Chapter 3:

Chapter 3

Saint Wizard's 2nd run-through

As Maruki's life up until now flashes before his eyes, Teru's chanting comes to a stop, pauses and looks at Maruki for a minute in awkward silence. He reaches into his bag and pulled out a thick and tattered book, fumbling through the multiple pages, muttering to himself, Maruki and Nakano looked in confusion as to what just happened. His running fingers come to a halt, as he clears his throat, he says :Bookmark here

"By holy name, Curse Dispel"Bookmark here

A ray of ominous purple light emits out of Maruki followed by a gleaming glow of golden holy light. Bookmark here

"What" Maruki and Nakano said in unison.Bookmark here

"All right let's put that aside and continue the ritual" said by Teru, as he begins to chant again.Bookmark here

"WHAT WAS THAT?!" exclaimed the two, interrupting the chant.Bookmark here

"You had a curse, it was irritating not to remove it, consider this a promotion gift" Teru replies as he sighs.Bookmark here

"Even so, I feel... fine. Better yet.. I feel wonderful?!" Maruki ecstatically states. As he slides his legs and steps out of bed, unparalleled joy bestowed upon him as he gained the ability to walk again. Bookmark here

"Of course, it was a mana poisoning curse after all, it looks like you've been cursed around.. I'd say.. 6 almost 7 months ago" Teru claimed.Bookmark here

"But that shouldn't be possible, that's when Maruki was still travelling with the 'Hero Party', Sister Niara would've noticed" claimed Nakano.Bookmark here

"The curse itself wasn't a problem, but the magic scripting was too detailed to be written by some shaman, as if it was man-made" Teru replied.Bookmark here

"Also anyone who had a decently high enough magic affinity would notice it of course, except the victim"Bookmark here

A wave of mixed feelings washed over. The idol-like figure of Sora he had crumbled apart, all due respect he ever had for him, diminished. Maruki steps outside the cottage, the sweet smell of osamanthus flowers and the sensation of rough grass under his bare feet looking into the distance.Bookmark here

Maruki looks up into the sky, as mutters to himself "I guess I'm really starting back from square one.." He stretches both his arm into the air.Bookmark here

As he slowly transitions raising his voice into a shout, he declares his revenge "JUST YOU WAIT SORA, I'LL CATCH UP TO YOU IN NO TIME AND KICK YOUR ASS!!"Bookmark here

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