Chapter 9:

The Mouse Who Hacks

Lyceus Awaits

Axcel and William arrived at Gara while the sun was still up in the sky. It was a 2 hour long journey. They had already booked a hotel room as they knew it was going to take days capturing Max.

Days went by there were no signs of movement or maybe there was hidden movement. It was almost as if catching a mouse, who slipped through every hole as soon as they got close.

Finally, a day came in which William spotted Max. While William was on the lookout in the whole city as Lyceus he saw a suspicious boy walking into a street where there was nothing but darkness. Axcel had already sent William all of the team members appearances so it was not hard for William to notice Max. William followed Max into the street. William accidentally stepped into a puddle of water.

It was supposedly nothing to be worried about but Max somehow noticed it. William noticed that something was off but before he could react he got punched in his stomach in second. It turned out that Max was wearing a dark blue suit.

Axcel[on the mic]: William are you ok?

William: Yeah, I am ok.

Max: Why are you following me? You think I wouldn't notice?

William: I don't mean to harm you.

Max: That's what they all say.

After that both enagaged in a fight. William noticed what were the abilities Max had and how good he was able to use them. By the looks of it Max had superspeed and the ability to heal faster. Also it looked like it was not an INDIGO suit but instead an ENIGMA suit. INDIGO suits unlike ENIGMA suits gave a person more abilities, the potential to improve even more, gave every person's suit an exception and a very noticeable thing that mainly told you the difference was that the cores in ENIGMA suits didn't glow. Max had superspeed but he was still no match for William. The fight took time but in the end William emerged victorious due to the many advantages he had.

William got Max unconcious and sneaked him into the hotel where Axcel was waiting. When Max woke up he saw himself tied to a chair without his suit.

William: We heard you are the world's best hacker is that really true?

Max: Huh! Can't you tell by looking at my suit? I alone hacked it.

William: Point taken.

Axcel: Ok we want you to calm down. We are just here cause we need your help and maybe in return we can help you.

Max: How about you untie me first? I didn't know that this was a new way to help or taking favours.

William: Just shutup and listen.

Axcel: William!

William: Alright. Alright.

Axcel: Look Max we don't trust you yet but if you don't want to its your choice. Just hear us out and I will untie you after it.

Max: Ok I am listening.

William: One more thing if you tell this to anyone I will make sure no corner in this world is safe for you.

Axcel told Max all the important details and all their plan. After that Axcel untied him so he could leave as he showed no interest. William was against letting him leave but did nothing about it. Just as Max was about to walk out William said the following lines:

William: Remember if you walk out now you will go back to your shit life running away from everything like cowards but if you stay you will have all that you want, a proper life with some people in it.

Max stopped he was angered at what William said. He replied with the words "You have no idea what I went through so don't go around calling me a coward" and had tears in his eyes.

After that Max told them his story while there were still tears in his eyes. He was bullied his whole life and nobody really cared about him. All he had was himself till he learned hacking and got exceptionally skilled. He did not go into a lot of detail about his life but even this was enough.

William: Yeah! Yeah! I don't care about that bullshit. Everyone goes through shit in this world but we all have to do something about it instead of being cowards.

Axcel: William! He is just a kid.

William: So were we.

Max: He is right. I am a coward but no more. I have decided to help you two all you have to do for me is promise to clear my name.

William: We got ourselves a deal.

They finallly got their first member of the Argonauts. It was the start of a new beginning. Their happiness was short lived as Axcel found out that all of the Watchdog members were now in Argon. They were filled with rage as three members of the Watchdog were injured, from which one, Riley was still recovering and they still had nothing on Lyceus. Never before they faced this much difficulty.

Before coming here, William suggested that it was about time they threw out the business man as he was useless and just eating their food at this point so they carved on his arm Lyceus Awaits and threw him out. The business man was also injured from all the torture Axcel and William did while interrogating him. The injuries were minor but even after the business man regained concious he wasn't able to tell their identities as they wore masks when they went near him. All he could tell was that there were two people not one. This acted as fuel to the fire and pushed the members to come here.