Born in 1987, the year in which films such as Transformers (the good one), Robocop, Lethal Weapon, Adventures in the Big City or Crazy Star Wars were released in theaters, which undoubtedly influenced me from my birth towards science fiction, action and nonsensical humor.

Since I was a child I have been passionate about reading, especially fantasy and science fiction novels. I have been very influenced since I was young by Japanese culture, manga and anime, which surely has to do with my particular way of writing a work (I see a movie in my mind with the action and I describe it in writing).

From adolescence I developed a desire for writing, making short stories, poems or even small essays, which would allow me to develop my technique and use my imagination and knowledge to the fullest.

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    Hello there, Koushinryou is here! Just common author that love Japanese stuffs and mostly floofy tailed girl, better if nine. Share with me if your floof character collection and have floof chill with me!
    Shall i really introduce myself here???! OH! Nah... I will just skipp on that offer! Just think of me as a man who couldn't forget his childhood dream and that to write a novel that gets the praise of a lot of people... I'll be trying to do my best in creating the best best content so that you enjoy the time you spend reading my stories!!! Mail: koyomi.writes@gmail.com
    A fan of anime and manga here to share some stories.
    The dream of my life is to become a writer, and I intend to work hard to make this a reality sooner or later. For this reason I really appreciate the comments, and any criticisms, which could help me improve my style. Enjoy! Contact : cora.author.business@gmail.com
    A casual writer obsessed with anime and manga :)
    I've been writing my story, Beyond The Stars, since November 2014 and I also began writing a different story in late 2018 which I put on hiatus in late 2019. I intially thought I was going to cancel the second story because I believed I couldn't handle writing two stories at once but I have since decided to bring that story back and will begin posting it at some point in the future.
    Your average author hoping to get reviews on his work. Please follow back and stay tune for more chapters! Any feedback is great feedback! Underground author just out here creating, and trying to get works out. Instagram: @miyamato.musashi @kaidousbagua
    Heyo! I'm a total weirdo who wants to become a world-famous author! Will my dream come true? Will my works have a long-lasting impact on the world? Will I stop writing bios as if they were synopsis to the webnovel that's my life? >w> Follow me and find out!
    M | Writer | Light Novels | Visual Novels | Anime | Manga | Figure Collecting
    Author of The Seven Regalia series Other platforms I'm in: - Webnovel - Meganovel - Royal Road - Wattpad Twitter: https://twitter.com/REI_4STER14 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rei_asteria/ email: r4in3b3rn4b3@gmail.com
    Let one of my stories be a manga one day, but oh, I'm also here to just crosspost my original stories. Other sites I use are Wattpad and Scribblehub! Icon by: https://twitter.com/miike0612ark
    Hello, my name is Aldogg9951 or T.K.月狐 depending on where you've seen my work. I use them both interchangeably so it doesn't matter which you use. I'm currently writing Dragonoid Chronicles but I also have some plans for a Second Volume of my Naruto fanfiction and maybe a Gundam fanfiction once I complete this first volume. I don't only write fanfiction, I do have some original pieces written up but we don't talk about those. Looks at profile picture. I like to consider myself a writer but I'd like to be a good one. So writing on here helps with that. Hopefully, you're enjoying my work I'd love to hear why. (Ha-ha) And if you don't why not? I'll be posting daily for the 2022 Honeyfeed Contest. (Might be faster fingers crossed.) And with that, I'm back to the writing dungeon. Check out my Twitter for commissioned artwork!!! https://twitter.com/Aldogg9951
    Hi! I'm Haru Yumera and I enjoy writing all kinds of different stories. After being inactive throughout school, I decided to start writing again. I hope you enjoy whatever content I create!
    A bored engineer who wanted to write a little bit as a hobby with the dream of giving up on being an engineer.
    Hi! My name is C’est JK! I’m an aspiring author, an aspirating med student and an inspiring person (hopefully)! I like fantasy, gothic lolita fashion, fitness, anime and the drinks I learned to mix after playing VA11 HALL-A (in no particular order). If you have any questions or feedback, message me here, on Twitter, or my e-mail cestjkofficial@gmail.com
    An otaku from SEA. Enjoying a good time here with you all.
    **Now a reader only - Attempted to help the community but didn't have enough fight in me for it - HoneyFeed F-ed me over one too many times - Moving to RoyalRoad** Hello this is the profile where you'll find the 'UnderCurrent' series which is my passion project. All my books are connected to it but also independent & stand alone. 'Further Tales From' & 'UnderCurrent' are the main books of the series - 'The Girl He Used To Know' (Now published on Amazon!!) & 'Mechanical Girl Una' are both non-mecha novellas geared more towards the web-novel audiences😄😉. __ As for me I write overly anime reviews and record some for YouTube. I also read... alot if a bit sporadically, so I might read your book too if I've time! I'm presently working mostly on my original novel series 😊. My cover arts were commissioned from the wonderful Taki's and somewhat begrudgingly by my sister. All likes & critics are most welcome, please enjoy your stay &, Thanks for reading!😊😎
    I got nothing to say here
    Just a dude who likes anime. AKA KaiserH on Royal Road, KaiserF on Sufficent Velocity, and Shensen on Spacebattles.