not a writer. i just read.

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Hobbyist writer, attempting to improve. Criticism welcome.
SFF/LGBT Writer. Developing Light Novels and Novellas. Moonlights as an Apothecary.
I like writing about mooches! Wanna chat? Hit me up on MyAnimeList :) Currently writing "My Government-Issued Girlfriend Can't Be This Cute!" Have other stories planned for the future, namely a certain isekai called "Dominion's Paradise" ~
Hello there! Thanks for checking out my profile! I'm a long time fan of games, manga, anime, webtoons, and the like -- as well as a lifelong writing hobbyist who's joined the site to compete in the MAL/Honeyfeed writing contest. Though I'm new to this website, I hope you'll stick with me as I get used to things here!
Hello. I live under a rock. Have a nice day~
Doctor in Computer Engineering based in Spain with a passion for writing.