About me .........Let's see......Just love to play football ..

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As a light novelist in Puerto Rico, I consider it my duty to make light novels that will make a lot of people smile.
..♡★♡★Abt me♡★♡★.. Name:Ayli Age:14 Height:4'11 Personality: Weird-in a good way-,Funny,stupid and creative sexuality: straight Relationship status: singel- JUST SO WERE CLEAR IMA GIRL ~♡.★♡A little note from me♡★.♡~ hi- so i know its been a while since i was here but im back and thanks for the notifications -Ayli♡ ~...♡♡♡media♡♡♡...~ Discord: aylitheangel snapchat:aylitheangel ~♡☯♡Abt my stories♡☯♡~ Ok so- lets be truthful here im not a good writer and i needa get on more im trying if you know then you know if u don't then oh well-