Chapter 10:

The Hopeless Fists

Lyceus Awaits

William, Axcel and Max were now planning to leave for their next location, the underwater city of Atlan, for their next about to be team member Anthony Gustin. Axcel and William decided that they would discuss their plan when they reach Atlan, as the Watchdog members were already looking for them so there was no time to lose. Axcel had already with the help of Max's hacking skills found out the exact place where he fought and the matches he would fight next.

The three reached the city in a day or so. Atlan was not very big it was just called a city instead of being called a country. Atlan was not very far from Argon but they first had to fly to another country in between and then use a submarine to go to Atlan as Argon was not connected with the ocean Atlan was in. They also had to use fake identities and change appearances to travel so that there were no loose ends that would lead back to them. Also Max was wanted in every corner of the world so he couldn't possibly even walk on the streets freely let alone travel across the globe.

The people in Atlan lived normal lives just like the people on land. All of them had the same type of clothes and there was a huge barrier around the city which kept water out at all costs. The city was very safe and countermeasures existed to keep it safe at all costs.

However, as Atlan was a bit away from the world and underwater it became the headquarters of the underworld. Its founder, Angelos was also the leader of the underworld. He was respected by the whole underworld so he was the one who decided how the city was run. Angelos was a man all about rules so he made rules that would not be broken by anyone to make it one of the best cities in the world. The rules made Atlan the most safest city which hosted the worlds most dangerous people. Anyone who broke the rules would be an enemy of the whole underworld. Angelos held most of the important underworld meetings in Atlan. The underworld had mafia, hackers, criminals, druglords, weapon suppliers etc but not all of them were necessarily bad people, some were accused and some had no choice but to live here or be criminals.

Angelos also had a sense of entertainment so he made different things for entertainment in his city such as the Atlan fight club where illegal fighter from all over the world fought. Talent was praised by Angelos and talented fighters were given many benefits in the city. Angelos valued his fighters and earned money through them as well. One of these fighters was Anthony Gustin. Anthony did not fight for Anthony by choice but he needed to get his sick mother proper medical treatment and medicines so he made a deal with Angelos.

After reaching Atlan it was very hard for them to find a place for them to stay as their fake identities were of normal people but the main problem was for Max as he was a very well known person in the underworld and this was hard to hide despite his fake identity and change of appearance. Normal people that had no link to the underworld were considered a threat to the city and disposed off immediately and Max was wanted even in the underworld. Max did have a friend named Bob in Atlan though so they decided stay at Bob's place for some time. Bob reminded Max why they shouldn't be in Atlan but he told Bob that's exactly why they turned to him for help. Bob was nervous but in the end he did allow them to stay. Bob still wanted an explanation so thats exactly what Max gave him. Max told him what the three of them were doing in Atlan. Bob considered them insane and told them that it may be a good thing to do but it was impossible. Although Bob was silenced by the following words said by William:

"Many things were and are considered impossible by us but they happen anyway so what's the point in neglecting them. The ones we hunt down also think the same as you that its impossible to take them down and we just turn that negligence against them."

After that the three started planning. The plan they came up with was pretty simple, William would join the fight club and convince Anthony to join the team. While Max and Axcel would enter the fight club to watch out for William. The three would keep in contact to tell each other of the situation. Max would also get them new temporary secret identities so that they could enter and leave the fight club with ease and without anyone being suspicious of them. William would also wear a mask so that nobody could know his appearance. While the others would just change their appearances.

Max: So here are the identities. I will just be a random spectator named Minto and for that i managed to get one ticket for the fight club, William will be an illegal fighter named Lyceus so that if the need arises he can fight Anthony to prove to him how less Angelos actually cares for him and Axcel you will be a newly hired bodyguard named...(while laughing crazy)Bogo.

Bob and William also burst into laughter.

Axcel(confused): What the what... What kind of name is that? Who the hell names their child Bogo?

Max(while smirking): Well I couldn't come up with any other name and the indentities are already made.

Axcel(angrily): Damn you!

William(while laughing): Relax Axcel its just for a couple of hours.

Axcel: *sighs* Ugh fine.

Now all that they had to do was to wait for the next day.

The next day arrived and so did the right time to enter the fight club. They entered the fight club easily and now William had to approach Anthony but before that Anthony had a fight so they had to wait for it to end.

After the fight ended the three were amazed of how Anthony fought and how skilled he was. William was now even more determined to get him to join the team. William approached Anthony at the club's bar.

Axcel[on the mic]: Be careful.

William: Hey there! I am Lyceus. I saw you fight you were amazing.

Anthony: Let's cut to the chase what do you want masked man?

William: You are a quick one I see. We need you to stop fighting for Angelos and instead join our team.

Anthony: What team I don't have time for this rubbish? I get paid for my fights here.

Anthony was about to walk away but William continued.

William: I know he pays for your mother's medical treatment and medicine. I can do that for you instead.

Anthony: How do you know that?

William: If you would just listen I would be more than willing to tell you just anything.

Anthony: I am listening.

William told him the necessary things his aims. He decided not to go in detail till he got an answer.

Anthony: You are nuts! There's no way we can succeed even if you manage to have all the members you want.

William: Success depends on the person and how he achieves it. Why not fight for the right cause and youself? Its better than to die fighting for someone in this hellhole. What would your mother want for you?

Anthony: Angelos would never leave me, I am his most valuable and best fighter. Besides you can't possibly offer me the benefits this city and Angelos does.

William: I can offer you freedom and make sure your mother gets proper treatment. After the mission is done your mother will be well and you both can lead happy lives. Did Angelos promise you that? I don't think so and we both know you are only valuable to him as long you keep winning after that no one knows your fate.

Anthony: This city is safer for my mother and she can get the best treatment. Nowhere else will be safe as I am an illegal fighter and Angelos won't let me or my mother leave that easily. If winning is what it takes that's what I will do.

William: I can guarantee the safety of your mother. I can get her a hidden treatment.

Anthony: No thanks I am fine the way I live right now. How can I trust you, a man wearing a demon mask? No way I am joining a lost cause such as yours.

William(fully serious): You think you can always win. I think I forgot to mention I am also a fighter and let me show you that even you can lose.

Anthony: Sure all you have are words anyway.

William: Let's fight so I can show you how loud my fists are.

William and Anthony signed up to fight each other. William had to fight without using the abilties that would reveal him to be a suit wearer so that he doesn't attract a lot of attention.

The fight was insane, William was having a hard time dodging Anthony let alone striking him but William was smart he observed Anthony and his moves. After a while William was getting used to Anthony's attacks and on the other hand Anthony was losing stamina. The both punched eachother, the fists fused together and both of them were pushed back to end of the ring at their sides. Anthony was getting frustrated he started going all out and kicked William's leg so hard that his leg fractured. William had gotten used to handling pain mentally and physically so he got up just fine but ofcourse it did give him a handicap now. Anthony was surprised by the determination of William and how he could handle the pain so well. Anthony went in for a punch and William dodged it. Then William tried to punch Anthony's stomach but Anthony stopped it with his other hand. The fight was at an interesting pause. The crowd wanted to see the next moves of the fighters. Right at that moment William went in for a Headbutt and then used his leg that was not broken to make Anthony fall. Right after Anthony fell, William kept punching him but Anthony kept blocking them. In anger William hardly grasped Anthony's arms and headbutted him repeatedly till both their heads started bleeding. William always had a hard head which was the reason of this strategy being so effecting. Anthony couldn't endure it anymore and gave up the fight therefore William won the fight.

William: See you can lose as well, now stop using your fists hopelessly and join me.

Right after William said that Angelos arrived at the scene.

Angelos: Well. Well. What do we have here? Someone defeated my champion?

William: Everyone can be defeated.

Angelos: Right you are. Would you take off that mask boy?

William: I am afraid I can't do that?

Angelos: Why not? Not that it matters.

William: Sorry, personal reasons.

Angelos: Ok, however you are fine.

William: What do you want?

Angelos: Well you can clearly see you defeated my champion so why not be my next champion Lyceus?

Anthony: But sir...

Angelos: Silence! I have no need for losers in my ring. Talent is everything the more the better.

Anthony at that moment realised what William was trying to tell him but thought it was too late.

William: I would say I am not interested Mr. Angelos. Anthony its not too late join me.

Anthony: Does it look like I have a choice? Besides you earned it.

Angelos: You both can't leave until I say so. Everyone! No matter what catch them both.

William brought out his suit and fought off everyone who tried to stop them. He was helped by Angelos and both escaped together. After that he signaled Axcel and Max to leave as well.