Parable of the Renegades

The world panicked when a subspecies of humans called the "Renegades" were revealed to be existing among the masses since the beginning of time. As dangerous as they are believed to be, the lack of information on their traits and capabilities to the public has allowed them to remain hidden in plain sight.

Highschool student Lucas Thorne only wanted a thrilling experience, a temporary break from his tiring routine of a daily life, but he gets his wish in the worst way possible when he is ambushed and put at the mercy of Rio Kiyodera, an assassin he witnessed on a chance encounter.

In exchange for sparing him on the spot, Lucas is blackmailed into eliminating the targets on Rio’s hit list - Seven Renegades discovered and classified as “The Children of Vice."

Now Lucas is forced to go on an adventure of missions and getting tangled in people's affairs. His wish has been granted, but his life will be at stake - at least seven times.

Jio Kurenai
Jio Kurenai
Last UpdatedDec 12, 2017
Writing StatusOngoing