Hi!! Thanks for stopping by! I'm Ñ, or YuriMF!
I'm pretty new to writing novels! So I will love to hear any feedback that you might have! Not only do I want my story to be great but I also want to improve my novel writing skills!
I also have several ideas for future novels! If you enjoy stories that explore a wide range of genres. Consider following me on here or Twitter!

registered at: Aug 04, 2021
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    Cover by eririin
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    What All Mermaids Are In Search Of

    High School is already a daunting journey as it is, but what could make School life even more difficult when you believe that there is a secret that you must keep. This very dilemma follows Hiromi Takeda. Recently transferred from a small school near the mountains of Japan. Hiromi is now living i...

    Updated: Aug 31, 2023
    ComedyLGBTQ+RomanceSchoolSlice of Life