Chapter 0:

fated bets

Blood Medallion

There once was a story of a God who had many children spread throughout the galaxy. One day one of his daughters, Scalis, came to him and she asked: Bookmark here

“Why create humans? They are frail, awkward and stupid. Selfish and uncaring, they cause destruction wherever they go!” Bookmark here

“Yes, some may be selfish, many are stupid but there are those who carry a heart of gold.” He tells her.Bookmark here

She lets out a cackle. Bookmark here

“Then we’ll make a bet. Father, pick whichever human you’d like, I will cause them to break under their own greed! If I win, you will erase the stupid human race! If you win, I will allow you to reincarnate me into that stupid human planet whichever period you’d like!” Bookmark here

"Fine, but if I win you will only receive your memories at the human age of 17. Your powers will awaken as your soul does. Do we have a deal?"Bookmark here

She smirked.Bookmark here

So he picked a soul. He had come to admire this particular soul. Throughout all its life cycles, man or woman, young or old, the soul had never gone too far from what it felt was true. Their virtue had always remained intact. Bookmark here

An eon had eventually passed and Scalis had tried her hardest. She would take away homes, families, she would give deathly illnesses, she would give the soul the most horrible luck. The souls ancestry line was known to carry such ill luck to the point of people staying far away from them. Scalis, who had grown tired and weary of not seeing any results from her tampering. She had refused to accepting her defeat and had been in denial for many eons after. A depression had grown within her and she had shut herself out from her siblings. She couldn’t understand how someone could last so many lifetimes through such ill sufferings and still carry goodness in their heart. Her curiosity had grown stronger and stronger until one day was the day she had decided she wanted to reincarnate herself onto Earth.Bookmark here

Are you sure you want to do this, my daughter, especially with everything that is going on now.. not only that, but we had a deal, you were to go when I chose you to.” Her father approaches her.Bookmark here

Well it seems like I'd be of no better likeness but for me to go now, father, especially with Earth’s current situation. I would think it would be most favorable for you.” She gives him a piercing look.Bookmark here

The end of that world could be near.. you should stay here with your siblings and help them with their missions.” He replies.Bookmark here

Her father gives her a gentle smile as he knows how stubborn his youngest can be.Bookmark here

“Well then, my darling, have fun.” He then reverts her into her soul form and waves her soul towards her incarnation onto Earth on the soul map.Bookmark here

「 𝙎𝙠𝙤𝙧𝙜𝙚37 」
Taylor Victoria
Takahashi  Eien
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