my novels to become something others would enjoy, and that is what drives me to write. I hope to learn from you all.
I Know Nobody really read my stories but I want to pretend someone does for any violent comment and reaction. 💌:desireecavite27@gmail.com
Just a beginner writer who has much to learn but is just as ambitious to succeed.
Hey there, thanks for checking in! I...wanted to change the world, and to do so, I'll work hard to get an adaptation! lightspeed~
My email: Elukard@gmail.com
A passionate game enthusiast who like to design game concepts, and story-writing at the same time. Loves writing engaging stories or serious, slow and interconnecting stories. For hire.