Joe Gold

Joe Gold

Hello, I'm Joe Gold. I'm a writer of web novels and short stories, all set in my own original multiverse.

I'm a lifelong anime, comic book, and video game fan, and my fiction is often reminiscent of the series I grew up with.

registered at: Jul 04, 2021
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    Hello, and read Strangers Club.
    Writer/Muscian Youtuber
    Hi there, I'm Hysare :D
    I'm an aspiring writer/artist just trying to touch up on my skills and see what people think of my writing.
    Hello readers, My name is AJWrites, a growing writer and creator with dreams of professional novelization and a career in the world of comics and manga. I'm a huge fan of Horror, Myths, and Monsters alongside the world of superheroes. My biggest creative inspirations are Dwayne McDuffie, Mike Mignola, Jeff Lemire, Yoshihiro Togashi, Hiromu Arakawa, and Go Nagai
    Hey~ I am here for growing my writing experience and learning from others novels.
    An otaku who tries really hard to form a coherent sentence.
    Help me escape the reality.
    Novice Writer and Hoping to Improve
    Just your friendly multinational trying-to-be-narrative-designer-and-author. Hopefully, I'm not dying too much from classes and work so I could write more.
    Yo, this is my first time writing, but I'm very confident that its gonna be a banger. My writing skills may not be great but Im confident about the plot. Please feel free to read through and tell me how it is! Please vote for me on October 3rd-oct 9th. I'd really appreciate it!!! follow me on insta! or dm me on discord!!! Real Aire#9248
    Just a student who likes writing in his free time or during zoom meetings when I am bored. I really hope my teachers don't see this.
    15 year old, like anime made a light novel. Simple as that.
    A good for nothing who love writing a stories that been dreamt to be love by other.
    IM going to try to publish my book so im sorry for taking it down
    I'll judge your story, I won't take it easy on you.