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Just live your life the way you want.
Enjoy your life ❤ But always look for the truth...
Hey, my name is Hussain Maknoon I'm a beginner story writer I like to write stories because it's fun and I feel like the more I write the more I get better at writing so be patient with me, please And try to give me advice if possible I hope you enjoy the journey with me.
Determined writer and huge anime/manga fan since childhood ~ Current Projects: Number# - Daunted
I love to read, let me know if anyone wants me to read their novel! And also, my favorite anime is shonen anime.
Your average author hoping to get reviews on his work. Please follow back and stay tune for more chapters! Any feedback is great feedback! I also run an AniManga page on instagram! If you're interested in following it's @liberdadeswrld. Writing and Active status: In the midst of quitting :/