Chapter 11:

An Encounter

Lyceus Awaits

The four of them, William, Axcel, Anthony and Max successfully escaped from the fight club. Now the problem was to get Anthony's mother and escape the city as Angelos caused a huge unrest in the whole city only to find them. Angelos didn't like to lose things in his possessions and was one of his own kind of a collector so it was still hard for him to accept that he lost a fighter that also happens to be the most valuable one.

William somehow managed to get Anthony to his mother. Anthony convinced his mother to come with them without telling her anything about what was happening as his mother didn't know he was an illegal fighter or that the city was filled with people from the underworld. When his mother asked who was William he told her that William was a friend. They took Anthony's mother and regrouped with the others at Bob's place. Where they told Anthony every single detail that they didn't before.

On the other hand Nathan got the news that a man named Lyceus with a suit and a demon faced mask appeared in Atlan so he along with 2 other members, Lucian Anderson and Biski left for the city to capture Lyceus the rest remained in Argon. Although Justin had fully healed Linda and Riley were still in the hospital in Argus, injured. Riley still hadn't even regained her concious on the other hand Linda was way better and could move a bit again but she was in no shape to fight. They were attented by Justin accompanied by the husband and wife, Henry Hans and Anna Roar. Ramos and Dante were still in the capital, Argus where the events happens and were fully prepared for Lyceus to come back. The last member, Grim Reaper was always in the shadows and rarely came out no one except Nathan knew his real name or anything about it. He was a member sent on difficult missions which required to kill.

Now Two things were the most concerning first thing was that they had to somehow leave the city but didn't know how to do that while hiding the identities of Axcel and William and the second thing was to find their third member, Martin Stein. Max explained them how staying at Bob's house was not even an option as it would put him in a lot of danger so they had to leave the Bob's house as soon as possible. Finally they decided that they should leave the city as soon as possible by using William and Anthony on front lines to take out the guards and using Max's hacking skills to disable the cameras then steal a submarine and leave undetected. They had also decided to go back to their own city, Argus before leaving to find Martin to make future preparations and William had also planned to get Anthony a suit as soon as they got back. As the countries between Argon and Atlan didn't know much about them it was easy for them to use fake identities to fly back to Argon. All four of them had to use new identities and changed their appearances once again so that no one could ever figure out it was them.

The plan was executed successfully, they had left the city. When Angelos heard this he was frustrated and felt anger he had never felt before. After that, Angelos was met by Nathan, accompanied by Lucian and Biski.

Angelos: Nathan my friend... What brings you here? What can I do for you.

Nathan: In the current pathetic state you are in probably nothing.

Angelos: Umm... What do you mean?

Nathan: I don't have time for your nonesense I am here for a deal.

Angelos: Oh a deal I see. What could you possibly offer me? Everything I want is in this city.

Nathan: I heard you lost your most valuable and best fighter. Well you are in luck I heard the whole story and found out it was a man named Lyceus who took him. Someone who I am very interested in.

Angelos: I suppose you have forced me to listen now.

Nathan: I want you to tell me exactly what happened and describe his appearance to me.

Angelos: What's in it for me?

Nathan: You get your fighter back.

Angelos told them everything he knew or found out by his men. He told Nathan that there were 3 people and that they seemed to use fake identities. He also gave them more information about Anthony and some other important stuff but everything else Angelos told was not very useful. As Nathan was a smart man he thought about all of this information and figured out they were forming a team and that their hideout was in Argus where most of the incidents took place. He told all of this theory to the other members so that they would also know what Lyceus was exactly doing. Nathan had now gotten even more interested in Lyceus now. He smiled and thought to himself a hacker, a fighter, a strong leader and probably a man who backs the team what's next, Lyceus? You just made things a whole lot more interesting. But a question remains that why?

Max, William, Axcel and Anthony flew back to Argus, Argon and changed their appearances back to their original selves. They went back to their hideout and decided to get Anthony a suit the next day.

The next day arrived Anthony went out of the house to get his mother's medicines where he was met by Ramos. Ramos knew how Anthony looked like so he attacked Anthony immediately. For obvious reasons Anthony was no match for Ramos. Anthony figured put what was going on but he couldn't do anything except running away.

When William noticed that Anthony was gone for too long now he decided to leave and search for him despite the fact that Axcel was telling him everything is fine. William noticed there was a lot of commotion in a nearby neighbourhood so he went their at once. There he saw Anthony being chased by Ramos. William got his suit out, put his mask on and appeared at the scene. Ramos was filled with rage after seeing Lyceus. He left Anthony alone and attacked Lyceus. Anthony saw this opportunity and escaped.

When Anthony got back to the hideout he told everything to Axcel. At the same time the suit Axcel ordered from their company, Delta arrived. Axcel gave the suit to Anthony in hopes of it being compatible with him.

As soon as Anthony wore the suit its core glowed and the suit got the colour white and red. An exception to his suit was that it had enhanced leather punching gloves instead of blasters which would cause a lot of damage and were extremely durable. His abilities were that he could use his punches from far away, cause earthquakes with his punches and jump extraordinarily high. His punches also grew stronger with each punch he threw. Anthony went back to help William.

Anthony arrived at the scene and saw Ramos overwhelmingly overpowering William and pushing him to the corner. After Anthony joined the fight Ramos was no match for them but he was still not giving up so both of them combined their powers to leave this place. A girl had gotten injured and got unconcious in between the fighting who happened to be Alice so William decided to take her with them. 

Both of them went back to the hideout and took Alice with them. At first only Max wasn't supposed to leave the hideout but now even Anthony and his mother couldn't leave the hideout as their appearances were known.

Axcel was against William's decision to bring Alice with him but it was too late. Now they were waiting for Alice to regain concious meanwhile Max was searching for Martin's location so that they could look for Martin as soon as possible.