I'm not the greatest with prose or grammer but i'm confident in my characters, themes and worlds, I hope I can manage to deliver with my strengths despite my weaknesses and make fun, meaningful works as I improve. That being said I look forward to your criticisms and praise almost equally, the more heartfelt and passionate the more I'll fall in love with you <3

registered at: Nov 13, 2023
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    I'm Bubbles. Currently on hiatus.
    Hobbyist writer, attempting to improve. Criticism welcome.
    やむです。 生當作人傑,死亦為鬼雄。
    I'm an amateur writer for about 30 years, but I took it more seriously in the last 15 years. I write anime and light novel inspired stories. Shift is my primary story, but I do have others both completed and in progress. If there is a desire to see them as well let me know and I can work on it.
    Avid reader and bird watcher that uses too many emojis in her comments 👍 Mostly Offline // Reading Only My current writing projects are focused on publication so I can't post them online ❤️ If you like my work, please wish me luck as I try to become an author.
    Writing is one of my many enjoyable hobbies, I tend to write in the style of the overlord book series (my favorite) and I exceed in writing in that kind of genre. Check out my other socials on my link tree https://www.royalroad.com/profile/413597/fictions