A random truck-kun appears bearing gifts of isekai!

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    Semi-finalist - MAL x Honeyfeed Writing Contest 2021

    Just a 20 y.o. otaku writer from Greece 🇬🇷 Shinzou wo sasageyo! Just uploaded a trailer for my new project, feel free to check it out!
    Newcomer. I've always dabbled at the idea of writing more from time to time, so here I am. Plus some have said I'm not that bad. Also, coming up with ideas has always been fun. So I want to finally let these ideas/ stories I've always had hidden away and let them see the light of day. I hope I can make someone's day with a story.
    Loves K drama, manga and Tintin.
    A light novel writer who never writes.
    I like this place.
    A young otaku who started recently getting interested in light novels...
    Writing because I love to and because I daydream too much to keep all these dang thoughts inside! *New here! As the name implies, I like making new friends-- Let me know the lay of the land, if you'd be so kind.